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Transcultural Nursing Essay

Transcultural effects in caring Translocation of refugees from war torn countries into the United States increasingly exposes nurses to transcultural experiences. For instance, while conducting a transcultural health-visiting education the literacy level of the client may determine the choice of the approach.

One day while conducting health-visiting education in Cambodian resettlement residents, I used a more direct approach because a Cambodian parent was less educated. I needed to take a more cautious step; I had to know if I were familiar with the family set up, what I could say, what tone I was supposed to use, what I could emphasize, and when I could be a little harder.

Less educated families did not know what to do in such a given situation; therefore, they needed specific instructions. Language barrier posed a great challenge to my delivery of health education. I was compelled to choose the tone and gestures that best fitted the situation. Indeed, the parent’s illiteracy made me use an extremely soft and polite tone against a louder harsh one in conjunction with emphatic gestures.

Cultural practices One example of cultural practice related to birth is the use of traditional birth attendants. This practice exposes mothers to high risk of birth complications. Moreover, in Asia, Africa, and South America, some communities subject female infants to discrimination particularly regarding feeding and care. Indeed, various reports proof that in societies practicing son preference, jeopardizes the health of the female child. Indeed, in most of Asia, infanticide of girls is rampant.

In Sierra Leone and Liberia, groups of girls between age 12 and 13 undergo an initiation rite performed by a senior woman, “Sowie”. The rite involves training on how to be an ideal wife or co-wife, skill on herbal medicine, and the secrets of womanhood (Fact sheet, 1979). Other initiations include circumcision.

The major cultural practice related to marriage is early marriage. Fact Sheet No. 23 (1979) asserts that, some ethnic groups in Asia and Africa give away girls for marriage as young as age 11, 12, and 13. This practice exposes girls to early intercourse, despite the fact that they are fully developed.

Islamic culture endorses that a dying patient should be oriented facing Mecca, any unclean person should leave the room, and the room should be perfumed (Lobar, Youngblat,

The Beggar King and the Secret of Happiness – Folks and Fairy Tales Essay (Article)

Nursing Assignment Help “What seems like a blessing may be a curse. What seems like a curse may be a blessing” (Izzy Ch.1). The quote is a Chinese idiom that depicts the changes that life offers. These changes are endless and their mystery is hard to fathom.

It helps in understanding that life should be taken each step at a time since things which seem disastrous could turn otherwise while those that appear good could be quite the opposite. This statement interests me since it contains a timely advice for people who particularly live in the present. The author for instance, turned his talent of storytelling to earn a livelihood for him and his family.

Unexpectedly, what he had counted as a fortune turned into a curse when he was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and woke up from surgery with damaged vocal cords. He had lost the most precious thing he possessed; his voice.

Interesting, what had appeared to be a blessing was now a curse. Deprived of his artistic instrument and a source of livelihood, the author learns how to become happy despite the loss. This is a great lesson that can be learnt, that things do not always turn to be the way they seem.

The general story told by a professional storyteller depicts a twist of fate where he lost his only source of livelihood since he could no longer speak. From his tale, one could evaluate his or her personal life and identify some instances of twists of fate to understand that life changes could be the secret to happiness.

One could suffer a great loss in life, but gain insight from the experience to ultimately help in self-discovery. Therefore, it is essential to pursue happiness irrespective of what life offers to us. Our lost treasures could find us wisdom and eventually, happiness. From a personal experience, Izzy ben Joel story on ‘The Beggar King and the Secret of Happiness’ resonates with my life.

It was during a summer afternoon when my friends invited me for a birthday party some miles away from my home. I was so excited to attend the party, having bought new clothes and gifts to show off. However, my parents did not like the idea and they delayed me by demanding me to perform some home chores.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Besides, my mother insisted on giving me some advice on how i should conduct myself at the party and avoid peer influence. This even made me more furious since I was getting late. When I went to board the train, it had already left half an hour ago. I felt a wave of disgust slapping my entire body. I hated my parents for this and swore not to utter a word to them when I got back home.

That evening, we received some news that the celebration came to a sudden when fire broke out in the premises. Some of the attendants I knew well were badly wounded and incapacitated while others lost their lives. This was a lesson well learnt that “What seems like a blessing may be a curse.

What seems like a curse may be a blessing” (Izzy Ch.1). It was a twist of fate that helped me to take things as they come and made me realize the secret to happiness; that the lost horse could become a blessing to me just the way I had lost a fun moment with my friends, only to evade an unforeseen disaster.

Work Cited Izzy, Joel. The Beggar King and the Secret of Happiness. New York: Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill, 2005. Print.

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