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The Sperm and the Egg Creative Essay

Reproduction of human beings is very important because it ensures that humans do not become extinct. This is because every day some people die and thus we have to multiply to fill in the gap that they have left. The whole process of multiplication involves two elements, that is, Jack the sperm and Alice the Egg. The two people must combine their efforts in order for another human being to be established. This paper reviews how the two persons coordinate their activities towards achieving their mission.

Jack and Alice live into separate locations, Jack lives in a mountainous region called the male while Alice resides in a valley popularly known as female. These two buddies used to be close to each other hence they still visit one another.

Walter and Krause and Rajesh (2009) argue that most of the times it is Jack who pays Alice a visit because her surroundings are quite dangerous hence she is always indoors. The journey to Alice’s home is a risky one and since Jack is aware he always asks a bunch of his friends to keep him company because if he goes alone chances are that he may not make it.

Jack’s neighborhood is very complex because the people their live in a sack like structure called the testicles. Jack and his siblings are allergic to high temperatures hence the sack is suspended in the air. On the material day jack gathers his buddies and they all have one mission: to set their feet inside Alice’s house.

They hear that it is so lovely and that’s why they are eager to see it. Before they depart jack informs them that Alice’s home is heavily guarded and the guards can only allow one visitor at a time and tells them that those who won’t make it will have to wait until the next visit. Every sperm is determined to enter Alice’s house because those who do are treated like heroes back at home.

Jack and his buddies begin their journey with a lot of enthusiasm. I almost forgot the journey is referred by many as the ejaculation tour. The guys run like they are going to put out a fire. They board a plane called penis and each sperm finds his seat in the urethra. The attendants of this flight are very kind because each sperm is issued with a secretion juice that is obtained from the prostrate glands.

According to Toshimori (2009) the juice is meant to make them strong and alert. This is the fastest plane in the world because in about ten minutes they have reached their destination. The plane lands on the vagina airport and again all Jack’s buddies alight. This is where their exact journey begins.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More On the other hand Alice has been preparing for Jack’s visit and is actually very excited to know that before the day ends she will be in jack’s arms. Moore (2007) explains that the process of preparing Alice’s home is called ovulation. In fact Jack has visited Alice’s home many times but since his visits were abrupt Alice was caught pants down because she would be busy doing other things hence fertilization did not occur.

Today Alice has terminated all her other duties to dedicate herself to entertaining her guest Jack. Perhaps Alice should brief Jack about her diary because that way they will be able to enjoy each others company. But Jack is a village guy who is fond of making unplanned visits to people’s homes. It seems Jack is obsessed with Alice because he can never be in her neighborhood and fail to drop by her place.

Inside Alice’s home there is a chamber that houses Alice’s expensive jewelry and she can only usher you into that chamber if she really trusts you. It’s important to note that one of the most valuable treasures in this chamber is the ovum. That’s why security is vital to Alice. Alice is sharp she does not meet her visitors in her bedroom that is the abdominal cavity. She uses her bedroom to prepare herself for Jack’s visit.

She applies make up on her face and when she is done, her aides, the fluid walk her out towards the visitors lounge. But her security detail is on high alert because word has gone round that she could be hijacked hence immediately they set their eyes on her they seize her and keep vigil as she walks to the lounge. The bouncers are so strong because they hold her tightly with their strands which make her immobile.

Between Alice’s house and the airport where Jack and his buddies alighted there is a big lake that has to be crossed to reach Alice’s compound.

Jack and his buddies dive into the lake but as soon they are inside the water some of his buddies are eaten by sharks. The others continue swimming but still a great number of these sperms are not good swimmers hence they drown into the lake. By the way they can only remain in water for three days after that they die because their bodies become malnourished.

Besides that, the distance to be covered by Jack and his buddies is long and only the tough ones can make it to the other end. Jack informs them that they must swim very fast before Alice loses her patience because if she does, she will close all the doors of her house hence they may not find her.

We will write a custom Essay on The Sperm and the Egg specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Jack is an experienced swimmer hence he is one of the few sperms that is at the front line. Meanwhile, Alice sends one of her trusted aides to fetch the ovum for her coz she intends to show it to Jack. The ovum is brought and handed to Alice who keeps it in her handbag.

When Jack and a few of his buddies reach Alice’s compound, both himself and his buddies are tired and the long swim has transformed their bodies into what is called capacitated. This is because they had to fight with Alice’s security based in the cervix and the uterus because they had refused to let them in.

Finally, Jack and his buddies walk into the visitors lounge and when Alice sees that Jack has come with strangers she advises her security detail to move her to the another chamber within the lounge called the fallopian tube (Wong, 2000).

