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Reflection Paper

This is a great place to highlight key elements of your learning, your clinical observations, your concerns, and questions related to your future practice.12-point Times New Roman, double spacing, Please follow APA style regarding format and referencing.will attach what we generally learn

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PromptMake an argumentative claim about the topic, and propose a solution that is actually plausible. Ongoing or global issues rarely have simple one-step solutions. Because of this, proposals can range from single-step solutions to help minimize a problem rather than solve it entirely, to multiple-step solutions that require continued support in the future to keep up with social changes, etc. (SLO 1 use texts to write argumentative essay on social issues focused on thesis statements, topic sentences, evidence, and integrated sources. SLO 2 analyze passages of texts that focus on social issues providing insightful analysis). Guidelines1. Describe, assess, and solve the issue through a synthesis of at least 5 or more sources 3 must be scholarly/academic, and 2 can be popular. You can of course use more. 2. Your solution will be briefly stated within the thesis, but the detailed solution will come after the issue has been sufficiently discussed, defined, explained, etc.
Annotated Bibliography1. Choose 2 of your 5 mandatory sources and create an annotated bibliography. 2. Each MLA citation will have two paragraphs following it. The first paragraph is a summary of the source (about 5-6 sentences), and the second paragraph should explain how the source is used to support your essay (about 4-5 sentences). If it takes more sentences to write well-developed responses that provide enough context, then simply write more, as this is just an estimated suggestion.
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Ghana Research Paper medical school essay help: medical school essay helpFinish the 2 requirements I have left which are:
Health Beliefs (5 points)    Discuss how your culture uses foods, herbs or supplements in healing.    Discuss how the food or herb is used and give 2 examples and their uses.
History and Cultural Challenges in the United States (5 points)    Discuss current demographics and socioeconomic status of your assigned cultural group in the United States.     Describe the cultural challenges and some of the problems your assigned culture has in the US.
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Any topic (writer’s choice) college application essay help: college application essay helpVideo#1: 1:  Share at least specific example you learned from Video #1.  Include details.  Answer must be a minimum of 100 words.
Paragraph 2:  Share at least specific example you learned from Video #2.  Include details.Answer must be a minimum of 100 words.
Paragraph 3:  Reflect: What country would you be interested in doing international business with?  Why?  Answer a minimum of 50 words.
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edpsy get essay help: get essay helpSimilar to last week, for the week 9 reflection, you will develop an activity for a 4-year-old who is stuck inside due to COVID-19. The activity should help support the child’s cognitive development, specifically their executive functioning skills. You will use the Washington State Guidelines and the Building the Brain’s Air Traffic Control System article as evidence to explain the benefits of your activity.
First:Imagine you have a 4-year-old who has been stuck in the house for weeks.
Second:Review the Building the Brain’s Air Traffic Control System article and pages 78-80 of the WA State Guidelines  (Ages 4 and 5, Learning About My World).
Third:Think of an activity you could do indoors, or socially distanced outdoors, with this child that fosters cognitive development — specifically, executive functioning. Feel free to use games or activities you enjoyed as a child. You can get creative!
Fourth:Write a reflection that addresses the following prompts.
Describe your activity in detail. You can add pictures to illustrate your description, if you like. Explain how your activity supports the cognitive development of the child. Use evidence from pages 78-80 of the WA State Guidelines (Ages 4 and 5, Learning About My World) to support your thinking. For example, you might say something like, “The WA State Guidelines say to ‘Engage your child in cooking’ (p. 79). This supports my idea of baking cookies with the 4 -year-old because…” Be specific in making connections between the bullet points in the Guidelines and your activity. Explain how your activity encourages executive functioning by as defined by the Building the Brain’s Air Traffic Control System article (you should quote the article). In what ways does your activity support improvement in working memory, inhibitory control, and cognitive flexibility?Your response should:Your response should be at least a page long (without pictures). Please do not go over 5 pages.Use quotes from the reading as evidence to support your thinking when asked to do so.  Describe ideas in your own words when asked to do so. 
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Citizen Review of Police college admission essay help houston tx: college admission essay help houston txA common theme is emerging in both the study of criminal justice as well as among practitioners and government officials that the criminal justice system is in need of reform. One suggestion, although not a new one, is to re-examine citizen oversight/review of police. 
