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Power of Group Influence Essay

This part of the paper will discuss two group-related incidents. The first incident occurred last Sunday during the group meeting for our Youth Empowerment Movement (YEM). YEM is a multicultural all inclusive Christian youth group that focuses on helping youths cope with challenges, initiating development activities in their community, identification and promotion of youth talents, and promotion of social integration in our communities.

During that meeting, Jose and Santos arrived in the meeting very late. In addressing them our chairman said that “you two Hispanics it quite clear that you are always late for meetings, I think it’s your culture that encourages this lazy behaviour and due to your laziness I demand written explanation to this effect and an apology to the other members.” Coincidentally, the two were the only members of Hispanics origin in our group and were the only people who were late that day.

The second incidence occurred in our advanced calculus lecture when the lecturer was handing back our continuous assessment results. During that time, the lecturer, while referring to smith, said that “you Japanese it seems that you and your people you do not perform well in my classes.”

These statements were discriminatory since referring to people by their race/ethnicity can be quite discriminating especially in situation where these people are perceived as minority.

In addition, these statements were very discriminatory due to the fact of associating any people’s race/ethnicity with laziness or non-performing aspects, hence a bias incident. Further, the remarks can fuel racial divisions or misunderstandings within the group, since it can be interpreted as racial bias of given people to the others, thus, members of the group may start taking sides.

I agree with the statement that, “never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world.” This is because, normally, a good idea or intention comes from one person or a small group that then spreads and works for it, which eventually helps other people and the world at large.

For example, the International Red Cross Movement was founded from the idea of a young Swiss businessman, Jean Henry Dunant, who after witnessing condition of wounded soldiers in 1859 during the battle of Franco-Austrian, organized for relief services with the help of the local community immediately (Indian Red Cross, 2008).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More From this event, Henry wrote a book Memory of Solferino, which he used it to influence like-minded people around the world who during the Geneva Convention of 1864 founded the International Red Cross that serves the world in times of difficulties such as hunger, war and diseases (Indian Red Cross, 2008).

Noble idea of few committed citizens has led to revolution or creation of countries that have significantly transformed the world in many ways.

For example, the Founding Fathers of the United States of America were a small group of political leaders and statesmen, who took part in the American Revolution by signing the United States Declaration of Independence in July 4, 1776 and establishing the United States Constitution (Founding Fathers, 2010).

Through their visionary leadership, these leaders were able to create a great nation that has been able to intervene in various global matters ranging from hunger, peace initiatives, war, and transformation of the world in various other aspects such as democracy, capitalism, and technological advancements.

In support of the earlier statement, it is very clear that masses generally do not come up with a great idea; rather, it is the leaders or a small portion of the population that come up with the original idea and spread it to the larger population. This population eventually adopts it, leading to a successful group influence, which can be felt even globally.

References Founding Fathers. (2010). History of the USA. Retrieved from:

Indian Red Cross. (2008). History of Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.

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Social Viewpoints Research Paper

Nursing Assignment Help There are several theories that attempt to define human nature. The five views of human nature are the simplistic view, the two-fold view, the three-fold view, the four-fold view, and the five-fold view.

The simplistic view conceives human beings as basic biological organisms capable of thought. This sentiment states that, human beings are made up of matter and all functions, thoughts, and capabilities of humans arise out of the basic nature of matter. Biological and medical sciences propagate the perspective that humans are simplistic organisms consisting of matter. The simplistic view contends that humans are simple moving machines capable of producing sound.

Another prospect of human nature is the two-fold view. This perspective states that human beings consist of two components – body, and a second component, that is, the mind/soul/spirit. One of the proponents of this two-fold aspect, Plato, believed that the body and soul, even though they elements co-exist, once belonged to different worlds.

Plato stated that while the body was mortal, the soul was immortal. Another supporter of the two-fold view, Descartes, believed that, while the body was visible and tangible, the soul was intangible and abstract. The two-fold view promotes the notion of life after death, and the idea of pre-existence and post-existence for the soul. Because the soul is immortal, its existence does not end with the death of the body.

The third view of human nature is the three-fold view. This view holds that, humans consist of three components: the body, soul (emotions), and spirit (intuition). The spirit takes pre-eminence amongst the three components, and according to proponents of this view, is capable of detaching from the soul and body of the human being. The soul in this view is emotional while the spirit is intellectual.

In all the three views of human nature, the human body, as the conduit for the soul and spirit (in the two-fold and three-fold views), connects the three views. The two-fold and three-fold views build on the simple view of human nature. The simple position of human nature indicates the mortality of humans whose existence on earth is, but a journey that ends in death.

The two-fold perspective promotes the concept of immortality, whereby, the human soul continues to exist in an afterlife when the body ceases to exist through death. The three-fold view, on the other hand, while not explicitly advocating for the existence of the soul in another world beyond the physical earth, also detaches the soul and spirit from the physical body of humans.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The two-fold view is the view most prevalent in modern American society and is the view that I find most ethical. Many religions in modern day America, for instance, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam all promote a belief in an afterlife in heaven (Hertel, 1980, p.172).

All these religions also give prominence to the existence of the soul, the human component that, according to the above named religions, detaches from the body and ascends to heaven upon death. Since most Americans are religious, the two-fold view is the most prominent view in American society.

The two-fold view of human nature, as espoused in religion, gives purpose and meaning to the lives of religious people and society at large (Miller, 2009, p.92).

I find this view ethical because, by portraying the purpose of life beyond earthly existence, living becomes a lesser burden, and the society benefits from the peaceful and purpose driven lives of religious people.

References Hertel, B. R. (1980). Inconsistency of beliefs in the existence of heaven and afterlife. Review of Religious Research, 21(2), 171-184

Miller, L. (2009). Religion’s role in creating national unity. International Journal on World Peace, 26(1), 91-114

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