This chamber is quite safe for Alice because its doors are connected to electricity hence when one touches the door he is electrocuted. Jack and his buddies fight off the bouncers and try to break the door of the fallopian tube chamber. Since Alice is inside she switches on electric shocker which kills Jack’s buddies while Jack escapes death narrowly. Jack is determined to accomplish what he came to do and so he speaks to Alice in a bid to convince her to open the door but she still insists that she can’t open it.

After a while Alice opens one of the windows of the chambers but again there are grills which Jack cuts in order to get inside the fallopian tube. Once jack is inside Alice locks the window to prevent intruders from getting inside.

Alice is reluctant to retrieve the precious jewel from her handbag because she says that it’s a magic jewel that guarantees one’s success ones it’s touched and since they are not married she says that she can’t let him touch it unless he agrees to marry her. Upon hearing this Jack becomes mad and forces his hands into Alice’s handbag.

The head of the sperm is past the egg’s plasma and since the jewel is at the extreme end of the hand bag Jack must get ignore the other items in the handbag. Alice also inserts her arm into the hand bag in an attempt to stop jack from touching the magic jewel but she intends to get hold of the jewel before Jack does, but then their hands land on the surface of the jewel at the same time. At this point fertilization takes place where a new human life starts developing (Moore, 2007).

References Moore, J. (2007). Sperm Counts: Overcome by man’s most precious fluid. New York: New York University Press.

Not sure if you can write a paper on The Sperm and the Egg by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Toshimori, K. (2009).Dynamics of the Mammalian sperm Head: Modifications and Maturation Events: Berlin: Springer.

Krause, W.

Nurturing Successful Team Communication Essay

Nursing Assignment Help Introduction It is crucial to widen effectual strategies, which are able to advance team communication. Putting stratagems in place is a plus point in a team since it ensures effective group management. It is imperative to note that open and sincere communication is crucial for a team to attain success (Krakauer, 2001).

This ensures that all members are knowledgeable on the group objectives together with their achievements. In this team, efficient communication is crucial in ensuring fair, constant contribution and partnership. There are numerous strategies, which are applicable in nurturing successful team communication. The team has employed the following strategies among other factors.

Meeting regularly is an important strategy in ensuring team communication. This should involve face-to-face meeting with the whole assembly since this allows every person to give feedback. Delivering feedback on the project progress is important because it detects areas that require adjustments.

Members are capable of giving assignment reports during such meetings; furthermore, they can ask questions. Additionally, the group plans to promote communication amidst the members. The group will elaborate new changes and other strategies during such meetings.

Another strategy is ensuring that every person has contact information of the members. This is necessary to carry out meetings on a timely basis regardless of location constraints. The team also ensures that the hierarchy of power is constantly under observation. Furthermore, the assembly is to outline the responsibilities of the officials. This ensures that the right question is with the right authority, thus saving time.

Listening is another significant communication approach, which the team wills to employ. This is tenable through persuading members to pay attention to what members are saying. Proper listening works congruently with asking active questions since this enlightens the whole team of the novel developments.

Consequently, members are under constant encouragement not to dismiss questions or views without systematic scrutiny. It is certain that the team has leaders who facilitate smooth running of the activities. It is thus imperative for the leaders to set examples to the entire team.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More They should always promote free and appropriate communication by moderating the meetings. More so, leaders should be reasonable and honest to all members. This usually earns them conviction and reverence, thus giving them easy time in managing the team, as well as running the group activities.

A blend of conventional and first-rate manners coupled with attention and nonjudgmental stance is a proper strategy in fostering group communication (Boller, 2005). This is tenable through crusading politeness among the team members. Any point under debate should undergo scrutiny thus considering the precise pros and cons, but not the view of the greater part.

The team always clears up any misapprehension in a calm mode, thus arriving at a consensus. The group, especially leaders evades decision-making when there is tension in the team, since this compromises judgment. It is crucial to note that the team collectively sets the goals. This enables everyone to participate in realizing the goal. Furthermore, each person has to recognize the stipulations of such goals.

Conclusion It is important to assert that team communication is an essential part in management and the achievement of the goals. The group recommends regular meetings, contact information, as well as listening. Open-mindedness, as well as collective goal setting, is a crucial communication approach in the team. The outlined strategies will foster team communication, thus attaining stipulated objectives.

References Boller, S. (2005). Teamwork Training. Maryland, MD: American Society for Training and Development.

Krakauer, S. (2001). Treating dissociative identity disorder: the power of the collective heart. Philadelphia, PA: Psychology Press.

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