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The Negative Effect of Tarzan on Children Essay

Table of Contents Violence and nudity in Tarzan.

Tarzan is not a violent film for children


Works Cited

Movies have a huge influence on the mindset and culture of the people. Disney movies have been accused of negatively affecting children. The contentious views range from violence, sexual inferences or nudity and racism.

The Tarzan movie released in 1999 received a certain level of criticism concerning the graphic violent scenes of fights between the humans and animals. Many parents and adults were concerned on the impact it would have on the children.

There have been arguments that violent cartoon programs act as an activator of aggressive behavior in children. The children may develop high tendency to engage in fights with other children where they have been wronged instead of choosing other mediums of reconciliation such as talking or consulting their guardians.

The cartoon characters act as role models for children. If Tarzan wins through fighting against the creatures and men who have wronged him the children in following their role model get motivated to fight bullies. The fights may not end up so well. Children could get very hurt.

Furthermore violence in the Disney films does not build a good image or concept of death for the children. Death is final and irreversible. It is a sad affair even for the bad guys to die. The best solution would be for an individual to change his ways. The violence in Disney films like Tarzan is portrayed as entertainment or fun.

It is thrilling and fun when Tarzan kills the Leopardess or when he kills the bad guys and rescues the gorillas. Such movies may cause children to view fighting as fun without thinking of the consequences.

In the movie Tarzan, there have been voices in favor of its negative effects of children. There have also been counterarguments against this accusation as other people say there are good messages portrayed in the movie. In this paper, I will show that the Tarzan movie negatively influences children causing them to have a casual attitude towards fighting. It also causes them to be aggressive which may be dangerous for them and other children who they interact with.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Violence and nudity in Tarzan. The movie begins with an English couple with their baby son who escape from a burning ship. They manage to build a tree house in the jungle. There is a violent scene where the parents are killed by a rogue leopardess. The movie does not show the killing however it shows the body parts of the couple strewn on the floor. Kala, a gorilla finds the abandoned baby but the leopardess wants to eat the baby.

There is another violent scene where Sabor, the leopardess attacks Kala but they manage to escape. Tarzan grows in the forest and when is young, he gets an opportunity to avenge his parent’s death. The movie shows a violent scene where Tarzan kills Sabor (Buck and Lima, 1999)

Later, human explorers come to the jungle. The humans are Professor Porter, Jane and Clayton. As they travel in the jungle, Jane is separated from them. There is a scene where she is chased by baboons and the possibility of a dangerous death. Tarzan however rescues her.

One of the explorers, Clayton is very interested in the baboons and tells Tarzan to shows him where they are staying. Clayton carries a gun which he uses to threaten the gorillas. Due to his actions, the humans are chased away.

Tarzan decides to leave his ape mother and go back home. The movie shows how Tarzan and the other human explorers are attacked by pirates while on a ship. The movie ends with some violent scenes of fighting. Tarzan teams up with his animal friends, the baboons and the rhinos to chase away Clayton who returned to the jungle to capture and sell the gorillas. There are scenes of the fights between Tarzan and Clayton. Tarzan wins the fight. The movie shows the violent death of Clayton who is

strangled to death by the vines in the jungle. There is also nudity in the movie. Tarzan only dresses in a loincloth in the jungle. Children are exposed to a lot of Tarzan’s naked flesh.

Tarzan is not a violent film for children Tarzan is a movie for family entertainment. It is an action movie for children and does not in any way glorify violence or nudity. Tarzan lives in a jungle where they are bound to be fights between animals. If a human being gets lost in a jungle there is bound to be danger.

We will write a custom Essay on The Negative Effect of Tarzan on Children specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The movie shows the dangers that can occur when humans interact with wild animals. It warns children of the dangers in the forests. There are evil people such as Clayton in the world. At the end of the movie when Tarzan triumphs over the evil Clayton, it shows the children that evil does not pay.

It shows that at the end of the day, justice prevails. This view is also reinforced when Tarzan kills Sabor, the leopardess who killed his parents.

