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Strawberries History Research Paper

Table of Contents Introduction

Detailed history


Various uses of strawberries

Strawberries as an ingredient

Healing potential of strawberries


Works Cited

Introduction Strawberries are sweet supple red fruits with surfaces that are seed-studded. They come from a low-growing plant belonging to genus Fragaria of the rose (Rosaceae) family, enclosing white flowers, lobed foliage, and runners. They originate all through the north temperate zones.

They are the most famous and trendiest fruits in the planet (Roger). There are over 600 assortments of strawberries that vary in taste, size, and feel; all of which have similar trait; heart silhouette, red fleshy tissue with yellow seeds shooting the surface, petite, royal, leafy green lids, and stalk that embellish their crowns (WHFoods). Below is picture of the strawberry fruit.

Fig. 1. Ten great uses of strawberry (Zestycook)

Detailed history The word strawberry is coined from ‘strewn” berries about the plants and thus the “strewn berry” finally turned into “Strawberry” (Roger). They are not actual fruits or berries but distended ends of the stamen of the plant. The seeds are on the external surface, rather than the internal berry. There are around 200 seeds for each berry. They are low in calories and are non-fat, loaded with vitamin c, folic acid, fiber, vitamin B6 and potassium (Roger).

Over the years they have been utilized as medications for ailments like, stained teeth, sunburns, gouts and digestion (Hopley, 9). Strawberries were served up at medieval state occasions as a show of peace, wealth, and excellence. The most well-known communal intake of strawberries is at Wimbledon annually, when strawberries and cream are eaten by very well attired Englishmen in the middle of tennis games (Hopley, 9).

It is also popular knowledge that they were well adored by Russian empresses. American- Indians supposedly made-up Strawberry shortcake, smashing berries in food to prepare bread the colonists took pleasure in; they probably used wild berries because strawberries were first planted and cultivated in America in 1835 (Hopley, 9).

Origin The origin of strawberries dates back to more than 2200 years ago. Initially they grew wild in Italy around 234 B.C where they were invented by the original Europeans in Virginia when their vessels grounded there in 1588 (Hopley, 9).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Early on, settlers in Massachusetts derived a lot of pleasure in consuming strawberries produced by local American Indians who grew strawberries as back as 1643. The period following 1860 saw strawberries being extensively cultivated in numerous parts of the nation. The Hoveg type was first introduced in Massachusetts in 1834 from France.

The Fraser kinfolk in Scotland coined its name from French migrants named Strawberry (Fraise) who accompanied William the Conqueror in 1066.There are allusions to the fruit as early as ancient Rome. Strawberries have been cultivated in 1900s. Currently, more than 25,000 acres are grown yearly in California which generates more than 80% of all strawberries in the United States (Hopley 9).

Averagely, 21 tons are produced on every acre with a total of 1 billion pounds of strawberries annually. The name grew from the Anglo-Saxon verb “to strew (spread) and it was later called ‘streabergen’, ‘straberry’, ‘streberie’, ‘straibery’, ‘straubery’, and lastly, “STRAWBERRY’ to the English (Hopley 9).

Various uses of strawberries Strawberries have numerous uses. One of the most famous uses of strawberries is being used as recipe or an ingredient in preparation of drinks, meals or snacks. Strawberries are used as ingredients in many types of foods like cakes, yoghurts, desserts, salads, juices, meals and chocolates (Lyons, 92).

They are used as part of the food or snack as well as giving that special flavor. Due to their sweet nature and nutritional content they can almost be used in any type of food. When buying strawberries, one should select the fresh ones since they are highly perishable (WHFoods).

Another wide use and well accepted importance of strawberries is their numerous health benefits. One of them is that they are proficient in high levels of anti-oxidants and phytonutrients. They therefore destroy free radicals that could be responsible for diseases like cancer. They are very healthy fruits highly enriched with vitamin C as well being a good supply of folic acid and high fiber (Lyons, 92). They also provide vitamin k, vitamin 5, riboflavin, copper, magnesium and omega-3 fatty acids.

They arrest the savor of sunlight whether they are as tiny as unshelled almonds or as large as goose eggs (Lyons, 93). Due to this nature, they are used as medication for various ailments. Apart from the fruit, its leaves and roots are also used as medicine especially in the ancient Rome. Strawberries are also very beneficial in beauty therapies (Lyons, 102).

