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Role of Technology in Business and Advertising Essay

Introduction Today’s technology has advanced to a point where the graphical user and three-dimensional are on use. Unlike the earlier when people had to produce everything practically, the computation skills have amazingly incorporated the touch, voice or click commands. The main aim of most companies is to embrace technological skills, to make the human tasks easier. Arguably, today’s technology requires inventiveness and resourcefulness especially in the advertisement sectors such as use of internet enables resourceful communication and sharing of information. Advancement engagements are however appreciative due to the quality and quantity of output.

General Overview of the Company Star Marketing Agency is an advertising agency with a primary base of business dealings within the Los Angeles County or Orange County Advertising platform. It has a specialty on creation of affordable marketing and advertising campaigns for other growing companies. Most of its capabilities revolve about “branding, web designing, advertisements, and public relations.”

The company has capability to check on strategic plans and build a platform of marketing strategies, come up with approaches for negotiating media contracts and recommend sales support efforts for other companies. “The aim is to eventually create a consistent corporate identity across multiple media platforms” (Jin, 2005).

Overview of the Report This paper forms an analysis of technological effects on Star Marketing and advertisements business dealings. What are the main situational affects of computer technology on business production especially its impact on the marketing and advertising sectors. The analysis also focuses on the intellectual behaviour of people regarding the effects of technological changes to the business settings.

Star Marketing and Advertisement company deals with marketing of businesses through evaluation of developmental problems associated with the business setting. It offers the global approach towards products and services awareness over the usage of computer systems and mobile telephony. What determines business marketing and advertising actions? The company dealings address the issue of utilizing the new and anticipated computerized knowledge or electronic skills in advertising.

The use of Internet for Business Information Management/Systems Star Marketing and Advertising Agency focuses on the issues of technology in businesses and advertising. According to Kalakota and Robinson’s definition (2002), “advertising is distribution of any kind of message or promotion that adds value to the customer, while enhancing revenue for the firm.”

The electronic advertisement entails advertising through electronic billboards as a way of ensuring clients know existence of the business and its seriousness. Electronic billboards have great impact and the message rarely fails to address the intended meaning. The other method is the mobile advertisement that is at its vast edges of growth among many users.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The use of Business Information Management/System In a close link to Star Marketing Agency, the right marketing occurs in the presence of passion, experience, knowledge, vision and curiosity. As a firm that is concern with raising other firms to a competitive level by marketing and enhancing promotion of the products, the company is not the typical business-advertising agency that fits the needs of a specific company. The transactions styles enhances capabilities to approach the marketing challenges from different point of views and employ a wide range of disciplines such as branding, print advertising, promotions, and building collaterals among others.

According to Jin (2005), today it is not wise to confine marketing strategies to the television, radio or print media, the options are quite diverse. The biggest question many people ask regards the effect of technology on advertising especially for the already known products. How would technology enhance advertising when there are already millions of personal views, pod casts and wide direct connections with production companies?

Knowledge Management Systems One prominent impact of the internet technology is on the creation of a democratic media. The broadcast is international and free, and according to Jin (2005), the highly recognized advertisement sites need to allow personal perspectives and make the aspect of internet publishing easy and accessible to majority without the need for technical knowledge. The available tools ought to promote democracy for the macro-media such as web-blogs, video casts, wikis and pod casts.

The universal knowledge behind the current technological tools enhances knowledge transmission by allowing direct and literal subscription of contents such as the Rich Site Summary (RSS) feed facility, which allows automatic syndication of text, audio or visual data to subscribers. Most of these adopted RSS allow people to publish and update news feeds on the internet. In a close link to Jin’s writing (2005), today people are no longer mare consumers but producers as well because of the ability to produce and share data.

Risk Management Influences of the social aspects on advertising

The word of mouth especially from someone who is known or trustworthy remains as the best style of advertisement since time in memorial. Compensating the comments by use of advertisements is almost impossible. This form of advertising has come back in form of the internet-based forums on the sites that allow users to place personal comments or requests.

Just like the earlier tittle-tattle conversations, the web sites enjoy incorporation into the databases of common search engines like Google thus becoming recognizable as important sources of information. Many of these real-time comments posted by consumers are enough evidence that the word of mouth is back on a supercharged format.

Professionals would argue that the greatest influence to buying patterns fall upon the brand of the product but the impact of the real-time comments is higher. Majority of the conceivable customers like to base their decisions on the rational world. Internet advertising means that every strength and flaw is available, for instance, if one wanted to acquire a car, it is possible to find some models, their reviews, pricing and the comments some people have over the car.

