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Problems in Marriage – The Weakening of Families Essay

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Introduction A family is made up of members who are closely related like a father, mother and their children. There are two types of families which are nuclear family and extended family.

The nuclear family begins from the father followed by the mother and then the children while the extended family begins from the grandfather down to the youngest grandchild in the family. As it has always been known, the family is the basic and the smallest unit of a society. This is the main reason why experts have put it that the weakening of families is the main cause of the problems that are in the current society.

It would be impossible to ignore this naked truth because each and every individual knows that the society is faced by problems that are brought about by families. There are some changes that have occurred in families since 1960’s and they have greatly contributed to the problems in the society (Bunson, 2008).

Discussion The main factor that has contributed greatly to the weakening of the families is the neglect of duties by parents. Most of this duties neglected by parents are nurturing their children to be responsible and ready to face the future wisely and correctly. This issue arose in 1960’s where both parents could go to work so as to be able to earn enough income to run the family. The cost of living had increased rapidly and this urged for more income.

Unlike in the past years where the wives were left to do household chores and look after the children, they began working so as to earn income. Although the parents could get time to educate and mature up children after work, the time was less and could only mean less done towards the children.

Also due to the increased cost of living in the 1960’s, women began running single families as they would be in a position to work and get income thus enable them to cater for their children’s needs. The single families contributed greatly to weakening of families as most of the single ladies had minimal time to educate their children (Marien, 1993).

Another cause of the weakening of families which has brought about the many problems in the society is the dedication of duties to the unqualified and uneducated personnel. This arose in 1960’s when women began working thus resulting to employment of house-helps. The house-helps could not play the roles of the parents since most of them were young and had never run their own families.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Children were therefore not educated and helped to mature up to make them responsible and ready to face the future. In the single families children had to be brought up by house helps since most of the times their mothers are at work.

These changes in roles from parents to house helps is exactly what is happening today and it is greatly weakening families and thus leading to problems in the society. Also in some cases, the older children are left to look after the young ones. This is another change of roles that is also contributing to the weakening of families.

This is seen clearly in the families found in urban areas where house helps are in high demand. For instance in case study of London, the capital city of United Kingdom, that was conducted in 2007 it was found out that two thirds of the families have house helps (Atkinson, 2007).

Conclusion To strengthen families and reduce the problems in the society, parents must dedicate more time to interact with their children so as to educate them and pass the right morals to them. House helps should be obliged to do other household chores and not to look after children. The government can also pass laws that can help to strengthen families hence eradicate the problems in the current society.

References Atkinson, P. G. (2007). A Study of Our Decline. Washington, DC:

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Change of Life in the United States Essay

Nursing Assignment Help Social change is basically a structural alteration in a nation’s politics, the community, its economic system as well as institutions in creating better, equitable and just societies. Supporters of social change aim at the fundamental causes of significant social setbacks; these are homelessness, inequity and poverty.

This paper therefore aims at showing how life in the United States will change after ten years, explain how the internet might be involved in these changes and finally name three ways in which sociologists can use the internet to study life in the U.S.

There are a number of ways in which the social life in the United States can change in the next 10 years. Among many other ways which include discrimination, gender rights, technology, and rights for the disabled, sexual issues in the next ten years will be dominant. The rights of gay and lesbians will be widely accepted in the next ten years. This will be to an extent where it will be viewed as something common.

On gender issues, there are expectations of having a female president at the same time as having women in key posts in the government. There are even expectations of women making up more representations in the house and possibly the Senate.

Technologically, there will be great advancements which will enhance security, make work easier, and improve communication (make communication cheaper and readily accessible).

Because of this again, transportation will be made easier, individuals will have the opportunities to learn and even work from the comforts of their homes.

On areas of energy, there will be even better technology that will boost the use of alternative energy. “These will include the use of solar energy and the wind and subsequent decrease in the use of oil and electricity” (Harper, 2003).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Technology is a major constituent of social change. Without technology there will be very minimal realization of this. The internet is one technological division that is essential in social change. Security wise in the near future, controls and checking will most likely be stricter.

The internet, Information and Technology will be employed to work against any risks. “New hardware such as image scanners, body scanners, fingerprint ID images and other identity records such as permanent cards will probably be brought in and implemented as new research and invention come to the fore” (Wright, 2007). With the internet, there will be easy access of information concerning any perceived security threats.

The internet is a major constituent of any social changes because it has a major impact in communication. This is through cheap exchange of information and the ability to work and study from anywhere. The internet again is responsible for creating a world where people from anywhere can hook up for almost any reason in any given timeframe.

This allows incredible opportunities which are both beneficial and detrimental. In a synopsis, the internet has improved our life-spans while making many aspects of life easy and enjoyable; the internet also generates a fairly reliant, indolent, and superficial culture.

Sociologists have many ways in which they can use the internet to study life in the U.S. In one of the ways, they can study consumption rates from the internet. Through internet surveys, they can easily determine families’ daily, weekly and even monthly consumption rates on anything.

They can again establish the academic life of the people in the United States. On the internet again, sociologists are able to gauge the economic parameters especially the ones affecting the section of the society that regularly uses the internet, since not all life is based on the internet.

As shown by Giddens (2006) “money alone does not bring about change nor do individuals. But when people band together and form organizations to focus their collective power, social change happens”. This bases itself on the adaptation of the social order in a particular communitysociety.

We will write a custom Essay on Change of Life in the United States specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More References Giddens, A. (2006). Sociology. Cambridge: Polity Press.

Harper, CL. (2003). Exploring social change. Engelwood Cliffs: New Jersey. Prentice Hall

Wright, A. (2007). Technology and Social Change. New York, NY: Oxford University Press.

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