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Psychiatric Nursing

……choose one.)Recommended change in practice citing high-level evidence to support your suggested change in practice.Explain the recommended EB change including the setting, health care consumers affected, and the rationale for the changeInclude how the recommended change would be implemented, who will be involved, and how information/change will be provided to those involved, supporting your responses with scholarly literatureEvaluation strategies and outcome measuresDescribe how outcomes will be measured and how data will be collected to clearly identify if the plan once implemented has had a positive, negative, or neutral impact, supporting your responses with scholarly literatureConclude your paper with a summaryUse at least 5 sources of evidence from the following categories: (a) systematic reviews, (b) national clinical guidelines and/or (c) peer-reviewed quantitative / qualitative studies.Paraphrase, avoid direct quotes, and use your own words supported by evidence to exhibit scholarly writing. Do not use articles older than 5 years unless they have been confirmed as seminal articles by your Instructor. At least 5 sources of evidence are required for your paper. Rubric:Required Content: Introduction: Included a brief statement of the topic, the EBP question clearly stated in the PICO format and include a purpose statement.Recommended Change in Practice: Clearly explained the recommended evidence-based change including the setting, health care consumers affected, and the rationale for the change. Included how the recommended change will be implemented, who will be involved, and how information/change will be provided to those involved. Provided support from the literature.Evaluation Strategies: Describe how outcomes will be measured and how data will be collected to clearly identify if the plan once implemented has had a positive negative or neutral impact. Provide support from the literature.Required Content: Conclusion: Summarize the key points of the paper.Professional Writing: Clarity, Flow, and OrganizationProfessional Writing: Originality, Source Credibility, and Attribution of IdeasProfessional Writing: Context, Audience, Purpose, and Tone

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This course will involve learning various theoretical and practice models in Social Work practice with couples. Clinicians will oftentimes find themselves drawn to specific models, or possibly having adverse reactions to a particular model. It is important to evaluate and understand these reactions. Each unit of this course you will learn about various experiences in working with couples. Reporting on the various concepts and how you see this translating into your practice is very important in your identity development as a social worker. You may consider using the reflection assignments assigned throughout the semester to develop into a complete report of a modality of your choice. The report will be approximately 5-7 pages (a minimum of full 5 pages, maximum of 7 pages).
The report should highlight:
Review of key concepts, principles, and techniques covered in the Handbook. The summary content of the Gurman chapters should be factual, practical information that you can utilize as quick references in your future as a practitioner.Personal commentaries and reactions to the specific cases presented in Case Studies books. These commentaries or reactions should highlight how you would see yourself using these techniques or modalities in practice.Include and synthesize information from at least one empirical article that provide evidence and identify a means to work with this issue in a clinical manner. Please work to choose an article within the past 10-15 years (e.g. 2005-2020).Identify at least one relevant resource or tool to you would use with this modality (e.g. client handout or homework, training manual, etc.). Include your rationale as to how you would see yourself using this in clinical practice.
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12 Angry Men Movie easy essay help: easy essay help3 page analysis of 12 Angry men
Analysis Questions for 12 Angry Men
-What Stage is the group at (forming, storming, norming, performing, adjourning)?
-Who has the most status in the group?
-Who do you see as providing leadership?  How?
-What do you see happening in terms of
Task Roles?           
Group Maintenance Roles?
-Is conflict functional or dysfunctional, how is it handled?
-how do individuals and group do in terms of emotional intelligence?
-Is the diversity on the jury helping or hurting their ability to get the task accomplished?  Why?
-Do you see any examples of transference?
-Any examples of group think?
-Any examples of social loafing?
-Other elements of group dynamics you see
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Preparation Outline for the persuasive Speech on Homelessness in New York essay help fairfax: essay help fairfaxPreparation Outline for the Persuasive Speech (on homelessness in New york)
Ensure that you are using Monroe’s Motivated Sequence and that you have included each component:
1.  Attention Getter
2.  Need – problem statement
3.  Satisfaction – what are you proposing as a solution to the problem
4.  Visualisation – what would things look like if the solution you proposed were put in place, how would they be better
5.  Counterargument (remember that this is an additional step) – why do some people say this is not a problem; what would happen if we did nothing.
6. Call to action – what specifically are you asking your audience (classmates) to do.  You must identify something that they can do immediately and something that is manageable.
Ensure that you have at least five references with at least 3 of those from academic sources.