We will write a custom Essay on Role of Technology in Business and Advertising specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More A willing buyer would want to know what the other person who has experience of the product has to say and pessimistic comments would definitely affect negatively on the sales. Brand building is not the only big influence in today’s advertising territory, as experts would claim. The comments do not create the brand but have great damages in this hyperactively connected world.

The hyperactive connected world phenomenon might be quite new in the advertising industry, but evidently as Star Marketing Agency indicates, the errors committed by companies or its representatives get instant communication today among consumers and may have huge impacts to the business. This is an indication of the power of the electronic billboards, search engines and thus the need for information technology in the advertisement industries.

Today the companies can be able to use the comment related sites to feature available goods or services, find and resolve problems involving common sales. Before embracement of technology, the foundations for most advertisement were supporting ‘information asymmetry’ phenomenon (Levitt and Dubner, 2006). Most company fails to reveal truthful information because of aims for easy influences to target groups or change on negative public perception as a strategy of influencing the market.

The companies whose products experienced market inferiority complex utilize the strategy as well. The effect of such advertisement campaign on the hyperactive connected markets would face zero-rating by the fact that the consumers have knowledge and expertise to tap information from the huge base of consumer comments. The clients have the ability to know any inferiority complexes facing some products in the market even in good time. The connecting technologies have enhanced information symmetries.

In line with Levitt and Dubner (2006), the connected clients do not face high advertisements influences in comparison to their unconnected counterparts. Technology leaves no room for advertisement lies thus promoting fair transparent communication. There is enough information access and thus consumers can enjoy fair judgement over advertisement campaigns and invalidate the questionable ones whenever they find the need to (Levitt and Dubner, 2006).

The new advertisement language

The commercial massages are no longer in use today, in a close link to Star Marketing Agencies, clients want the great life comments from experiences that fellow consumers have had with particular services or goods. They prefer reading information from the company’s site as opposed to basing their judgements on commercial advertisements through the media. The mobile technology enables the client to connect at free will and reach out for third person’s opinion or find some technical information to make good decisions.

Customers wish to talk to the companies other than getting information through the traditional advertisements thus the need to adopt a technologically based language. This calls for the need to use advertising as a tool for conversing with the micro targets as opposed to the large target groups. The consumer/company relationship overrules the possibility of faking the information regarding advertisements. With this kind of system, it is also easy to identify faking of comments posted among internet users.

Personification cannot workout in the new advertising mechanisms of “blogging”. Arguably, the internet commenting technology takes the natural human tone of communication. Detection of fraudsters by users can easily occur owing to the concept in unique styles of the chat rooms.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Role of Technology in Business and Advertising by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Systems Developments The mobile telephony industry is under constant and effective growth to enable clients to have their personal opinions. It utilizes transmission of audio data, short messaging texts (SMS), e-mails, the multimedia messages texts, picture messages and broadcasting services (Tahtinen and Salo, 2004).

Mobile governance in businesses involves the extension of concepts of governing to deliverance of information, goods or services to the clients in a civilized and personalised manner (Tahtinen and Salo, 2004). The advancement of technology influences the way information is accessible as well as the point of origin. The mobile commerce is a concept that has improved widely in reference to distribution of text or multimedia messages in the aim of enhancing business activities (Barnes and Scornavacca, 2004).

The cell phones industry currently takes control of the information transfer field with ease because of the low and fundamental initial setup costs involved. The user experience and business models especially in developing countries remain a big hindrance to its full adoption. The various methods of mobile advertising such as the “WAP banners and the event oriented” texts fail to meet the satisfaction because they lack enough advertisers confidence as well as the creativity required to capture client’s attention.

The unyielding problems relates to usability, dissatisfaction of the consumer and lack of flexibility or longevity in usage of wireless data advertisement. The technology thus only captures certain corporate users or market niche such as the high-income earners and mobile technology professional with the ability to meet the premium fees (Barnes and Scornavacca, 2004).

Risk Management With regard to the above-mentioned perceptions, the new and advanced electronic communication styles of advertising in the business industries have huge and negative influences to the older generations mainly due to the generation differences. There has been so much revolution on the way communication is today.

It is under high performance to a point that the youth have the ability to consume news twice as fast as the creating or publishing speed. Although the older generations are regaining their long lost trust over the use of the web for advertising at a remarkable speed in the aim of catching up with the rest, most of them are not yet able to get closest to the current internet bubble.

