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Mother Tongue by Amy Tan: What Does Your Language Say about Your Identity? Essay

The power of language is really great: lots of people like to judge the others by their pronunciation, language mistakes, wrong stresses, or incorrect use of words. People are full of ambitions, pride, and prejudice because of their origins and social status, and language is one of the factors, which determine people to certain classes. Is it really correct that language is considered to be one of the most powerful means to divide people? In the essay, Mother Tongue, Amy Tan speculates upon the possible variety of one and the same language and the problems, which appear while understanding how this division is possible and what the classifications are.

People may come from different countries and choose English or any other language as a native one. However, not all native speakers can accept those aliens and treat them respectively. This very theme is also discussed in many other literature works and movies. One of the movies, which concentrate on the issues of race inequality, ethnicity, and nationality, is In America, a work by the Irish film director, Jim Sheridan. One of the major points of Mother Tongue and In America is the fact that language may say a lot about a person’s identity, however, it does not allow to understand human’s soul and mind.

Amy Tan underlines that she is not a scholar but a writer. She does not afraid to tell that English fascinates her a lot as well as influences her life. She says that “language is the tool of my trade. And I use them all – all the Englishes I grew up with.” (Mother Tongue) The point is that she is not a native speaker; her parents came to California from China. In her home, there are several types of English, which she calls the Englishes: simple, broken, and watered down. It is not easy to communicate with people using different styles of language.

During some time, Tan was even ashamed because of her mother’s language and her limited perception. In fact, time is the best treatment of many troubles and misunderstandings. After Tan grows up, she comprehends how lucky she is, because she gets a wonderful opportunity to feel how it is to be a native speaker and an alien. Such experience helps her create wonderful stories and be useful to many people. Her awareness of several Englishes make her proud of who she is and where she came from.

In America is another source of information about the difficulties American immigrants may face with. When Irish family, the Sullivans, enters America in searching for better life, they cannot even guess how difficult their life may be. “We heard Manhattan before we ever saw it, a thousand strange voices coming from everywhere… We had to go under the water to get to the city. We lost contact with everything; it was like we were on another planet.” (In America) Their admiration of America and desire to live better make them blind for a while.

Loss of close people, inability to feel something, vain and rich people – this is what a real America is all about. Native Americans do not want to accept people of other nations. America is divided into several districts: in the places, where rich people live, poor Americans or immigrants cannot appear. Friendship with Mateo, an African painter, and arrival of the baby are the only things, which help the family to enjoy this life, heal all the wounds, and be ready to cope with any difficulties.

When you are alone, you can hardly cope with language barriers and existed inequality. Mateo learned how to survive and tried to teach the Sullivans. He did not have enough time to explain them everything as he had AIDS; but he was so in love with this family, who communicated with him without any prejudice and pride, and he was happy.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More It is not easy for me to comprehend all those troubles, immigrants face day by day. The only language I use is English; however, even for my, English may be of different types. Here are several my Englishes. With my close friends, I use one English that is simple and rather communicative. We have lots of words with different meanings, not comprehensible for other people. Such use of language is fun a bit and makes us differ from other people. With my parents, I use another English and even stresses certain words to underline my respect and love to these people. School English is one more type I also use. Of course, it is easy to divide and associate the language with different people and places. However, my ideas and my thoughts – this is what I am. Neither English nor the change of places makes me different.

Language is one of the human identities. If a person can speak and comprehend the words of other people, he/she is already a human. Is it necessary to divide people according to their nations and races? Maybe, it is high time to forget about boundaries and not to be biased in order to enlarge the level of knowledge and enjoy communication with people from different places.

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Art History: Female Figures in Ancient Greek Sculpture Expository Essay

Nursing Assignment Help The ancient Greeks were one of the oldest civilizations in the world. It thrived more than 4,000 years ago. The years between 2000 B.C. and 146 B.C. were the years of the Ancient Greece Empire’s prosperity. Greek culture, ideas, religion, and art were spreading all over the world day by day. Ancient Greek sculpture deserves attention because of its uniqueness and richness. Greeks had a wonderful opportunity to use different kinds of marble, bronze, stones, and wood. There were several periods in ancient Greek sculpture, and each of them had its own characteristics. The most known periods were Archaic (650 – 480 BCE), Classical (480 – 431 BCE), Late Classical (404 – 323 BCE), and Hellenistic (323 BCE – 1st century AD).

