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The Year 1000’ by Robert Lacey and Danny Danziger Descriptive Essay

Table of Contents Introduction

The Authors

The Julius Work Calendar

Life in the Year 1000


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Introduction The extent of the primitiveness in the first millennium is quite incomprehensible to the current mind. The mind and the environment have radically evolved to the extent that primitive history seems to be very incredible. This essay is going to analyze how life was at the turn of the first millennium in England as portrayed by Lacy and Danziger. The essay will specifically analyze the cultural, religious, economic and social aspects of the Anglo Saxons during the first millennium.

The Authors Robert Lacey is a British historian while Danny Danziger is a journalist. Robert Lacy knowledge in history and archeology combined with the literary skills of the Danny Danziger forms a good combination for them to qualify to write about the history of the people of England in the first millennium.

The Julius Work Calendar This calendar shows the monthly activities of the Anglo Saxons in a period of one year. The calendar depicts economic and religious activities that were strictly observed by the priests and farmers. Lacey and Danziger described the lifestyles of the Anglo Saxons in the format of the Julius Work Calendar by having twelve chapters in the book related to the twelve labor months.

Life in the Year 1000 The people who lived in England in first millennium were Anglo Saxons who originated from Germany and they spoke Anglo Saxon, the primitive English. The Anglo Saxons lived a simple daily life since their lives were still under primitive evolution. Lacey and Danziger describes their clothing as “… they wore the simple, sack-like tunics with leggings that we laugh at in the Monty Python movies, though in colors that was rather less muddy (10).

Their clothes were very simple necessary give them minimal privacy with a range of colors obtained from the vegetables. The Anglo Saxons crudely fasten their clothes with thongs and clasps, since the improvised buttons were yet to be invented and this fastening made their clothes to be relatively heavy.

The Anglo Saxons had a very short life span due to high prevalence of the diseases. “A boy of twelve was considered old enough to swear an oath of allegiance to the king, while girls got married in their early teens, often to men who were significantly older than they were. Most adults died in their forties, and fifty-year-olds were considered venerable indeed” (Lacey

Buddhism and Hinduism Research Paper

Nursing Assignment Help Religion is very important in the cultural system of every society. It is said to be a well built faith in a mystical power occurring in the supernatural state.

Every person is supposed to adhere with the beliefs and the customs involved in his or her faith on the spiritual base. There are different types of religions but this discussion focuses on just two: Buddhism and Hinduism. These two religions happened to originate in one region in that they share some terminologies which are alike.

Their goals are however different on their practices even though they share a lot on the faith (Eliot 15). The following discussion therefore, is inclusive of the comparisons and contractions between these two religions with their differences during their childhoods and the way they were raised.

To start with the two religions share many things in their beliefs in that they both believe in rebirth which is determined by the actions one does in the daily life.

This is where there is rebirth of the individual’s soul into any life form. They both believe that it is individual’s responsibility to work out on his salvation which is dependent on his good actions (Eliot 9). Basing on enlightenment they both believe that it is possible to attain it through rising above individual’s way of thinking and the desires as well as controlling individual’s six senses.

It is a common belief on the pain one achieves through too much attachment to people and the worldly things, both therefore advocate in freeing oneself out of the fantasies of the worldly desires. Meditation is a common emphasis to both faiths which liberates an individual; enhance concentration in life and enlightenment .They also practices the tantric practices (Georg and Peter 731).

There are contradictions on their beliefs such that in Buddhism godly figures are not involved in their belief basing on the original doctrinal principles even though there is some introduction of Godly figures by the later believers. On the other hand in Hinduism there are 300,000 Gods which are believed in.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More These two religions are also different on their foundations which are referred as their childhood state. On Hinduism there is no complete certainty of on who started it and where. It is also believed that this religion originated from the Vedas which were written at about 1000 years Before Christ even though they were still on existence for a long period but in oral form.

In Buddhism there is complete certainty of who founded it- the Siddartha Gautama who is known as Buddha. At first he did not intend to create any new religion as he had left for the meditation to modify Hinduism where he became Buddha as his answer thus the foundation of Buddhism (Bhaskar 5).

There are complex rituals performed in Hinduism from the day one is born till death where priests play a very significant role when carrying these roles. On the other hand Buddhism practices these rituals in worship forms without involvement of the priest. Hinduism follows the caste system and believes in excessive asceticism but Buddhism does not pursue caste system and rejects the excessive asceticism.

In Buddhism there are no stages that one has to go through in life where one is given freedom to join any depending on the preparedness while in Hinduism there are four stages that one must go through in life which follow in this order: student, family, leaving of the worldly wishes and meditation stage awaiting truth and death. Finally, despite all these differences the two religions play important roles on them that practice them in their way of life (Williams 523).

Work Cited Bhaskar, V. S. Faith

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