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Social Media as an Effective Marketing Tool Research Paper

Table of Contents Introduction

Popularity of Social Media Networks

How Social Media Networks are Strategic as Marketing Tool

Making Social Media Networks Work for Marketing

Fashion Companies and Social Media



Introduction Social media networks (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Blogs, Linkedin and FourSquare) have become an intimate part of our everyday life. The World Wide Web has significantly popularized social media networks. The World Wide Web provides a platform upon which social media networks enable people to interact.

This interaction has turned the world into more of a village whereby information is quickly passed across from one point to another. The passage of information in such ways around the world has had great effects some of which have influenced the way people spend their money.

Information is power and it can greatly influence those who come across it. Marketers have wisely tapped into the platforms availed by social media networks to sway the way people view goods and thus influence their behavior in regard to consumption.

Social media networks have been effectively used as marketing tools creating a great influence among youths with whom social media networks are quite popular. This article will review how social media networks have effectively been used as marketing tools; the analysis in this article will show how important social media networks have become particularly in marketing in regard to online shopping and communication.

To bring out this significance of social media networks, the article will highlight the popularity of social media networks, how they can be used to collect views and how they can be used to show current trends. The article also shows the significance of social media networks in fashion industry.

Popularity of Social Media Networks By showing the popularity of social media networks among youths, this section clearly brings out the potential that social media networks have as marketing tools. Marketing is directed towards customers and potential customers and what social media networks do is kind of gathering people into a common center stage.

Everyday social media networks register members. As at august this year, Facebook had members up to a tune of 750 million making it the most popular social media network. The other social media networks are equally popular and have continuously registered huge numbers of members on an everyday basis (Seomoz, 2011).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More As noted in the introduction, the World Wide Web has played a significant role in promoting social media networks. Communication tools such as computers and mobile phones are greatly being made achievable; as these communication tools continue to flood the market; social media networks have become more and more popular.

Availability of smart phones has been of great help to teenagers as they help them to keep in touch 24 hours. It is a fact that people interact more online as compared to physical interaction (Saleem, 2008).

Social media networks are slowly becoming a basic form of communication among people interacting. As a matter of fact almost every person especially in the developed countries owns a mobile phone which can access the internet. A mobile phone is a personal gadget which is carried around and by the fact that such a phone can access the internet then it can also be used to access a social media network.

Social media networks have been noted to be addictive (CBS News, 2009). They become addictive because of their appealing nature and convenience of using them. It is evident therefore that social media are quite popular and the general trend is that everybody is seeking membership to one or more social media networks to keep in touch with friends.

As noted at the beginning of this section, popularity of social media networks shows their potential for marketing purpose. Social media are used as effective marketing tools because of the huge population which has adopted them and thus social media networks act as a platform for marketing by availing the people to whom marketing is to be carried out to.

How Social Media Networks are Strategic as Marketing Tool This section will show how social media networks are strategic as tools of marketing. This section mainly shows that social media networks are good sources of gathering information; the information gathered can easily be used strategically for marketing purpose.

Social media networks make it possible for people to share their views on different topics. The views are usually in form of short comments posted. Such comments reflect the feeling and attitude of those who post them. It should be noted that companies can create profiles on social media networks and use such profiles to collect information posted in form of comments.

We will write a custom Research Paper on Social Media as an Effective Marketing Tool specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Such information may be useful in twofold manner: it can help in the improvement of a product and also in the creation of a new product for existing needs in the market. When negative comments are posted on a company profile concerning some goods or a product such comments ought to be taken seriously and attempts made to rectify the situation.

Positive comments also ought to be followed up (Treadaway

Relationship Between Perception and Attention Essay

Nursing Assignment Help Table of Contents Introduction

Relationship between attention and perception



Introduction Attention is the ability to focus on a specific object or part of a conversation in a given environment while ignoring others (Styles, 2005). Once the brain gathers information from the surrounding environment, attention allows one to select on what they want to focus on from the brain.

It is attention that enables one to pick their area of interest. For instance, being able to have a phone conversation in a noisy night club while ignoring all the loud music or being able to listening to music in a busy traffic with hooting sounds. There are different types of attention according to scientists, namely; focused attention, sustained attention, selective attention, alternating attention and divided attention (Gear, 1989).

On the other hand, perception is the ability to become aware of one’s environment by creating meaning from what is obtained by our sensory organs including ears, eyes, skin, smell and taste buds (Styles, 2005).

Perception allows a person to interpret information from our senses based on existing information and expectations. As such, perception enables individuals to create meaning from the sensory nerves. There are different types of perception including perceptual constancy which allows the mind to recognize an image from varying angles, light intensity and from different distance (Gear, 1989).

For instance, white color appears the same under different light intensity and objects remain the same whether at close or long distance. Generally, perception helps us to create mental image which leads to an action. In most cases, when one sees fire or a lion the mind decide what to do. So smell, touch, sight and sound determine how we perceive things.

Relationship between attention and perception Gear (1989) says when we see an object’s light travel to the eyes; we unconsciously interpret what that light means. In the same way, when we see an animal such as a cat in our environment the sensory nerves are able to construct the image which is then created in the mind, this is perception. The same case happens when we hear certain sounds we are familiar with which we are able to interpret and form an image based on that.

This creates the relationship between attention and perception. For instance, when we hear a dog bark our brain is able to process this information and creates an image even though we cannot see the dog at that moment. At times however, there are chances of having abnormal stimuli which can result to double images or double meaning (Styles, 2005).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Perception can also be determined by culture and social experiences that an individual has had before; before someone can choose where to put their focus on, they use what is called “bottom up and top down method” (Styles, 2005).

Bottom up allows ones to scan through the environment or in their minds for already existing information while the top down method is based on one’s goals which can lead to forming habits. For instance, if one is used to keeping their car keys in a specific location, their minds will tend to focus their attention to that specific area whenever they want to use the keys, this is attention.

Conclusion Attention and perception depend on each other. Perception is part of the brain that interprets what we feel, hear, taste and touch into images that we can be able to understand before the mind takes any action. Attention picks the image and determines what the mind will concentrate on depending on our goals, past experience and areas of interest (Styles, 2005).

References Gear, J. (1989). Perception and the evolution of style: a new model of mind. London: Routledge Press.

Styles, A. (2005). Attention, perception and memory: An integrated production. New York: Psychology press.

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