**** must be accompanied by a powerpoint.
Preparation Outline for the Persuasive Speech using Monroe’s Motivated Sequence:  1.  Attention Getter; 2. Need – what specifically is the problem; 3. Satisfaction -what are you proposing is the solution to the problem; 4. Visualisation – what things would look like if your solution was put in place; 5.  Counterargument – this is an additional step but please spell out why some people say this is not a problem and/or what would happen if we did nothing (other side of the coin)  5. Call to Action – what specifically are you asking your audience to do to contribute to the solution of the problem
The outline should cover enough information for a 5-7 minute presentation.
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Risk management in healthcare best college essay help: best college essay helpIn 150 words that include at least one APA citation and/or associated reference please answer the following question.Both risk management and quality management are essential for creating an efficient organizational structure in any field, and the healthcare industry is no exception. As you may have learned from your weekly resources, healthcare organizations have tried several approaches to improve collaboration between risk management and quality management departments.     Which structure do you think would be most effective?    Should these departments be combined?    Should each department have a manager that reports to the same director?    Is there a better alternative?
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Sectionalism & The Issue of Slavery descriptive essay help: descriptive essay helpplease i need only three paragraphs the essay should be in MLA format I’ve attached the rubric You will write an essay in response to the following question: How did the rise of sectionalism increase tensions over slavery within the United States in the mid-19th century? An introductory paragraph that includes a hook, a brief summary of your topic, and most importantly a strong thesis statement. Two body paragraphs that are at minimum 8 sentences each. Each should include two points that are supported by two pieces of evidence. This evidence should come from outside research. A conclusion that sums up your argument, restates your thesis to reconfirm it-you must reword it, do not simply copy and paste. This essay should be in MLA formatting and when you reference a source, you must use correctly in-text citations.
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Prophecy- Isaiah college admissions essay help: college admissions essay helpChoose one biblical passage (set of verses / paragraph / chapter) that we have studied in class and explain in your own words what you learned about it in this course.
Your paper should be 400-500 words, which is the equivalent of about 3-4 paragraphs.
Your paper must include:
(1) A title including the passage you chose. You must include the book, chapter, and verses.  Do not provide the quotation itself unless it is only one or two specific verses.
(2) A discussion of the meaning, in plain English, of the text you chose.  This should be the brief. The goal of this paper is not to just summarize a passage.  But you must briefly show that you are able to do a brief summary and that you understand the passage.
(3) This is the most important part: An academic analysis of the passage.  In class lecture and readings, we cover a variety of types of analysis.  Analysis means going beyond just what the text says and working on how the text came to be written, and what it meant to its authors, audiences, and later readers of the Bible.  Your paper does not have to include all of the analysis you encountered in class and in your reading about the passage you chose, but you must include, in your own words, some analysis of the passage.  An excellent paper will also describe the kind of analysis this is and why it’s important.
(4) A statement of why you chose this passage to discuss.  This is where your own personal ideas, opinions, and reflections come in.
Draw only on course materials (assigned readings, class sessions and handouts, and anything on Canvas). No outside sources or material, including anything from the internet, may be used. Rely exclusively on course material.
Your grade will be based on the following three criteria:
Accurately and clearly communicating information and ideas about the Hebrew Bible and its analysis, learned from course materials.Following all directions above.Academic writing style, including proper spelling, grammar, capitalization, structure, and style. For help with this, please visit the Academic Enhancement CenterLinks to an external site. before submitting your paper.Important Formatting Instructions:
Biblical passages should be referred to by their book, chapter, and verse.  For example:
Genesis 4:14.
2 Kings 12:5.
Modern scholarship should be referred to with a footnote including the author, title, and page number.  For example:
John Collins, A Short Introduction to the Hebrew Bible, 55.
The second time you refer to the same text, you may use a shortened citation in the footnote, such as this:
Collins, Introduction, 55.
Essays should be typed, double-spaced, in Times New Roman 12 pt. font with 1 inch (standard) margins.  Essays must have a heading including your name, the date, the course, and the instructors name.
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Analysis argumentative essay help online: argumentative essay help onlineIn the Elizabethtown College Peace Pamphlets you see different perspectives on protest, specifically protesting the Vietnam War. In the three pamphlets ( Pamphlet 1: Some statements on peace and war; Pamphlet 2: Call for peace in Vietnam; pamphlet 3: statement on peace and war) , you read how do they differ in their approach to peaceful protest? What exactly are they protesting and do they present sound arguments?