Determinants of business marketing and advertising actions

The talks about brands and products mean that companies ought to participate through partnership with the advertisement industries. The conversations are the today’s determinants of sales, thus the need for the companies to engage in these procedures of incorporating the micro media in the marketing plans. Most companies are able to monitor the customers’ comments and requests though the search engines (Barnes and Scornavacca, 2004).

The technology offers a system where a customer’s complain gets a solution from the company through a response in real time before the issue gets out of hand. Such interaction enables brand relations between the micro media enterprises and the company due to the connections by the advertising agencies. Useful insights are also achievable to offer the real-time feedback over a product and its reputation in the market. The advertising agents can then be in a position to know where products transformations or requirements are important.

They offer advice over the issues of decision making over active or passive participation in advertising. If taken in the right procedure, “Blogging” is an interesting part of advertising because it assists the company to create a closer relationship with the consumer thus has a better understanding of the needs and requirements (Levitt and Dubner, 2006). It offers the client the opportunity to build a rapport with the company and enhances transparency and honesty. The action a business decides to take requires influence of the agent, who must have studied the consumer comments in adherence to technology.

Change Management Instead of the earlier conception of trying to find ways of expanding business via the internet with the sole aim of making profit, business are now engaging the popular styles of utilizing agencies to share information and connect potential clients. The business ideas are now more eminent as opposed to business models.

The internet has now become a social facility where people can read, add, write, change and even consult the web page authors. The search of any micro media information is equally a common and efficient scenario. A huge group of people are virtually able to work together. This are the system that support the users view over the use of information and how it helps to review and rate information in order to be in a position of making proper decisions.

Utilizing the future expectations The future of electronic advertising has its basis on the broadband of the mobile devices, such as phones. This is an opposition to the current static web technology on the mobile devices such as laptops or palmtops. The aim is to make the geographical contextual information easy and possible through the mobile advertising that covers a wider geographical context. The level of delivery also changes to a point of an online delivery where the users have access to most recent news. Advertising depends on the public driven macro media.

Summary Although dependent on the political decisions regarding privacy issues, the advertising industries anticipate a state where, the future advertisements will have a strong geographical and technological awareness. Today it is eminent that the role of computers has a huge impact on every person.

Computerisation has taken over majority of the societal roles and has greatly improved lives. The most advanced machines include the intelligent systems that have the ability to control other manual machines. Today the manufacture industries use computer procedures and information fed to the processing systems to give out the desired output. The battle with technology is dynamic and a continuous process expected to bring about new challenges every day.

This mainly influences on the marketing and advertising department is very vibrant due to the stable anticipated creativity. The society is dependent of technology today and having the computers in the workplace, homes and at hand enables effectiveness, and efficiency required for better and all round businesses. The computers cuts down on the production costs and time since there

References Barnes, S.J, and Scornavacca E. (2004). Mobile marketing: the role of permission and Acceptance. International Journal of Mobile Communication. Vol. 2. No. 2, 128-139. New Zealand: Inderscience Publishers

Jin, Z. (2005). Global technological change: From hard technology to soft technology. Bristol, United Kingdom, UK: Intellect Books publishers

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Beginner Drawing Lessons Essay

Nursing Assignment Help Table of Contents Lesson 1: How to Hold a Pencil

Lesson 2: Exploring Mark Marking

Lesson 3: Wire Drawing Lesson

Lesson 4: Blind Contour Drawing

Lesson 5: Pure Contour Drawing

Lesson 6: Cross Contour Drawing

Work Cited

Primarily, this art involves the utilization of lines to depict mostly two-dimensional medium. The art requires the draughtsman to have a number of tools or instruments, which are compulsory for completion of any work of art in this field.

This paper will discuss drawing lessons for beginners, with emphasis on the nature of material important in different drawings, amount of time required, and procedures that any draughtsman must use, for success in drawing ventures.

Lesson 1: How to Hold a Pencil Any venture into this world of art begins with the handling of materials; mostly pencils, necessary for completing sketches. Depending on one’s preferred method of holding it, practically there is no method that the art recommends for use but rather, the mechanism of holding depends on individual preferences. It is important for all individuals to note that, use of forced holding methodologies can be disastrous, hence the importance of adopting a strategy that is the most comfortable.

One of the most ordinary methods of holding a pencil is the basic tripod grip. This is the commonly used methods by majority of individuals in their normal writing practices. The method requires individuals to position their fingers in a manner that will ensure the middle finger, thumb and forefinger form a shape, which almost resembles a triangle.

