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Santa Claus and Mythical Creatures Research Paper

Table of Contents Significance of Santa Claus

Similarity of Santa Claus to Mythological Creatures

Adaptations of Santa Claus over time

Common Beliefs about Santa Claus in Modern Day Society

Works Cited

A mythical creature is a monster that is prominent in myths and folklores. They include mythical beings, basilisks, monsters, cockatrice, hellhound and centaur among others. They are believed to possess some supernatural powers albeit to some extent. The aim of this paper is to study the Santa Claus as an example of one of such mythical creatures.

This is a mythical creature that is believed to deliver gifts to children on the Eve of the Christmas day. It is particularly common with the western cultures specifically in Europe and the U.S. He often wears red attire with cuffs and a collar which is white. In addition, he puts on leathered boots with a black leathered belt.

History of Mythology behind Santa Claus. Santa Claus is believed to have been brought to New York by a Dutch legend called Sinter Klaas during the seventeenth century. A variety of mythical creatures and different legends tell the tale of Santa Claus. The foundation of the association of Santa Claus in Christianity is believed to be Bishop Nicholas in a present day Turkey, formerly known as Smyrna (Izmir).

Bishop Nicholas is believed to live in the 4th century A.D. He had immense wealth and was very lovely, caring and generous towards children. He always threw gifts to poor children as a way of showing them joy. Consequently Saint Nicholas was accorded high esteem by different churches. It was because of his honor that the Orthodox Church, which is the oldest church in Russia, was built.

Within the Catholic Church fraternity, the Saint became the patron of children and seafarers. He was referred to as der Weinachtsmann within the protestant areas in the central and northern Germany. The English people called him Father Christmas. Some Dutch immigrants however took him with them to the United States where he became known as Santa Claus.

Santa Claus drew the curiosity of children who wanted to know what he does and where he lives in between Christmases. Apparently this curiosity led to the conclusion that Santa Claus had a Christmas gift workshop in the North Pole where he lived. But in 1925, it was again discovered that Santa Claus actually lived in Finnish Lapland.

With time, different customs from the Northern Hemisphere joined together and created a global Santa Claus, who was immortal and not affected by either age or time. He wore a red suite and gave gifts to children on the Christmas day before going back to Korvatunturi in Finnish Lapland.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Santa Claus is said to have made several stop over at Napapiiri, near Rovaniemi since the year 1950 to meet children. Due to his now regular visits by 1985, he later established his own Santa Claus office in the same location where he came to daily to listen to children. In addition to his office, there is also a Post Office where he receives letters from children around the world.

Significance of Santa Claus Santa Claus is believed to spread happiness and joy during the Christmas celebrations. Santa Claus is also said to be big bellied. This ensures the inexhaustible cheer that he carries around. His big belly also translates into a big heart and hence his generosity. The Santa possesses a white beard made of cotton.

This is translated to mean that he has a lot of wisdom. He always assumes the shape of an old man and owing to the fact that old age ahs always been associated with wisdom, he is believed to be wise too. His red attire is however associated with his roots. Saint Nicholas was a bishop and bishops used to wear red in those days. Therefore the Santa is associated with Godly things.

Similarity of Santa Claus to Mythological Creatures Santa Claus possesses some similarities with other mythological creatures in various aspects. Some mythological creatures such as the dragon are capable of flying. The same is true with Santa Claus. The mythological creatures also had the ability to perform some weird things that cannot be simply explained. For instance, one could make simultaneous appearances at varied locations at the same time. This is also true with Santa Claus since within the Christmas Eve of twenty four hours, he is supposed to have visited around two billion children.

There also exist number of differences between Santa Claus and other mythical creatures. To begin with, Santa Claus is widely associated with religious practices and events. Other mythical creatures are however related to evil and satanic things. Some, like the dragon, for instance is dreaded and is believed within some faiths to be a demon.

Santa Claus is depicted in the form of a human being while other mythical creatures come in forms of animals or mixtures of different animals or even animals with enjoined in a human being. While Santa Claus is associated with generosity and the availability of gifts, other mythical creatures are associated with destruction and harm.

Adaptations of Santa Claus over time Santa Claus is believed to have been found by Ak, in the Burzee forest as a baby and placed in the acre of lioness Shiegra. During his teens, Claus was taken by Ak to contact with other mortal lives in a bid of gaining experience on the way they lived. The mortal lives included poverty, war, child abuse, brutality and child neglect. He did not like the experience though. From there he stands doing kind acts to children. This earned him respect and admiration of many till they christen him as a saint and hence the title ‘Santa’.

