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The Problems Caused By Rigorous Security Check Ups Research Paper

Table of Contents Introduction

The Problems Caused By Rigorous Security Check Ups

Remediation Measures

Answers to Disagreements

Consequences of Non-Action

Consequences of Action


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Introduction Security measures in American airports have continued to raise alarms on the way security issues are handled. It is quite relieving to understand that the government and airline companies have continued to step up security operations in the airports to ensure passengers’ safety.

It is also refreshing to understand that passengers can travel safely without fear of terrorist activities perpetrated against them. Security measures such as travel advisories to countries considered unsafe for American citizens are pretty mandatory. Security surveillance at the airports monitors the inflow and outflow of specific people and products. The intensification of security parameters in American airports has been welcomed by a large section of the American citizens.

However, there are so many problems affiliated to these security parameters. These problems are caused by the Advanced Imaging Technology gadgets and pat downs. The bone of contention arises in the invasive approaches both methods employ. This paper tries to analyze the problems these two methods have caused in the American airports.

The Problems Caused By Rigorous Security Check Ups The problems caused by the advanced security parameters in major American airports relate to the use of invasive approaches to the passengers’ body. Currently there are two methods being used. The Advanced Imaging Technology employs a machine that scans the entire body of a passenger (West

Stained Glass Window: Mary as an Image of Wisdom Report

Nursing Assignment Help There are many works of art by means of which people are able to evaluate their lives, discover something new, and take some important lessons.

The works which are introduced in the Cathedral of Our Lade of Chartres deserve much attention and recognition; for example, the window at Chartres that is called Belle Verrière is a composite image Mary and her impact on human lives (Cunningham and Reich 216). The window impresses the vast majority of people who look at it and introduces Mary as the Seat of wisdom with a number of angels around and the dove above the head.

One of the first things that is observed in the window is the size of Mary, the Queen of Heaven Angels. In comparison to other figures, Mary dominates: she is centered, huge, and calm. It proves that her image aims at providing people with the necessary care and support. She is ready to assist and understand any person and any living being who is in need or looking for some help.

There is a crown on her head; this crown is a symbol of some kind of respect and power. She has some control over the angels around, still, she does not find it necessary to abuse someone or misuse her rights. The angels around hold candles and incents in order to demonstrate their respect, illuminate the image of Mary, and help other people observe her power.

Though some people still believe that power does not mean care, the image in the window proves another aspect: people have the right to be understood, and the angels are ready to show the way and introduce the Queen Mary, the symbol of protection. They are worshiping their Queen; their eyes stare at her, and there are no any reasons to stop looking at her as she is an ideal, a treasure, a mother. The point is that all angels focus their attention on the whole image of Mary but not on some particular parts.

It proves that the whole image is saint; it is blessed by God, and there is no need to make choices, but it is enough to watch at her. These angles call people to forget their pain and discontent but join them and start worshiping Mary to achieve the desired understanding. In fact, these angels are free to make choices and decisions and follow their own interests. Still, what they prefer is to appreciate the image and promote its worth to other people.

Another powerful symbol in the window is the dove. It is above Mary’s head, and it represents the Holy Spirit, a pure creation, an innocent being that also supports Mary. Its presence in the window helps to understand the eternity and revelation which are inherent to Mary. The image of Holy Spirit is a kind of blessing for the window: the spirit observes everything from the top and agrees to the actions offered. There is a need to believe in something and to expect that some help from the outside will be offered in urgent cases.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In fact, the chosen image is amazing indeed. Each piece is the story that has to be understood and evaluated. Nowadays, it is so hard to find help in time, and the image of Mary, the image of Wisdom, is waiting for everyone in Paris to protect, to suggest, and to explain the truth.

Works Cited Cunningham, Lawrence, S. and Reich, John, J. Cultures

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