For achievement of such a shape, individuals must use their ring finger and pinkie to sustain the shape. The primary aim behind use of all these fingers is to ensure there is full management of the pencil orientation hence, ensuring achievement of required shading pattern using the tip.

In undertaking the entire exercise, because the hand will always rest on the same page one is using, it is advisable for one for one to use an extra piece of paper; a practice aimed at minimizing effects resulting from skin oils and stains. Sometimes, depending on the nature of hand movements involved; primarily the elbow, it is advisable for individuals to ensure they place their elbows on the border of the surface they are using. Another second common method is the extended tripod grip.

To some extent it uses the same idea as the basic tripod technique however, in this method individuals must elevate the positions of their pencils; a practice aimed at writing easiness. In addition, this method requires individuals to ease their holds, to ensure they achieve superlative outcomes.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The third practical method, which individuals can use, is the overhand grip. This method is the most appropriate in any sketching exercise. It primarily involves supporting of the pencil with fingers; primary the flat section of the thumb, whereby, the grip orientation depends on the hand proportions. In addition, this method works best, when individuals are using vertical surfaces, in sitting or standing positions hence, giving the hand some movement liberty.

Contrary to this, the underarm grip requires individuals to raise their thumbs a little bit higher whereby, the pencil rests on the palm, in the space existing between the thumb and index finger. Success in this first lesson requires a minimum of five minutes whereby, an individual has to have a pencil and some piece of papers for practice.

Lesson 2: Exploring Mark Marking Regardless of the type of pencil owned by individuals, it is important for all individuals to explore the how different writing materials work. The primary method of ascertaining the working mechanisms of different drawing materials is mark marking. This method involves basic scribbling, with no intent of creating a meaningful drawing. Through such basic scribbling, draughtsman will build the required confidence in their resources.

Success in this undertaking requires an individual to take at least five minutes of their time whereby, they must have the writing material they want to test; charcoal or pencils, and some writing surfaces, which are mostly pieces of papers. The entire exercise involves simple scribbling using different grades of the writing materials, which one is intending to use.

Although it may sound like an easy exercise, it is important for all individuals to bear in mind that, success of this exercise depends on how serious individuals take their scribbling ventures. That is, whichever the orientation preferred, individuals should do the whole exercise with one goal in mind; to discover how different materials work. The most meaningful scribbling orientations that one can use include drawing of oval, wavy, light or heavy lines.

In addition, this involves varying the shading patterns; from light to dark ones, through scribbling varying marks and lightly erasing them. This is important in ascertain the most appropriate pencils for erasing with little smudges, materials with the best impressions, and which materials are appropriate in creating specific impressions.

In ensuring maximum learning from this lesson, individuals require a minimum of five minutes whereby, it is important for individuals to conduct a critical analysis of the quality of their scribbling, in terms of orderliness, gentleness, and neatness.

We will write a custom Essay on Beginner Drawing Lessons specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Lesson 3: Wire Drawing Lesson After ascertaining the effectiveness of the working materials, individuals now can venture into the drawing exercise, whereby such exercises involves drawing with little significance on impression. The entire practice may require a time span of about fifteen to thirty minutes whereby, it is important for individuals to have materials such as a piece of wire (flexible one), some drawing surface; primarily pieces of paper, pencils, or pens, and some wire bending instruments for example, a pliers.

The main purpose behind using a flexible piece of wire is that, all obtained shapes from different wire twists are theoretical however, they are crucial in helping individuals learn to synchronize their eyes and hand.

To achieve good results, it is advisable for individual to avoid bending the wire into shapes that are common in nature but rather, they should embrace the concept of randomness in their shapes. In addition, there is need for individuals to try to form both two and three-dimensional shapes.

In three-dimensional shapes, the depth concept is very important; hence, to achieve this, individuals should use the lightweight concept of drawing. It is important to note here that, the primary aim behind this lesson, is achievement of desired shapes of wires hence, the individuals should lay little attention of the shadow effect, which may result.

On the other hand, in wire drawing, the concept of the realistic concept of drawings is of less significance but rather, what individuals should make sure is that, their lines are continuous and embrace the drawing relaxation concept. It is important for all individuals to avoid the use of uncertain strokes, because in most cases they make many drawings to have a bad look.

Lesson 4: Blind Contour Drawing Although Wire drawing lesson is important in ensuring there is coordination between the eyes and hands, it achieves little as compared to blind contour drawing. This is because; this is a classic undertaking, aimed at ensuring individuals train appropriately their eyes and hands to coordinate in any drawing venture. The entire exercise requires a time span of about fifteen to sixty minutes whereby, it is compulsory for individuals to have some drawing materials for example, pieces of paper; A4 sketch paper and pens or pencils.