The development of female figures in ancient Greek sculpture was noticeable during those times; each period added something new; the influence of other countries and their cultures was reflected in almost each piece of work, and female sculptures were one of the brightest examples.

Ancient Greek sculpture was characterized by numerous works of nude women. However, it does not mean that Greek men had a kind of disrespect to their women. Ancient Greek women were portrayed rather respectfully. If nudity is considered to be a sign of sex or predilection for sex, it is necessary to admit that ancient Greek sculptors used males as sex objects oftener than they used females. Most of the sculptors in Ancient Greece were men, and the role of women was to inspire their men. Men used women as models for their sculptures to present the images of real women, real life, with its advantages and disadvantages.

The Archaic period started in 650 BCE and lasted until 480 BCE, and it was one of the earliest periods in ancient Greek art. The ancient Greek sculptures of the Archaic period had lots in common to those of Egypt sculptures. Egypt influence reflected on both male and female sculptures. “During this period of intense creativity, the great traditions of monumental stone sculpture and temple architecture appeared.” (Davies 159) Female figures of the Archaic period were usually called ‘kore’ (maiden). The peculiar features of the figures of that time were draped clothes and read hair. One of the brightest examples of archaic sculptures was Draped Female (created in about 530 B.C. Special attention was paid to female haircuts – new hairstyles were elaborated for each sculpture. After 550 BCE, stone was changed into bronze; such changes allowed sculptors to play with light and impress the viewer. Women nudity was one of the most brilliant devices, which were used to underline the realism.

The Classical period in ancient Greek sculpture presented the most exciting pieces of art. In spite of the fact that the Persians Wars blew up the economical and other spheres of the Empire, Greek found out new technologies and methods to improve the situation. The classical Greek style was characterized unbelievable freedom of movements and feelings. Greek sculptures represented people’s life with its speed, changes, and emotions. Even if female Greek sculptures could not move, the artists, as magicians, made people believe that at the beginning, that sculpture moved, and now it was frozen, for those, who observed it. Women’s nudity was not forgotten as well. In order to help own husbands, women spend days and nights posing. Such idea to present moving people raised ancient Greek sculpture once again and proved that talented people can save their country and its traditions even by means of art. “The sculptures of the classical period show an obsession with the human figure and with drapery.” (Hellander et al. 71)

The Late Classical period in the ancient Greek sculpture was known as a period of artistic decline. The Peloponnesian War was the major reason of why Greece lost its supremacy. The influence of Christianity made lots sculptors create less naked sculptures (and it was the key of all Greece sculptures ever). During the Late Classical period, the large components of all sculptures were portrait statues. Sculptors paid more attention to people’s features. It was a novelty for those times. After people paid attention only to female’s bodies, naked bodies, such changes turned out to be rather significant. It became more popular to present males’ portraits. Lots of sculptures were devoted to men, who defended the Empire. The image of women was almost forgotten.

In 336 BCE, it was Alexander, who saved the Empire and spread the influence of Greece all over the world again. The Hellenistic period started in 323 B.C. and lasted until the end of the first century of A.D. It was a kind of revival of Greek sculpture. This period is usually compared with the Classical one. Greeks again started portrayed young women and created nude figures using marble and bronze. They had a chance to appeal to the lower preferences of their masters. This is why, the Hellenistic period was also known by its ugly, comical, and sensual themes. The major purpose of art was to represent the world as it was during that concrete period of time. One of the brightest examples of the sculptures from the Hellenistic period is The Venus de Milo, a representation of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The role of women is crucial indeed. It does not matter whether we regard a woman as a wife, friend, mother, or muse. Without women, this world would be dull and boring. Even in sculpture, women play a very important role. Specially, it concerns Ancient Greece, to be more exact, the ancient Greek sculpture. Greek sculptors got used to create male figures to underline their power and significance for the country. However, the role of female figures still remain considerable. Each period of ancient Greek sculpture created certain limitations and added something new. The material for sculptures changed as well. First, it was wood and stone, with time, Greek sculptors started to use marble and bronze. Such changes provided people with the opportunities to enjoy colours and lights for lots of years.

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