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Vanderbilt University Medical Hospital: Stakeholder Identification and Value Analysis Essay (Critical Writing)

Introduction Vanderbilt is a large hospital that has many locations, many patients and a lot of employees. Stakeholder analysis and value identification is therefore very important in order to assess the impact that the company has on the society at large and the ways in which different stakeholders may affect the company’s strategy (Demars, 2007). The Vanderbilt University Medical center mission statement is.

To bring the full measure of human knowledge, talent and compassion to bear on the healing of sickness and injury and the advancement of health and wellness through preeminent programs in patient care, education, and research. (Vanderbilt, 2010).

Enterprise Level Strategy The enterprise level strategy also referred to as societal level strategy is the comprehensive strategy level that seeks to determine aspects such as the part the corporation plays in the society and the basic principles that the company stands for (Carroll

“Gone Baby Gone” Movie Analytical Essay

Nursing Assignment Help Table of Contents Introduction

Corruption in the Society


Introduction In the film, Gone Baby Gone, various aspects of the community have been highlighted. Corruption and conspiracy are some of the negative aspects of the community that the film has used as one of its main themes.

Corruption is the act of conducting a transaction or an action in a manner that is not consistent with the normal rules and regulations in order to achieve personal gains. Corruption has been present in the society for many centuries now.

The process of corruption is characterised by individuals gaining their personal benefits at the expense of others. This paper will therefore critically analyze corruption by using the film, Gone Baby Gone as the basis for its arguments. It will analyse the nature of corruption and conspiracy and the involvement of public officials and other members of the public commit the act.

Corruption in the Society In the film, Gone Baby Gone, detectives are working hard to solve the mystery of a lost child, Amanda. From the background check, the parents of the child are not financially stable. In addition, the mother of the child, Helene, is a drug addict. Due to her condition, one can easily conclude that she is not capable of taking good care of her daughter.

On the other hand, her boyfriend, Ray, is involved in a lot of shady deals. He is believed to have stolen some money from a local drug lord, Cheese, a move that may have resulted to Amanda`s kidnapping. Amanda`s aunt is the one who reports the case and hires private detectives to solve the mystery. All through the movie, a number of kidnappings are reported, most of which end up unresolved.

The main reason why these cases go unresolved is due to the high level of corruption that surrounds our societies. This vice has found its way into key organizations such as the justice and defence system. As a result, quite a good number of public officials such as the police, lawyers, judges, politicians and normal residents have become part and parcel of the vice.

This has led to the organization and implementation of shady deals that involves public officials, gangs and normal residents. Due to the complexity of these organised crimes, it is almost impossible to solve these cases by individuals without a lot of influence.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In New York for example, over 80, 000 cases of kidnappings are reported annually, most of which go unresolved. Most of these kidnappers ask for ransoms but the hostages are never recovered. In certain cases, only the bodies of the victims are found later on after a long investigation. This raises the following questions:

Why are these cases hard to solve?

What is the main objective of the kidnappers?

Why are the law enforcement officials reluctant to solve the case?

The film, Gone Baby Gone came up with some of these answers. Towards the end, the private investigator managed to put up clues and discovered that the investigators and the chief detective of the case fabricated most of the evidence and leads that they were working on.

In addition, the kidnapping of Amanda was staged since one of the private investigators discovered that she was living with the chief detective of the case who had lost a child several years back.

Amanda`s aunt, who had reported the case was also involved as she wanted to get away with the alleged stolen drug money. All these individuals committed this crime for their personal gains at the expense of Amanda and her mother.

Conclusion Such cases are common in the real world. Due to their complexity, it is difficult to solve them. To ensure that the society is free from such vices, a lot of reforms need to be put in place. This includes strict laws and severe punishment to the individuals who commit such crimes. As a result, our societies will become better places to live in.

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