The link for the Peace Pamphlets are:
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Autoethnographic Research Assignment (Communicating about race and you) university essay help: university essay helpTOPIC: Communicating about race and you
Assignment Description:This research paper should engage the topics and focus of this course through anautoethnographic research approach. Autoethnography is a type of qualitative research in whichthe researcher uses self-reflection and writing to engage wider cultural, political, and socialmeanings; in this case, the course material should be the focus of the larger social and politicalcontext.All papers must include: Title, Abstract, Literature Review, Definition of Terms, the AuthorsAutoethnographic Reflection, Exploration of the connecting Topic, Summary, Conclusion andReference Page. The paper must conform to APA style. Doubled Spaced. Standard researchpaper margins. Papers should be 2,500- 3,000 words excluding abstract and reference page.You will need to investigate LaGuardia library database and Google Scholar for peer-reviewarticles, books, documentaries, reports, etc. A minimum of five substantial sources must beincluded with in-text citations and listed on the reference page at the end.
NB:I already have the part where I talk about my experience compare to my s/o experience
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Research Studies college essay help near me: college essay help near meNext, complete an analysis of both research studies by addressing the following questions. Your paper should be detailed and in essay format.
Briefly summarize the study.
What makes this a quantitative research study? What type of research design was used and why?a.  Do you agree with the chosen design method? Why or why not? Would a different method have a better outcome?
Identify the research questions and hypotheses are they clearly stated?
Identify the variables used in the study independent and dependent.RDiscuss bias can you find any evidence of this in the study?
Discuss validity as related to the study.
Were there appropriate statistics chosen for this study? Why or why not?
Discuss the results and the next steps is future research warranted? What type of study would you recommend to further study this topic?
Required Articles for this assignment:For this assignment you are to read two research studies:
a. Quinn, Matthew. A History of Violence: A Quantitative Analysis of the History of Terrorism in New York City. Homeland Security Affairs, 12, Article 4 (September 2016).
b. Kaminsky, Mark T. Effective Selection: A Study of First-Line Supervisor Selection Processes in The Department of Homeland Security. Naval Postgraduate School Thesis (March 2011).
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My Cousin Vinny (1992) is the movie argumentative essay help online: argumentative essay help online7 page paper that discusses and includes the following:Brief facts of the case in the movie.If there are crimes/torts involved, what were they and what was necessary for the prosecution/plaintiff to prove? Did the prosecution/plaintiff meet its burden?The entertainment value of the movie (deciphering between facts and dramatic effect) and how it compares to reality. If the same situation were to take place outside of the Hollywood, what would the likely outcome be?How does the movie accurately portray the legal system? Refer to specific scenes if necessary.Based on your knowledge of the law and material in this course, what is the relevance and importance of the effect of movies on the public.
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Week 2 Graduate Writing.Assignment 2 english essay help online: english essay help onlineAssignment 2: Feedback JournalIntegrating feedback is an important part of the writing process. Through feedback, writers facilitate a conversation where they provide encouragement and suggestions on their colleagues work. For this Assignment, you begin an ongoing dialogue with your Instructor regarding the feedback you have received on your writing. Recording feedback in a journal also allows you to track progress, celebrate successes, and keep tips and recommended resources handy.
To prepare for this Assignment:
Gather and review the recent writing feedback you have received in this course and/or your other course. The feedback could be from Discussions or Assignments.Access the Feedback Journal worksheet you submitted last week.By Day 7Using the Feedback Journal, record any writing feedback you have received in this course and/or your other course. You must have at least two rows completed.
Submission and Grading InformationTo submit your completed Assignment for review and grading, do the following:
Please save your Assignment using the naming convention WK2Assgn2+last name+first initial.(extension) as the name.Click the Week 2 Assignment 2 Rubric to review the Grading Criteria for the Assignment.Click the Week 2 Assignment 2 link. You will also be able to View Rubric for grading criteria from this area.Next, from the Attach File area, click on the Browse My Computer button. Find the document you saved as WK2Assgn2+last name+first initial.(extension) and click Open.If applicable: From the Plagiarism Tools area, click the checkbox for I agree to submit my paper(s) to the Global Reference Database.Click on the Submit button to complete your submission.Grading CriteriaTo access your rubric:
Week 2 Assignment 2 Rubric
Check Your Assignment Draft for AuthenticityTo check your Assignment draft for authenticity:
Submit your Week 2 Assignment 2 draft and review the originality report.
Submit Your Assignment by Day 7To submit your Assignment:
Week 2 Assignment 2
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Application need essay help: need essay helpThe Application Paper is the culminating project of the course where students will apply course concepts to an analysis of a real public administration organization including an interview of a key leader within that organization.  Students will submit a topic proposal for professor review and upon approval will write 13 pages of content.  The paper must include citations from at least 25 scholarly sources in addition to the course textbooks and the Bible.
