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The Path of A Believer: Per Aspera ad Astra Essay

The Bible is the book where the answers to all people’s questions are hidden. If looking closer at the wisdom that the book is filled with one can learn to read between the lines. Although the path of the reader of the Bible is steep and hard, the results can be extremely inspiring.

Speaking of the things that one can learn from the Bible and enhance one’s personal development with, the one to speak about first is the aspect of foundational faith. Indeed, is must be admitted that those believing in Christ know that the real belief, genuine and sincere, can remove mountains. It is enough to take some examples form the Bible to realize that there is practically nothing impossible for believers.

To be figural, the faith in Christ is the wind beneath people’s wings, the one and only way to cognize the world and oneself and reach the balance between the two. Moreover, the belief in God is the support that one can never lose; God will never leave His children in need and suffering – as long as people keep believing in the miracles of Christ, their faith will work miracles as well.

Another valuable lesson to learn from the Bible is the power principles as the foundation of justice and peace in the entire world. It is truly striking that the principles described in Bible can provide the ones that can bring the entire world in harmony.

Reading the Biblical ideas of power, one can understand that, once these are followed, there will be no other means to ensure safety needed, for the Law of God means bringing people together and helping them to reconcile with each other and with their own selves.

Tracking the way in which the Law of God is described in the Bible, one can claim with certainty that the basis of this Law is the love to God and to the people around. Basing on the aspect of forgiveness, this law can teach people to be more tolerable and help them understand the true nature of their actions.

There are no possible doubts that the biblical Law is the basis of the virtuous and happy life without any discords and conflicts. Therefore, it must be admitted that the biblical ideas of justice are another valuable lesson to take from the Book of Books.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More What is the most amazing about the Law of the Bible is that it is absolutely stable and indestructible. It seems that no matter how much time passes, these principles will remain as valuable as they have always been. Once established in the Bible, these rules will always remain the means to stay just and fair even in the most corrupted environments and among the most vicious species of the mankind.

The last, but not the least among the ideas that the Bible can give is the idea of spiritual strategic warfare. Finding out how demons can possess a human being, one can take all necessary measures to remain safe and sound. Fighting the demons of temptation, one starts understanding that the war is far from being over, yet each of the warriors can contribute to the victory.

With help of the Bible, it becomes absolutely clear that there are numerous threats and obstacles for the true believers to overcome, yet these ordeals make one realize whether one has enough strength to walk all the road long to the Kingdom of Truth.

Critical thinking Report

Nursing Assignment Help Despite the fact that everyone has the ability to think; only a few engage in critical thinking. Scholars describe critical thinking as thinking within thinking to seek for clarity, accuracy, consistency, good reasons for or against, depth, relevance and fairness.

A critical thinker is one with the ability to intellectually and skillfully solve a problem by identifying the problem, conceptualizing on the same, analyzing, synthesizing and evaluating information gathered and to exercise their best judgment to draw conclusions.

It requires a good thinker, clear, logic, thoughtful, attentive to all facts and open to alternatives. Critical thinking is a valuable tool in every area of management whether in office or in lifestyle management. Critical thinking will enable one to make smarter and quicker decisions.

The process also saves time. High profile jobs in society require critical thinkers hence one is highly placed if s/he is a critical thinker. A good manager should keep on learning by attending seminars and workshops and being open minded to stay ahead of the competition.

For one to think critically in business, differentiation between facts and fiction is necessary. Verification of the source would help distinguish between the facts and fiction. Close relationship with the source should not influence ones judgment. Accuracy is also vital as facts and fictions can be hectic to distinguish.

Asking of questions is an integral part of critical thinking. One major hindrance to critical thinking is emotional biasness. One should be able to fight the subjective barriers and be as objective as possible. Use of logics and basing ones judgment on good evidence can overcome this barrier.

Experts have come up with different models of critical thinking and Phoenix University is among such experts. The models guide one into thinking critically; to act not to react. Quick decisions cost a lot especially in a business set up. Any model will give one a structured discipline, which will help in focusing on important steps in decision making.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Phoenix University “identifies a nine steps model in critical thinking” (Kirby

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