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The Reality of China’s Growth Essay

China’s continuous double digit economic growth may not be sustainable in the long term. The Chinese economy has consistently posted high growth figures even as the rest of the major world economy giants undergo recession. Though probable, such a trend is unlikely to last long and will likely stall in the near future.

One of the reasons postulated for the eventual decline in the Chinese economic growth is that the Chinese economy is highly dependent on foreign demand. Although many Chinese officials try to downplay this interconnectedness with other world economies, the evidence is clear (Breslin 1180).

Chinese officials go as far as to manipulate international trade figures in order to downplay the emerging fact that, the projected growth may be partly a function of manipulated figures. At the beginning of this year (2011), analysts and critics reported that some Chinese officials had the figures in copper trade altered in order to inflate the import numbers.

Furthermore, as the European and American economies struggle with the mounting debt and perpetual economic crises, China, on the other hand, as the biggest foreign exchange holder of American and European debt, is bound to be drawn into the arising economic uncertainties.

Another reason that analysts believe that the sustained growth of the Chinese economy is impossible is because it defies basic economic growth cycle patterns.

Cycles of economic boom and recession are inevitable in any economy. The reason why the Chinese people have been able to experience the continuous and sustained growth is that, the Chinese government intervenes to cushion its markets from recession. The heavy presence of government in nearly all spheres of the economy also paints a negative picture of the Chinese economy and its long-term prognosis.

The Chinese economy is also heavily industrial and manufacture oriented, pointing to an unwieldy economy that needs to adapt and be nimble in order to survive an uncertain future.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Furthermore, although the Chinese are famed for their entrepreneurial spirit, the policies of the Chinese government sometimes stifle the enterprising pursuits of the Chinese. Many dynamic businesses and firms that mushroom are sometimes quickly ‘swallowed’ or muscled out of business by the major firms that may enjoy the support of the state.

Such practices tend to erode the spirit of entrepreneurship in the long term. China also has a huge labor force that sometimes poses a challenge to the government (Shuanglin and Song 2254).

Ingeniously, the Chinese government absorbs the mass labor force into the huge and expanding Chinese service industry, with many hotels employing as many workers as possible. Many of these laborers are usually workers from other sectors of the economy that may have collapsed previously.

Therefore, in conclusion, the continued high growth rate of the Chinese thriftiness is unsustainable in the end. The sustained growth, as has been discussed, is more a function of government policy and interference than a result of exclusive market dynamics at play.

Inevitably, the Chinese economy will soon experience recession that is common to all economies. To what extent the government can cushion its citizens when this happens is an open question. However, in the end, the Chinese are better of preparing for such an eventuality than denying it.

The economic stability of China is tied to its political stability, and when the markets eventually experience a recession, many analysts believe that political instability may ensue, and such an occurrence would unnecessarily erode the decades of political and economic progress.

Works Cited Breslin, Shaun. “The politics of Chinese trade and the Asian financial crises: questioning the wisdom of export-led growth.” Third World Quarterly 20.6 (1999): 1179-1199.

We will write a custom Essay on The Reality of China’s Growth specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Shuanglin, Lin, and Shunfeng Song. “Urban Economic Growth in China: Theory and Evidence.” Urban Studies 39.12 (2002): 2251-2266.

Dreams vs. Reality Essay

Nursing Assignment Help Table of Contents Themes of Dream Vs Reality

The impact of the dreams Vs reality


Works Cited

The novels, Fences by August Wilson, and O’ Pioneer by Willa Cather describe the lifestyle of a common American citizen. August Wilson focuses on the struggles of the African Americans to fit in a society controlled by racism. The main characters like Troy do not know whether to fulfilling their dreams and ambitions or confront the real life, which faces them each day.

On the other hand, Willa Cather mainly focuses on the daily experiences of people especially in property ownership, neighborliness, life hardships, and individual relationships thus highlighting the theme of realism. Everybody in the world, at least, has an aspiration or dream but to convert it into pragmatism always proves a hard task.

Therefore, in the novel, the Fences, Troy, and Rose struggle to balance their lives as a reality because of their individual ambitions while in O’Pioneer, Alexander fights to fulfill her dreams as a reality.

Themes of Dream Vs Reality In Act one, scene one, of Fences, Troy highlights the subject of hallucination, unreality, and illusions when he describes how he met with death and the devil.

Although his wife, Rose, and friend, Bono, disapprove his tale, he insists on being immortal, which is unreal. The hallucination about death leads to a conflict between Troy and his wife, but eventually the tussle draws the theme of reality. Furthermore, Troy asserts that he cheated death, but Rose refutes his claims when she says, “Troy lying” (Wilson Act I scene I).