Specifics:      13 pages of content, double-spaced      Must include citations from all readings and presentations for the assigned module and at least 25 scholarly sources in total within the last 5 years       Each paper consists of 3 parts plus an introduction and reference section. To make it easier for readers to follow your thinking, please discuss the topics in the order presented above and with appropriate heading.      Current APA 7 format
Discuss the following:      Part 1:  Your observations and learnings from the interview with a public sector administrator, CIO/CTO, elected or appointed official, or other policy maker on how he/she and her/his organization are using IM/IT.
      Part 2:  Applying what weve studied thus far to what you learned in that interview, assess for a specific public service or policy the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of its management of information.
      Part 3:  Recommendations in an action plan that organization can consider and adopt to increase its effective and impactful use of technologies and information to improve that service.      Synthesize the above with a Biblical model of government and statesmanship.
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sociological topic or concept related to social problems essay help websites: essay help websitesThe final assignment for this semester is to write an essay. You should choose a sociological topic or concept related to social problems as a title for your paper. This paper is an argumentative essay where you are exhibiting the critical thinking skills that you enhanced throughout the semester. Please follow the instruction below carefully:
Have a clear, precise topic.Have a clear, strong thesis in the instructionUnderline your thesis.Use the library and Canvas resources to construct your essay.Your essay should include at least three scholarly references.Your essay should be 2.5-3 pages, not including the cover page (if you have one) and reference page (625-800 words plus the reference page), typed, double-spaced, 12 pt. font.Cite the sources using MLA or APA format (use in-text and full citation).Use a word document format.There is no need for an abstract
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critical thinking college essay help los angeles: college essay help los angelesCritical ThinkingGo back to your very first journal entry review your definition of critical thinking. After studying critical thinking for the past eight weeks, would you change your definition in any way? If yes, how and why? If no if it was perfect what parts of the text were best reflected in your definition?Heart of the MatterRecall in your first journal entry that you discussed the authors’ statement that the concepts in Chapters 12, 13 and 14 were “the heart of the matter.” After having studied those chapters, answer again, with renewed understanding, the question posed there: Why do you think the authors find these concepts important to critical thinking?Ethical Decision-MakingThe lecture claims that an argument is no good unless it has a “strong and reasoned ethical base.” Do you agree that ethics is an essential element of a good argument? If yes, why? If no, why not?Looking ForwardDo you believe that you now know everything you need to know about critical thinking or is learning to think critically a life-long task? Explain your answer.
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what do I value college application essay help: college application essay helpAt the very end of Chapter 13, there is a Group Exercise that asks: What ideals would you go to war to defend? We are not going to ask you to go to war, but we are going to ask you to think about what ideals or values you believe would be worth defending even to the point of risking your life in their defense.
When Nazi Germany overtook Europe in the early 20th Century, resistance movements sprung up in the occupied countries, and many civilians risked and lost their lives against Nazisim. Today, in Saudi Arabia, women who protested restrictions on the rights of women imposed by that country have been jailed, and remain jailed, even after some of the rights they asked for have been granted.
Initial Post InstructionsFor the initial post, address the following:
What core values would you risk your life and freedom to defend?Could a nation going to war be appropriate in certain circumstances or is war never an appropriate response?This is not a group exercise post your thoughts, considering the scenarios proposed in the text or any others you find important. Be sure to give your reasons for your answer.
Notice that this exercise requires deductive reasoning. You are stating a position and supporting it with “top down” reasoning. Be sure to review Three Features of Ideological Reasoning. Apply these concepts as you create your own arguments and evaluate those of your peers.
Remember that you are using ideological reasoning here. Is your post structured like an ideological argument, beginning with a general idea (opinion, belief, or principle) and moving down from these abstractions to their specific applications?
The text warns us that ideological arguments often fail the test of Truthfulness of the Premises. Have you tested the truth of your premises?
Facione, P. A., & Gittens, C. A. (2016). Think critically (3rd ed.). Boston: Pearson.
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Facebook and Cambridge Analytica best essay help: best essay helpCriteria given by the professor is very broad, write a paper analyzing the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica data privacy case in a business law focus perspective. As long as the paper discusses the legal matters of the case it should be fine. Must use at least 2 sources from academic sources such as library, academic journals, and reviews, publications e.g., Wall Street Journal, Barons, Business Week, Harvard Business Review, on-line resources, and interviews.
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Any topic (writer’s choice) narrative essay help: narrative essay helpFor this writing assignment, provide an essay of at least 200 words for each question.  Submit your answers on a Word document.  You are not required to include a cover page, but include at least one APA formatted reference on your reference page. 
Use this template for proper formatting:
Essay Question Writing Assignment Template
After reading through Chapter 12, answer the following questions in the textbox below:
1.  List and briefly describe each step in the military intelligence cycle. How does it differ from the traditional intelligence cycle?
