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The Impact of Computer-based Technologies on Business Communication Report

Executive Summary The impact of computer-based communication can be considered as a revolution of communication. Computer based communications are currently the most common tools of communication not only in organizations, but also in social lives. Many people spend most of their time on a computer working, studying or having fun by playing various computer games.

Blogs and Facebook are some of computer-based communication tools, which have had a great impact on communication. Blogs are used as tools through which debate over various issues is conducted. As a result, they allow individuals to participate in debates on subjects of their interest. In business, customer, employees and other groups can participate in debates.

Through blogs, market information related to various issues such as taste, customer preference, competition and customer satisfaction can be obtained. They are also important public relation tools where public relation officers can respond to issues arising from an organization.

Facebook is the most popular social networking tool at present. Through facebook, individuals can share their social lives such as photos, birthday celebrations, updates and events. Facebook has provided an affordable, fast and effective tool through which communication is relayed.

However, it has been noted that long hours spent on facebook and blogs can affect an individual’s productivity adversely, however it is clear that if well managed, these tools can enhance the performance of an organization greatly. Some of the areas where they can be effectively be used is in advertisement, public relations and organizational communication.

Introduction Development in computer and internet technology has had a significant impact on communication. Currently, computer based communication has become very popular. This is evident in its increased adoption by many individuals and organizations on daily basis (Perkins, 2008, p. 44). Many people spend most of their time on the computer working, studying or having fun by playing computer games.

Computer technology has increasingly been integrated into people’s cultures. For example, carrying a laptop has become a norm rather that an exception. Consequently, the computer has become a major tool for communication. Today, using email, instant messaging, Facebook, blogs and other computer-based communications has become very common in that they are almost replacing other conventional means of communication (Kent, 2008, p. 32).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Facebook and blogs have become very common communication tools. This report addresses the impact of these tools on communication. In addition, the report focuses on how these tools are currently being used, the challenges experienced when using them and what can be done in order to effectively address the challenges observed.

Enhanced Business communication through Computer-based Technologies Importance of Blogs to Business Communication

Blogging involves development of blogs or web logs which are internet-based journals that can be accessed by customers for vital information about an organization.

The impact of blogging in business communication is based on their ability to replace the conventional means of communicating with customers by sending them newsletters through the post office (Cox, Martinez

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