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Maintenance and Engineering Department for Wayward Hotel Problem Solution Essay

Organizational chart Palmer (2005) says that, “maintenance provides a competitive edge in many companies” (p.1). This assertion underscores the seriousness with which Wayward Hotel must handle the setting up of a maintenance department. Proposed personnel are as follows.

Maintenance Manager: This position requires a degree in Engineering (preferably Mechanical Engineering) with experience as a maintenance supervisor for five years.

Electrician: A holder of a diploma in electrical and Electronics Engineering, with three years experience in a similar position will best fill this position.

Assistant Electrician: Someone holding an Electrical Wireman’s certificate will best fill this position.

Plumber: This position requires a diploma qualification in plumbing with relevant experience of two years.

Assistant Plumber: Someone with training as a Plumbing Technician will be ideal for this position.

Grounds-person: This position requires demonstrated experience in lawn and grounds management over a two-year period. It is not dependent on academic qualifications, provided academic background is reasonably applicable.

Maintenance Systems Wireman (2005) says that the Maintenance Manager has “responsibility for the entire maintenance function” (p.32). He is responsible for developing maintenance systems, with all the other team members reporting to him.

Electrical and electronics maintenance system: The Electrician and Assistant Electrician will manage this system. They will maintain an inventory of electrical and electronic consumables for replacements on demand. These include electrical bulbs, smoke alarm batteries, sockets, and plugs. Minor repairs on kitchen equipment will be their duty.

They will arrange for servicing of all electronic equipment, smoke detectors, security alarm, water heating systems, and space heating systems. In addition, they will operate and maintain the emergency power generator and ensure that the air conditioning is working properly.

Plumbing maintenance system: The Plumber and Assistant Plumber will maintain the inventory for plumbing consumables. These include showerheads, faucets, fire sprinklers sets, and lawn sprinkler sets. They will also maintain the fire hydrant system. In addition, it is their responsibility to attend to any leaks in the plumbing system.

Ground management system: Lawn manicure and hygiene is the Grounds-person’s responsibility. During summer, he will ensure the watering of the grass at least twice a week, and during the wetter months, he will keep the lawn trimmed. In addition, it will be their role to inspect the lawn after banquets to remove all broken crockery and misplaced cutlery, in addition to maintaining the general hygiene of the lawn.

Wordsworth (2001) defines planned preventative maintenance as “Maintenance carried out at predetermined intervals” (p.11). The need for it arises because of required system repairs and upgrades. The maintenance department will seal off alternate sections of the hotel for maintenance during winter months when there is low occupancy.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Summer is the best time for the servicing of space and water-heating systems because demand for heating is low. There is generally low demand for carpentry services, which makes it easy to outsource to a contractor on demand. There is no need to retain an employee for this function.

References Palmer, D. (2005). Maintenance planning and scheduling handbook. Second ed. New York: McGraw-Hill Professional.

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