It is a realistic movie that shows the troubles at sea such as pirate attacks. Tarzan lives in the jungle and for the movie to be realistic he has to dress in the clothes that the jungle people wear which are loincloths. His private part is covered and the movie does not show any sexual scenes. Overall the movie is a great entertainment film.

Conclusion Despite the arguments that Tarzan is not violent in nature, it is evident that the storyline or plot is mostly made up of fights in the jungle. There are other ways for the Disney Film makers to provide entertainment for children other than violent scenes where animals and humans lose their lives. There should be a limitation on the level of fight scenes in the movies and the level of violence depicted in these films.

The world has become a place of diverse races or cultures. As a child grows up they need to be equipped to interact well with people of different cultures and ethnicity. The children will always encounter other children or pre-teens with different attitudes from their own due to different upbringing. Conflicts are bound to arise. The Disney movies have violent themes that will only serve to cause conflict and aggression in the later years of the child.

Instead the Disney movie producers should strive to show movies that use other forms of conflict resolution such as dialogue and discussions even if they are intense. It is better than overloading a movie with violent scenes. Children will understand that there is no specific way to resolve conflicts. They do not have to fight and it is not cool or fun to demonstrate physical prowess. There are other mediums of conflict resolution.

Works Cited Buck Chris and Kevin Lima. Dir. Tarzan. Walt Disney Pictures. 1999. Film.

Entrepreneurship skills from Washington’s life experiences Essay

Nursing Assignment Help Booker T. Washington was famous for representing the blacks in terms of enterprise and their civilization. This was as a result of the efforts that he had put to gain success while working in the coal mines and salt furnaces. He later succeeded in developing the Tuskegee Institute. He was also involved in the fight for equality between the whites and the blacks who were commonly known as Negros.

Washington was born into slavery on 5th April, 1856. His mother was a slave. Due to this fact, he was automatically the property of his mother’s master (Washington 4). As a young boy, he believed that he could help his poor parents out of their poverty by working with his hands.

In his early days, he worked for a white family. His first task was to cut grass within the compound. Since there were no lawn-mowers back then, Washington had to go down on his knees to cut it using his sickle. In his first attempts to please his employer, he did not succeed but he later learnt to cut the grass so smooth that someone could think that a lawn-mower had been used.

With this achievement, he felt some sense of pride and when he learnt that all these came about from the use of his hands, his whole nature started to change. His self-esteem also increased as he realized that he was able to do things and do them perfectly. As the days passed, he started reaping from his hard and good work. He even started to find himself engrossed in thoughts all night thinking of how he would make his work even better. Later on in life, he went and worked at the mines and salt furnaces and there, he was also satisfied with his work (Washington 17).

It was through his experience in using his hands that led him to go all the way to the Hampton Institute where he learnt that students could not only have had their minds trained but also their hands. At the institute, he realized that the use of hands was part of the student’s life. This is because they were taught how to make their own beds and to tidy up their rooms.

The other lesson in training the hands was that of raising food from the farms at school and the proper ways of how to cook and serve it. In the early years of the institution, they learnt some techniques on wood and iron-work which gave them knowledge in making and maintaining farm equipment and buildings.

The work at school and the farm had similar influence on his view and value for education. He soon understood the distinction between studying about stuff and studying the stuff itself. He also saw the connection between following instructions in the book and its application in practical sessions.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More These experiences in his life were important in his preparation for the work ahead at Tuskegee Institute in Alabama. He was about to enrich the lives of the many unfortunate people by founding an institute that would offer service to these people.

Since he needed to understand what these people went through, he visited the places where the people lived and also slept inside the small cabins and ate their food. He saw the irony in the way the people lived. Some of them were educated but did not see how that reflected in the way they lived.

In this book Washington demonstrates how it is better to start from the bottom and work your way up to the top. He began as a gardener and a worker at the mines and the furnaces but ended up establishing the Tuskegee Institute that was to give service to the people who were living miserable lives. He was also a speaker for his race as he spoke openly about his belief that the blacks could actually work hard and establish themselves through hard work and education.

Work Cited Washington, Booker. Up from Slavery: An Autobiography. New York: Doubleday, page, 1901. Print.

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