We will write a custom Research Paper on Strawberries History specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Strawberries as an ingredient Strawberries are famous for being part of good flavors in ice creams, cakes, yoghurts, desserts, juices. For instance strawberries are widely used by the Italians to prepare “granita” which is an iced up fruit preparation. The ice is refreshing and can be prepared on a day before (Good Housekeeping, 197). The pictures below show how the strawberries can be used as an ingredient in different food products.

Fig. 2. Strawberry and white chocolate mousse cake (GoodFood)

Fig. 3. Strawberry cheesecake (GoodFood)

Strawberries are popularly used as ingredients in cakes. These cakes include strawberry and white chocolate mousse cakes, strawberry cheesecake as shown above (GoodFood). They are also used to prepare pink strawberry cheesecake, rhubarb and strawberry crumble with custard, strawberry and vanilla cream sponge, strawberry poplova, strawberry marshmallow mousse, strawberry and passion fruit meringue roulade as well as strawberry and vanilla shortcakes among many others (GoodFood).

Strawberries are also used as ingredients in strawberry tiramisu which substitutes the coffee flavor for tasty and colorful strawberry effect. One is required to have 3 cups of strawberries that are hulled and sliced. They are then mixed with 4 eggs, sugar, 8 ounces of mascarpone cheese and 30 to 40 sponge cookies or ladyfingers for a smooth, Italian twist (Good Housekeeping, 197).

Strawberries are used to make the famous and delicious chocolate-dipped strawberries from chocolate melted butter. This requires 6 whole, unhulled cups of strawberries that are clean and completely dried up. Then they are mixed with other ingredients which are; semisweet chocolate chips, butter and sliced nuts if necessary. It is then refrigerated to ensure that the coating is solid (Roger).

Apart from the strawberry fruits, one can extract the juice to give a multipurpose strawberry extract for various brands (WHFoods). The extract can be utilized in various foods and drinks to add flavor and the pink coloring. For instance it can be used in desserts to make a strawberry cheesecake or flavored cake, fruit pies like banana or lemon pies. It can also be used to flavor muffins, bread, cookies or meringues to sweeten the original recipe (Roger).

One can also add it to strawberry pie to enhance flavor. The extract can also be used as toppings for tum whipped cream, white frosting and vanilla icing with pancake syrup to give the breakfast a new face. It can be used in a pie to coat strawberries or over a cheesecake (Pulfer).

Not sure if you can write a paper on Strawberries History by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Strawberry extract can be used in drinks and meals to craft a strawberry essence even in coffee or tea to create a flavor. It can be added to a fruit juice or smoothie for a strawberry blend or flavor.

It can also be added to water or alcoholic drinks to make daiquiris or margaritas. Strawberry extracts can form a part of ingredient in sauces to season a meal, for instance over chicken or two sides for tasty meal like lamb in the company of strawberry couscous (Lyons, 101).

Healing potential of strawberries Strawberries are highly nutritional with various vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants. They are also low fat hence medically beneficial to diabetics.

They also ensure a healthy immune system due to the vital vitamins and thus appropriate for people with low immunity (WHFoods). Another benefit arises from it blood sugar regulation ability where it can reduce excess or unwanted sugar in the blood (WHFoods).

A number of current studies have established regular eating of strawberries to be connected with reduced possibility of type 2 diabetes (WHFoods). Considerable benefits were only recorded after frequent consumption gets to at least 2-3 strawberry portions weekly (Lyons, 98).

Strawberries are graded top in health-promoting antioxidants. Antioxidants aids fight the destructive effects of free radical action to cellular structures and DNA (WHFoods). To achieve this effect, fruits should be eaten raw when there nutritional value and digestion-aiding enzymes are high (Corbett).

They give an exceptional assortment of phytonutrients, including anthocyanins, flavonols, and hydroxybenzoic and hydroxycinnamic acids among others. Strawberries have anti-cancer benefits because of high anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory substance that augment oxygen metabolism (Corbett). They lower risk in various cancers like breast, cervical, esophageal and colon cancer Corbett).

Nearly all of the tumor-inhibiting researches on animals have paid attention on the phytonutrient like ellagic acid and ellagitannis properties of strawberries (WHFoods). Many phytonutrients in strawberry have surfaced as anti-cancer substances of unique importance (Corbett).