Nevertheless, Troy’s hallucination about death arose when he suffered pneumonia during his childhood. When his wife, Rose, reminds him about the pneumonia, Troy insists on escaping death.

To brush off the tale, Rose says, “Troy, don’t nobody wanna be hearing all that stuff” (Wilson Act I scene I), which means she is not only upset, but also tired of the unrealistic tale. Therefore, Troy thinks he physically fought with death proving his self- ambition as a dreamer and a believer.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In reality can a person fight, cheat or wrestle with death? Troy’s wife calls him to wake up, stop dreaming, and face the reality of life. On the other hand, Rose’s dream is to become rich, which pushes her to invest her money in unscrupulous means like playing numbers. Eventually, she looses her money, which signals the start of her poverty.

Troy is against her game when he says, “You ain’t doing nothing but throwing your money away”(Wilson Act I scene III), which means she should invest her money in real business and not dream of making quick money. Therefore, Rose and Troy live a miserable life because they focus on their dreams forgetting about the reality of life and the changing world.

In the second instance, Troy as a black American, believes education is the only way to achieve a good life. Initially, Troy’s dream was to become a baseball player, but the aspect of racism denied him the chance to explore his skills. On the contrary, his son, Cory, will do anything to join professional football; nevertheless, Troy is against it, which degenerates to a conflict between the two.

According to Troy, historically, no black men played professional football; thus, his aim is to force his children to follow his footsteps, even though, none of his dreams succeeded. A conflict ensues between the two drifting them apart.

Cory says, “Papa was like a shadow that followed you everywhere” (Wilson Act II scene V), which means that Troy’s aspiration is to see his children live his dream. The ambition to pass his historical life to his children seems futile because of the dynamic world.

Among Troy’s philosophies are “You gotta take the crookeds with the straights” (Wilson Act II scene V), which not only builds tension between him and his children, but also leads to frequent disagreements. Similarly, Troy is against supporting his son’s desire to venture into a music career because that is not among his dreams.

According to Troy, racism, discrimination, and inequality killed his dreams and he believes the same aspects will happen to his children; regrettably, he forgets that his children are living in different times. In addition, Troy’s unfulfilled dreams pushed him to be a wicked, selfish, and tyrannizing in his family. He resorts to passing decision without consultation especially to his family members, which leaves him both angry and frustrated.

We will write a custom Essay on Dreams vs. Reality specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Finally, Troy’s dream not only kills his future, but also that of his children. On the other hand, in the book, O’pioneer, Willa Cather, the author, focuses on the theme of reality. Alexandra’s aim is to be a successful, rich, and famous farmer, which she not only explores, but also achieves. Alexandra achieves her dream because she owns management skills.

The author highlights the theme of reality by describing the daily lives of the characters. Relationships, land ownership, conflicts, and hard economic times are among the life experiences Cather focuses on in her work.

The impact of the dreams Vs reality The aforementioned themes describe the human lives encompassing their social, economic, cultural, and personal context. Each of Troy’s family members has a dream, but the diverse ambitions lead to family conflicts. The aim of most people is to live a good life and own vast property; nevertheless, a failure in any of the aforementioned pursuits leads to frustration.

The human nature pushes people to venture into unreal world, as it is the case with Troy. Besides “wrestling with death”, his other dream is to control and mould his children in his own ways, but he fails (Wilson Act I scene I).

Sometimes the human condition is dynamic depending on the situation at hand. Socially, the personal dreams of the characters affect their social and economic lives. For instance, Alexandra rarely commits herself into any relationship; nevertheless, when loneliness (reality) sets in, she decides to marry.

Economically, property ownership is a crucial element the human nature. According to John, “The mark of man upon the land becomes indistinguishable from the marks of nature’s own processes” (Cather 14), which means land is a sensitive issue to people and it may either build or destroy an individual.

Conclusion In summary, according to August and Cather, every human being has dreams but it takes an individual initiative to turn the dream into reality. Although Troy and Rose dream of living better lives, they use retrogressive means to pursue their dreams, and they fail terribly. In addition, people should strive to live in present and not base their lives on their past as it is with Troy.

Sadly, some dreams like human immortality are unrealistic and people should focus on realism, as it is the case with Alexandra. Finally, each person’s ambitions affect his or her social, economic, political, and personal decisions, as it is the case with Alexandra, Rose, and Troy as outlined in this paper.

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Wilson, August. Fences. New York: Plume, 1986.

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