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the Following Drawing Shows A Plan And A Section Of A Simple Persuasive Essay Help

The following drawing shows a plan and a section of a simple concrete frame. As per ASMM, based on the information provided in the drawings, list down two GROUNDWORKS items to be measured including the unit of measurement and ASMM reference number in the answer field provided. (2.5 MARKS)
Image transcription text
3000 all columns 300×300 60 00 PLAN 82 200 150 R.C. slab 3250 all beams 300×300 150 A.C. Slab ALSECTION all be F.’c 20 Mfb 2700 Superstructure 200 R.C. Bed 350 1m square pad footing 1500 300 50weak concrete . 150 hardcore blinding 300… Show more

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