Fig. 4. Nutrients in strawberry (WHFoods)

Beliefs It is believed that if two people of the opposite sex split a twofold strawberry in half and share they fall in love with each other. It represents a sign for Venus, the Goddess of Love, due its color and shape (Roger).

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University of Illinois extension. History

The Cherokees’ Family Historical analysis Analytical Essay

Nursing Assignment Help Introduction The Native Americans are composed of different tribes and ethnic groupings; among the ethnic tribes there is a family called Cherokees. Cherokees lived as a family and held cultural, social and administrative collectively; the tribe is one of the first American tribes to become civilized. This paper undertakes a historical of the Cherokees in the 18th century.

Geographical location In the 18th century, the Cherokees had settled in modern Georgia, the Carolinas, and East Tennessee. Cherokees shared territories with among others Anasazi, hopi, mayan, Swanee, Hohokam, Mogollon and Salado people. During the time the tribe established itself as Cherokee nation and had their capital center located at New Echota in Northern Georgia.

Social class

The traditional life of the people before colonization by the Britons can be characterized as that of peace and unity. When making a peace agreement, they would exchange soldiers. When the Britons colonized the Unites States, a number of Cherokees were taken captive as slaves to work in tobacco, rice, and indigo farms; slavery trade marked the start of migration in the community.

Cherokees had a system of governance and security where the soldiers were trained on different methods of war, they were expected to protect the community. The soldiers referred to as didaniyisgi were commanded by chiefs or community leaders.

Cherokees is one of the oldest communities that had embraced dialogue and communication in case of conflicts; in war, they used their native language of southern Iroquoian to lay war strategies. After conquering a certain community, the army was expected to come home with gold, animals, and other valuables.

The photo below shows a Cherokee soldier:

Living conditions Before colonization, Cherokees were farmers, they were engaged in crop farming and husbandry; they were also involved in gathering, hunting, and trade.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The main diet that comprised their meals was fruits, world vegetables, milk, wild meats, and some farming produce. When they got sick, they had some traditional doctors who were believed to have the expertise to cure diseases using herbs. In case a disease was in-curable, it was regarded as a bad omen and cleansing of the sick persons family was done through sacrifices.

Men were given the task feeding their family; they were expected to farm, hunt, and trade. Boys at the age of fourteen years were supposed to join their fathers to learn how to life as expected by the society. According to the custom women were not supposed to be in the army; however incase situation allowed, they would were supposed to cook and fetch water for the army.

Girls were taught by their mothers, aunts, and grandmother on how to take care of a husband. There were systems of punishing family members when they went against their expectations; generally at young age, mothers disciplined their children.

The following photo shows modern photos of Cherokees:

Housing With then technology, the shelters that the communities made were temporary structures that were made of grass, wood and soil. Homesteads had adopted a design that eased their access from the gate. As a security matter, people used to build in a central place where they would protect each other from wild animal attacks or attacks from enemies.

Settlement patterns of that time Cherokees believed that there is a Supreme Being who controls mankind; families and communities in the tribe had their special way of worship the Supreme Being.

For example there were some people who believed some herbs such as tobacco, sweet grass or sages were sacred; thus they would be used when communicating with the Supreme Being. Among the Cherokees, there were sweatlodge ceremonies that were accompanied by singing, drumming, fasting and praying; these ceremonies were seen as the way they could communicate with their supernatural being.

We will write a custom Essay on The Cherokees’ Family Historical analysis specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Before modern Christianity ways came, the natives were practicing Wakan Tanka; according to the practice people needed to treat each other with dignity and respect to please the Supreme Being. The tradition did not have a strong belief on life after death; after someone’s death, children born in the family were named after him or her as a way of remembrance.

The following photo shows a photo of a Cherokee leader:

The Cherokees had families where the roles of men, women, and children were different and well defined; different roles were enacted, for example some families had patriarchal family settings where others had matrilineal and/or matriarchal. Cherokees property ownership ideology empowered women to own property and men were supposed to accumulate them but give full control to women.

One custom that empowered women was the Cherokee custom of wives owning the family property; under the custom, the role of the husband is to accumulate and the wife was to take care and manage the properties. During marriages there were some rituals that were headed by an elderly; the culture of the people allowed intertribal marriages[1].

Reference List Infroplease. 2005. Cherokee. On-line. Available from Internet,

Footnotes Infroplease. 2005. Cherokee. On-line. Available from Internet.

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