We will write a custom Research Paper on Santa Claus and Mythical Creatures specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Common Beliefs about Santa Claus in Modern Day Society Many Christians still presume Santa Claus to be an important element in the celebration of Christmas, which they so much cherish. However there are very sharp divides as pertains to his origins. While many Christians hold the view that he is the Saint Nicholas whose love for children and generosity are well known, others consider him as an offspring of the Northern European gods and the spirits who were in existence before the advent of Christianity.

Yet other Christians are vehemently opposed to his involvement in the celebration of the birth of their savior, Jesus Christ. Some even think that his main objective is to commercialize the important day of Christmas. Meanwhile some do not believe that such a creature ever exists.

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Why English Should Become the Official Language in the United States Essay

Nursing Assignment Help Introduction The United States (US) is home to many people who come from all parts of the world. This means that they come in with their native languages. Most of the people who come to the United States have little or no English background. I believe that the US should take up English as an official language because it will be a unifying aspect when it does become. It is actually used in almost all sections of the US, and by this I am referring to schools, parliament and the constitution.

The unifying language To begin with, there have been cases of misunderstandings that sometimes result to meaningless arguments that cause physical or mental harm as a result of the use of native languages. If only English was an official language, then such incidences would be avoided. Secondly, we have an education system that uses English, and an economy that operates worldwide with the use of English just to mention but a few.

A common language like English will bring about a common understanding leading people to having a common vision hence creating unity. Most nations of the world use English as their first or even second official language, if this is so then why not the US as well?

English would serve as a uniting factor among the different races that exist in America. English is a rather simple language to learn. Since it is already spoken or is understood by a majority of the population, then it would be a viable tool to unite the different races in the country.

Lately, Hispanics have been segregated as they use Spanish for communicative purposes. If the trend continues, this will aggravate the segregation eventually alienating the Spanish and other communities as well. It is therefore necessary to have a unifying linguistic factor which would also go a long way in alleviating the racial conflicts

Bilingualism is proving to be too expensive for the American tax payers. The government has been allowing immigrants to use their native languages of which the government provides government funded translators. This is not only inconveniencing the whole system as more and more immigrants arrive from different countries, but will also be unsustainable in the near future.

Looking back at history, regions with a common communicative tongue have always flourished. Those without were forced to develop a lingua franca to meet their communicative needs. This has not changed in the present conditions. There is a need to have a common language to be used in business and other areas in America.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More This would go a long way in further improving the country’s economy and well being. Opponents would argue that this language need not be English, but developing another language to the level where English is would take America a lot of years and resources. It is therefore very obvious that the language of choice here would be none other than English.

English language has the largest vocabulary as compared to any other language in the world. It is estimated that there are between 500,000 to 1,000,000 words to choose from in the English vocabulary. This makes English the most practical language to give a national status due to its ease of expression.

Scientific innovations are precisely expressed in the English language. In this field, English has proved to be viable tools as even other languages tend to borrow some scientific terms from the English language. This includes all fields of science ranging from biological and technical sciences.

A lot of books are already written in English. This includes books that were originally written in other languages. It is always very easy to translate books from other languages into English than it is to translate English into other languages. This shows that English opens up an avenue for American citizens to embrace more knowledge from other countries and societies.

English is also used in majority of the American educational institutions. This includes the institutions from elementary to university level. This has considerably elevated the status of the American universities which are ranked among the best in the world.

Simplicity English is relatively a simple language. The level of understanding is high as this can be witnessed by its use in the lowest elementary education level. Other languages have borrowed a lot from it as well. Its Accessibility There are many English resources available in schools such as books, journals novels among others.

The internet is as well a good source of English language and is more practical as aspects such as the social media have made it easier to learn the language. It is the language that is most used as a mode of communication in the social media. Utility It is through the use of a language like English that business can be carried out and brings about profits.

We will write a custom Essay on Why English Should Become the Official Language in the United States specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The reason behind this is that, numbers mater most when it comes to business and a language like English that is used by billions of people all over the world means good returns. This thus proves that it is important to officiate the language in the US for economic and growth purpose.

A cultural aspect English is a culture in its self. This has been displayed in different forms like drama and theatrics to the way of living.

Its dialects and diphthongs have often been used to express feelings, and emotions among others. This thus means that English can be used to derive a common culture among the people of the Unite States. Job creation Once it is made the official language, more job opportunities will be at people’s disposal, as the need to teach the language will be greater.

Conclusion If one is asked which language is best fit to become the official language of the United States, English would be the best fit. This however does not mean that all other languages would be disregarded. English is the one that has a favorable connotation. By the fact that it is used in almost all systems of the Nation, it deserves to be made the official language.

The people in the United States have a variety of languages and if all are spoken, then communication would be a challenge. There needs to be a unifying language like English so as to enhance the common good since there will be more understanding between people, and in the end, peaceful co-existence.

This peaceful co-existence can only come about through the promotion of English culture amongst the people. English, therefore, should become the official language to be used in the United States for the common good of all.

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