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Security Threats in Social Sites Report

There are quite a couple of benefits for a firm that invests in information security. The ability to cope effectively with today’s security threats in social sites such as web hacking to steal consumer identity, and other internet disruptions is at the verge.

Insecurity has caused complexity and slow progression in delivery of products and services in the virtual market since people want to countercheck viability before any engagements. Risks involved in virtual transactions or commitments are huge threats especially sites such as Facebook, MySpace or emails servers, since they necessitate submission of personal information.

Today, information requires proper security for an effective collaboration. The service providers are able to invest heavily on the security due to possible negative effect, for instance the recent attacks on giant search engines, Google and Yahoo in China. Major risks may include stolen patent laws, compromise of data integrity and worse cases such as total loss and manipulation of information to gain profits.

Various government regulations and business policies or requirements quantify the sites’ information security as a competitive advantage. Regulations make the customer to feel comfortable transacting in such firms and provide a legal platform in case of violations.

The group sites and other social accounts must engage security measures to ensure privacy of information. Contrasting speculations that the sites lack security or privacy, the involved firms recognize benefits of investing in Information Security, thus the need to understanding methodologies behind risks experienced by the clients (Schneier, 2009).

Security is quantifiable through evaluation of performance or comparison between the prospective or potential competitors. The quantitative risk analysis shows how the control adds value in a reputable and comparable manner. Lack of major cases involving private data violations is a good sign of enhanced privacy.

Companies are able to control the data losses by investing in proper security control measures such as server configurations.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Today, ability to prove availability of system security such as assuring privacy of data or information in social sites falls upon business proceedings. None of the companies that manage social sites has experienced critical performance hitches such as bleach of data or highly impacts on reputation due to compromised clients’ data.

Although it is difficult to predict the value and amount of Information Security that protect privacy, it is helpful and important to determine availability. Data privacy depends on information security, which also ensures full protection of the information and systems from attacks such as unauthorized access, malicious attacks, theft, unauthorized disclosure or use, disruptions and illegal modifications.

As a standard in support of privacy, information security has to involve safe usage and transfers. Security enhances easy and quick data and information exchange for the end-users during communication in both private and public networks. Information security is more beneficial in the public domain because of the advanced setup and high possibilities of attacks.

Today the security of data links that are more susceptible to exploration occurs through data encryption or public key cryptography, which is a very common practice by the companies owning the collaborative sites (Schneier, 2009). When using the sites, a consumer can note protection of profiles as an assurance over application.

Enhanced government policies and regulations ensure protection of privacy, intellectual property rights and enhance management of information by defending against challenges of unauthorized system access. Another protective mechanism involves isolation of untrusted form of malicious or unsecure users through authentication and enhancement procedures.

The information security protocol also prevents systems’ attacks by locking down the server systems or ensuring only authorized access.

The operational procedures during the security enhancement process involves checking eavesdropping and, enhancing use of strong passwords to stop gathering of information by the system users or visitors through authentication of access. The security procedures also enhance encryption of information during transfers between servers or other workstations (Easttom, 2006).

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Schneier, B. (2009). Security ROI Fact and Fiction. Retrieved from

Capital Punishment: Proponents and Opponents Arguements Essay

Nursing Assignment Help Table of Contents Introduction





Introduction Capital punishment is a judicial death punishment for people convicted of committing heinous crimes. The use of capital punishment all over the world varies from one country to another, although it is being removed gradually from the current constitutions of various countries because it is considered as an inhuman form of punishment.

Capital punishment raises a lot of controversy world wide on whether to continue using it or not. If yes, what type of punishment and on what category of crimes?

Proponents Proponents of capital punishment argue that, the only way to punish heinous criminals is by capital punishment because life imprisonment is not an effective way of punishing and warning potential criminals against committing terrible crimes. Hence, capital punishment is not only a punishment to criminals but also a warning to prospective criminals from committing heinous crimes.

Capital punishment supporters also argue that it is the cheapest way of eliminating horrific criminals from the society as compared to life imprisonment that needs tight security and much worry of possible escape of the criminal back into the society and repeat the same crimes.

They also say that elimination of the criminals will stop them from haunting the families and friends of the victims. Proponents further argue that there are just and humane ways of executing capital punishment without torturing the criminal.

Opponents The opponents of capital of capital punishment argue that it is not a just and humane way of punishing heinous criminals in the society because everybody has right to life.

They also say that, since there is no standard definition of heinous crimes, there are high possibilities to execute innocent people or misuse execution in revenge to suite personal interests.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Another argument in opposition to capital punishment is the lack of a standard in judicial procedures worldwide in determining what constitutes heinous crimes and what form of capital punishment is acceptable.

For instance, in the Middle Eastern countries, homosexuality and unfaithfulness of a woman to a spouse is considered as crimes punishable by stoning while in United States homosexuals and prostitutes have their rights protected.

Discussion Capital punishment should be allowed in punishing heinous criminals so that they pay the price of their actions and further convey a strong warning to other potential criminals. However, several questions remain unanswered; what constitutes heinous crime? What strategies are used in convicting suspects? In addition, what is the form of capital punishment?

The capital punishment simply implies death punishment, which means it is possible to arrest, convict, and execute innocent suspects for subjective reasons. There must be clear and standard definition of what constitutes heinous crimes or crimes that are punishable by death penalty.

The judicial system must have structures of vetting innocent suspects and standard form of capital punishment applicable worldwide to avoid subjective and stereotype forms of punishment that are inhuman.

Conclusion Capital punishment is the effective punishment to horrific criminals who are there to destroy our societies. Capital punishment does not only punish the criminal but also gives the right impression to fellow criminals or prospective criminal of the imminent punishment awaiting them.

This warning will give them an opportunity to change their life styles while still free since they have no second chance to reform. Unlike life imprisonment where criminals finds the opportunity of reforming but remain ruthless while still free.

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