Part 1 –  Based on findings from the academic literature, assess the utility of citizen oversight in reform.  You may find it useful to examine the NCJ report that describes the different types of oversight,
Part 2 Reform of any kind is often difficult for many reasons, including political buy-in (i.e. getting politicians to support changing codes/legislation), buy-in from citizens, and buy-in from criminal justice actors, in this case, law enforcement agencies and officers.  How would you propose buy-in from all of these entities to enact civilian review?
Please note that this is not asking your opinion of civilian review.  I am asking you to examine the literature and devise the most effective form of citizen review based on your reading of that literature.  Steer clear of online resources and professional publications that are opinion-based and/or not founded in the research of some form.
The key is to make sure you have thoroughly answered all parts of the question. Be sure that your final product is in the correct APA format and that you include both in-text citations and a reference page in APA format.
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Quality Improvement Proposal common app essay help: common app essay helpIdentify a quality improvement opportunity in your organization or practice. In a 1,250-1,500 word paper, describe the problem or issue and propose a quality improvement initiative based on evidence-based practice. Apply “The Road to Evidence-Based Practice” process, illustrated in Chapter 4 of your textbook, to create your proposal.
Include the following:
1. Provide an overview of the problem and the setting in which the problem or issue occurs.
2. Explain why a quality improvement initiative is needed in this area and the expected outcome.
3. Discuss how the results of previous research demonstrate support for the quality improvement initiative and its projected outcomes. Include a minimum of three peer-reviewed sources published within the last 5 years, not included in the course materials or textbook, that establish evidence in support of the quality improvement proposed.
4. Discuss steps necessary to implement the quality improvement initiative. Provide evidence and rationale to support your answer.
5. Explain how the quality improvement initiative will be evaluated to determine whether there was improvement.
6. Support your explanation by identifying the variables, hypothesis test, and statistical test that you would need to prove that the quality improvement initiative succeeded.
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Unit II Assignment essay help cheap: essay help cheapInstructionsSample Ergonomics Program
This assignment is designed to provide an opportunity to apply the concepts presented in the Unit II Lesson regarding the elements of an ergonomics program. Specifically, you will be developing an ergonomics program.
As a graduate of Safety and Emergency Services program, you have decided to pursue a career as an occupational safety and health consultant. You were recently contacted by Will B. Shafe, the human resource manager at On Call, the company that employs Ms. Handz-Hurt from the unit lesson. According to Mr. Shafe, he is having trouble convincing the leadership at the company to address ergonomics because there is no OSHA ergonomics mandate.
Part 1:
You have agreed to assist Mr. Shafe by preparing a one-page minimum overview explaining the regulatory requirements related to ergonomics, including the history of the OSHA Ergonomic Standard and the benefits of implementing an ergonomics program. Your summary must include references and should be written to convince management to implement a program (after all, you are a consultant and you want their business).
Your overview must include a minimum of two outside sources
Part 2:
Six weeks later, Mr. Shafe contacts you again with news that the leadership is more open to the idea of implementing an ergonomics program but needs guidance on what should be included in the program. Using the information covered in the unit lesson, prepare a sample ergonomics program for the company.
Your sample program should be three pages in length, not counting the title page and the references page.
Your fully completed assignment, including Part 1 and Part 2 together, should be a minimum of four pages in length, not counting the title and references pages. Include both parts in one document and label for clarity.
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Unit II Journal high school essay help: high school essay helpInstructionsIn this unit lesson, we discuss the benefits of implementing an ergonomics program. One of the most compelling reasons for the application of ergonomics is injury prevention. However, regardless of the moral and ethical arguments for injury prevention, businesses do not always find it cost effective.
Consider your current or previous employer. Was there an ergonomics program, and if so, what did it include? For example, was there training or guidelines? If there were not, what type of training or guidelines would be helpful?
Your journal entry must be at least 200 words. No references or citations are necessary.
*Firefighter was previous job
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Powerful female characters of Shakespeare’s career. college application essay help: college application essay helpPowerful female characters have a significant role to play in the second half of Shakespeares career.  Select either Regan and Goneril form King Lear, Lady Macbeth from Macbeth, Desdemona from Othello, or Cleopatra from Antony and Cleopatra.  Discuss the way in which femininity is represented, and complicated, in the play.  How do these strong female characters exercise power in ways that are different from their male counterparts? What do the ways in which these female characters lose power make a statement about the status of women in Renaissance society?
Use in-cite quotations.
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