It primarily involves drawing of outline representations of various objects in mind, while avoiding staring at the drawing surface. It is important for individuals to note that, regardless of the nature of the outcomes, the main idea behind this lesson is individuals to develop the ability to synchronize ideas in their eyes and put them down using their free hand. That is, individuals must be able to look at the subject hence, draw what their eyes have observed.

Lines are very important in this level, whereby one should at least capture some concepts of the real objects in their drawings. In addition, for individuals to ensure they embrace the continuity concept in their drawings, it is important for them to minimize chances of lifting scribbling materials from drawing surfaces.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Beginner Drawing Lessons by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More To obtain a perfect shape, individuals should draw simple shapes like their hands by making sure that their writing materials are at appropriate positions on the drawing surface. After ensuring that, they should look at the objects they want to draw, conceptualize them, and then commence sketching them, while avoiding staring at them.

As one draws, it is important for one to ensure they follow all the curves and bumps, something that is achievable by being keen on every available feature. After finishing this exercise, it is important for individuals to analyze their pictures, mark all the mistakes hence, try to repeat the same for accuracy purpose, using a variety of shapes.

Lesson 5: Pure Contour Drawing This form of drawing also applies the concept of outline drawing; however, the method is advanced in that, it is necessary for the drawing to depict the visible ends of the object drawn. This form of drawing can utilize either pure lines or clean contours depending on the artist’s preference.

To achieve this lesson’s objectives, an individual will require a time span of almost thirty to forty five minutes; whereby, it is compulsory for individual to have important materials for example, pencils, erasers and some writing surface, preferably a piece of paper.

The primary goal of this form of drawing is to provide a vivid depiction of the edges of an item, in pictorial representation. Primary qualities, which most drawings of this form should have, include strength, easiness, and lucidity. To achieve this, it is advisable for individuals to limit their use of color, highlight, and shadow; primarily to achieve edge clarity.

In these drawings, individuals can represent edges in different forms for example, in plain forms; for edges with clear starting points and endings or in line-implied forms; in most edge bending or flattening out cases. The main aim behind these two forms is to help the picture observer to clearly see some concepts of form in pictures; a point that is achievable through consistence in representing identical bends. In addition, individuals can represent surface change over using either dotted or a series of broken lines.

On the other hand, in cases where individual do not want to use the two, they can use the line weight concept, which depends on the amount of energy used in pressing the pencil. Primary line forms for use include signatory lines; a feature that embraces the uniqueness concept, depending on an artist and calligraphic lines; a line feature that aims to express the thoughts.

Although a good a good drawing method, this method has limitations, which primarily depend on the features of an object. That is, most complex drawing will vividly give the required characteristics of an object, a feature that is rare in simple pictorial representations; more so in three-dimensional objects.

Lesson 6: Cross Contour Drawing In addition to blind and pure drawing, there exist cross contour drawing, which encompasses both the concepts of value and line drawing. In addition, this method is very important in drawing of objects in three dimensions in that, it provides a mechanism of creating the three-dimensional effect.

To obtain the three-dimensional effect, artists must draw traverse lines on the form, which can be either horizontal or vertical. It is important for individuals to note that, the angular inclination of such lines varies, depending on the effects the artist wants to bring out hence, forming a pattern, which resembles the grid lines of a globe; but which are a little bit wavy.

The contours in this form of drawing have some linear characteristics whereby, through wrapping a specific form, these lines help in providing a three-dimensional form of an object.

For individuals to ensure they provide a mechanism of understanding the three dimensional concept of an object, it is important for them to show the direction of the contours; a fact that will aid the brain’s imaginative power, in interpreting the picture. In addition, it is important for individuals to note that, it is not necessary for these contours to have the mechanical property, but rather all they need is the ability of having the expressive effects on individuals.

On the other hand, it is important for individuals to ensure their drawings have the expressive power, which is crucial for understanding of the implied form.

One main application of this form of drawing is during hatching whereby, the artist may decide to cover the entire form with lines, or select a few sections to use them, in either a wavy or a straight manner.

This strategy is important even in scenarios where individuals prefer shading primarily because, correct use of contours can help to create a shade effect hence, creating the desired effects dimensionally. To achieve this, an individual requires almost thirty to forty five minutes whereby, it is necessary for one to have an item to sketch, a drawing surface, a pencil, and an eraser.

Work Cited Helen, South. Learn to draw-beginner lessons. Web.

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