2.  Explain the roles of the commander, the intelligence officer, and the 2 section of military intelligence.
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The Absence of Plasticity in Heteronormative Sexual Education summary and response essay help: summary and response essay helpI need a final draft of a 12-15 page research paper on heteronormative sexual education and the fluidity of female sexuality. It needs to take an argumentative stance on how American sexual education can be improved. I have compiled a rough draft/outline, and a semi-annotated bibliography, both of which are attached along with the assignment sheet. I am hoping to build off of what I have so far.
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Antibiotic-associated Hemorrhagic Colitis Caused by Klebsiella oxytoca. argumentative essay help online: argumentative essay help online-Introduction (What is the disease about)-Presentation of the disease (signs and symptoms)-How is it diagnosed?-Treatment, if available -Prognosis-Prevention-Cited references, minimum of at least 2. Use our database to speed up the APA format reference page. Aim for originality report of no greater than 20%.
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discussion response free college essay help: free college essay helpYou must reply to at least three colleagues in a manner that extends the discussion. A simple “I agree/disagree” will not be accepted. respond in a manner that further extends the discussion.
post 1
Personally, I think home mortgages should be avoided as much as possible. Sure they can be useful in certain situations, but the idea of putting up ones shelter, their home, as collateral for money, seems very risky. As seniors, we may be in good health, but anything can happen at any time. A reverse mortgage requires the borrower to stay at that home. If they become sick and start to stay in a hospital, that loan immediately becomes due. So if you end having to stay in long term care for 12 months and then can come back home, you may not have a home to come back too! The site attached sheds some light on the cons. As a male, I most likely will die earlier than my spouse. In some situations, such as her being 61 and me being 63, if I were to die then, she would be required to move out of the house because no one under 62 can be listed as a borrower. If you move out, that loan becomes due, and if the economy is in a recession and home prices have fallen greatly, selling your home may not be enough to cover the loan! So sure while I do think there can be benefits, for me the risk just seems too high. I would get slightly sick and then get worried about having to go to long term care, passing away and leaving my spouse on the hook, etc. Everyone has their own risk tolerance however and while I certainly am willing to take plenty of risk at this age, I do not see myself willing to do so in retirement.
post 2
Chapter 4 Housing IssuesI think the most interesting idea was the idea of appreciation and how it was portrayed in the chapter. When I was younger, as recently as this year even, I had little knowledge of the specifics of homeownership. I thought the same way the people in the chapter did- that no matter what within a few years a house will appreciate and you can make money. However, I now know this is obviously not the case. Especially since I was able to purchase my first home with my girlfriend at the beginning of October. The research I’ve done since this time has opened my eyes to the reality of the situation. Simple structural things like a roof repair can cost as much as $10,000. If you were to buy a house for 50k and put even another 50k into it to improve it you will not be able to sell it for 100k let alone more unless you got some substantial deals or lucky with a buyer. Basically, flipping houses is not always realistic related to the market, and you should not rely on your home value towards your retirement goals. (Unless of course the retirement goals is a home value of $0!)
post 3
Tom Selleck (the original Magnum PI) is on a lot of ads trying to encourage seniors to initiate a reverse mortgage. He frames it as “just a loan” and not that anyone is trying to “take your money”. What do you think about the usefulness of reverse mortgages?
Reverse mortgages are an interesting concept and one that can be very useful for those people that have retired and and want to leave any more to anyone. The problem really comes when you are wanting to sell your house after having a reverse mortgage for a couple years. Because now most of the money you thought you had in your home will go to the bank where you took out the mortgage. This is especially problematic if one was taken before you moved into a smaller home and were going to be relying on the wealth you had amassed in your property.
While they have there place, I would recommend selling your home and downsizing this way you know exactly how much money you have and there are no hidden costs that can eat up your money, you will also be able to earn interest and returns on this money rather than earning money for the bank.
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Any topic (writer’s choice) essay help us: essay help usAt the point where the plan is implemented, inevitably problems arise. Rarely is a strategy or plan implemented perfectly, mainly because its impossible to foresee every problem and accurately assess how employees react in a given situation. Additionally, the business environment and world keep changing, so change management is an evolving process.
Think about how to develop your skills as an agent of change in the future. What new changes do you think will influence the need for change? Incorporate factors specific to Saudi Arabias future. What existing tools do you think will still work and why? Will the changes positively or negatively impact the need for change?
Translate what they will need to change to how they will change it in the future.
Embed course material concepts, principles, and theories, which require supporting citations along with two scholarly peer-reviewed references in supporting your answer.
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