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the Table Below Gives Two Genotypes Indicating Various Mutations In The Components High School Essay Help

The table below gives two genotypes indicating various mutations in the components of the lac operon and lacI gene. A “-” indicates that the component is no longer functional, a ” ” indicates the component is functioning normally. If a bacterial cell carried the genetic mutations indicated in the genotypes below, would fully functional beta-galactosidase (encoded by lacZ) be produced IN THE PRESENCE OF LACTOSE and allow the cell to use lactose as an energy source?
Provide the following:
1) a “yes” or “no” answer about whether functional beta-galactosidase is made,
2) a brief description of the normal function of the “-” component when it is not mutated, and
3) an explanation for why you said “yes” or “no”.
Genotype: PI- Plac O Z Y A
Would functional beta-galactosidase be produced? Explain your answer!

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