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Liability Insurance System Descriptive Essay

The chapter that should be currently addressed in the Chapter Nine “Things Fall Apart: Product Liability and Consumers” of the second edition of the book by Joanne B. Ciulla, Clancy Martin, and Robert C. Solomon called Honest Work. So, the main story to be enlarged on is the one called “How We Got into This Mess” by Stanley J. Modic.

The story focuses on the principles of cooperation and mutual relations that have occurred during recent years between the tort law and the liability insurance system being one of the main reasons for public criticism. The author analyzes the reasons for changes in the liability insurance system and the shift that took place in this system year over year.

Liability insurance system has certain cycles and can face some crises as any other sector of human activity. So, the author claims that crises that took place in the liability insurance system and the tort law including their mutual operation were predictable. These crises brought changes in these systems and shifted the role of a person who is in fault and the injured one.

These changes made both people eligible for getting an insurance payment. Thus, the author gives an example of the industrial objects that are not likely to bear their responsibility for producing something not in accordance with established standards that should be punished in accordance with the criminal law.

Moreover, it is necessary to highlight the problem that appeared in the car-building sector being the main concern for people and creating a nice ground for mass-production of low-quality cars that could be easily damaged resulting in insurance paid to parties concerned.

The cost of the insurance is another important problem that arises from the combination of tort law and liability insurance system. As only people with high income rate could afford purchasing insurance at the beginning, it was impossible for poorer people to buy insurance.

Moreover, the costs that were paid out to the injured party were very low at the beginning which is also the reason for poorer people to have not bought insurances. The changes in the insurance system made it more accessible and enabled poorer people to buy insurances and get costs in case of insured accident.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More However, the automobile industry seemed to cooperate with insurance system because cars become less reliable and the bumpers could be easily damaged in an accident. In other words, car manufacturers did not try to make cars more reliable and solid; instead the insurance system made insurances more available. So, people had to buy insurances to avoid expensive repairs after an accident.

People that wanted neither to buy insurance nor to pay costs to the injured party in the case of accident were numerous. To avoid different problems and guarantee the payment of compensation authorities made all people pay insurance premiums.

The premiums were paid in small parts to avoid public criticism. One of the most criticised aspects of the insurance system change is its organisation in accordance with human values, beliefs, and expectations.

Thus, the system that is aimed at ensuring that injured are provided with treatment and the guilty are punished underwent great changes but is expected to decrease its negative influence over the tort system related to accidents and damages that has to guarantee a corresponding punishment for people and corporations in fault.

Facebook Pages and Local Saudi Car Dealerships Research Paper

Nursing Assignment Help Table of Contents Introduction

Analysis of the Internet Medium

Advantages of Online Marketing

Analysis of Saudi Arabia

Advantages of Facebook Advertisement

Social Network Populace


Works Cited

Introduction Interactive or online marketing is quickly gaining focus of most contemporary marketing strategies. Online marketing involve websites and other electronic commerce transactions potentials. The amount of sales is often the unit for measuring performance, thus the amount of transactions generated through online advertising determines the capability and effectiveness of this interactive form of medium (Plummer et al, p.33).

Analysis of the Internet Medium According to (Wimmer and Dominick, p.33), the internet is a medium that is generating a lot of enthusiasm among most people especially the youth and it is equally advancing at a very high rate. Today people engage in an interactive form of advertisement for fun as well as business growth.

Leisure is a strong advantage to the advertisers since they are able to easily find and capture attention of those who are better off financially and have the will to spend. The internet mainly captures attention of the young and middle-aged potential clients, who are dynamic and thus open-minded to capture any new ideas available from the virtual world.

There is a significant increase on the number of people using the internet at the workplace and home setting in the Middle East. According to Wimmer and Dominick (p.33), more than 70% of people in Saudi Arabia have access to the internet at the comfort of their homes and are thus potential clients.

Most of the common products for online trade include books, computers, software, computer accessories, gifts, food products and cars. The products are often not available for consumers within the local markets. The online purchasing provides ease of purchase, convenience, facility to compare product lines, ability to compare prices and easy way of paying (Wimmer and Dominick, p.34).

Advantages of Online Marketing Internet also offers remarkable possibilities for any form of marketing thus the ease of participation in interactive marketing. Most firms prefer such form of networked marketing, since there are high rates for diversification. There are various benefits of online marketing for both the customer and marketer.

Marketers are able to adjust quickly to the market conditions, are able to build relationship and the procedures are at lowest cost possible. Some of the benefits to the customer include convenience, ability to gain extensive information and little engagement means few or no strain associable to need for persuasion during trade.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Analysis of Saudi Arabia Among the Middle East countries, Saudi Arabia has one of the most important markets due to diversification of the market niche and profitable opportunities for marketing both internationally and locally. Some of the major significant aspects of the market include elevated purchasing powers, both locally and internationally because the country owns more than quarter of global oil reserves (Cooper et al, p.104).

This causes the country to experience high consumer demands for oil and other related products including automobiles. The population is also sizable and grows at a high rate. It also has a fast-growing and reliable economy due to dependence on the product imports. However, various factors such as economic instability of oil prices cause the current market trends to normalize especially for the subsidiary products such as automobiles.

The advertisement trends have changed from seller to buyer markets, thus the needs for strategising to the current and future advertising trends (Cooper et al, p.104).

Advantages of Facebook Advertisement Advertising is crucial in the efforts to get in touch with customers especially those with right enhancement or are on form with latest technological advancements. Face-to-face advertisement is very efficient in Saudi Arabia since it is a concrete reference measure. Facebook has become the current modernized word of mouth.

Most people buy something good and share the experience with their friends and family. The friendly advises on either the good and bad aspects of a product assist in protecting each other from unfavourable products. The aim of informing each other within the social forum helps the business to grow. It is equally a fast way of marketing a new and reliable product since people recommend them during normal conversation or while building rapport.

The benefits of e-marketing strategies are wide but having a facebook page for car dealership advertisement is an excellent strategy for a Saudi Arabian firm. The possibility of gaining unsavoury reputation is easy due to the unidentified promotion strategies but aiming to achieve business growth ought to be the main drive (Gill, p.6).

Beside the fun of enhancing facebook pages, one of the many benefits for the company would be to garner for page popularity. The pages must attract attention in relation to the subject matter, in this case, marketing of cars. The pages enable the marketer to customize information and capture the attention of specific category of audience. The marketer is also able to divert from the common advertisement strategies and build relationship with potential clients or give extra information to market the company as a whole.

We will write a custom Research Paper on Facebook Pages and Local Saudi Car Dealerships specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More When the readers know more about the company, they gunner confidence, trust and embrace the opportunity to know more about the cars. Clients are thus attracted to the site every time they are online because they confidently enjoy any new posting of new models.

Secondly, the company benefits from the ability to form a forum of friends, the use of facebook pages by Saudi Arabia car Dealership Company means that, they are also able to add new friends to the social site. Attractive car marketing article and new information is an attractive feature for most people conversant with internet technology, thus the company is able to capture more and add potential clients as friends.

The ability to provide clients with links to more information about the company and more cars is equally an advantage of using the social pages. Persuasive and encouraging marketing strategies are additional and easy strategies to utilize in social sites or pages.

The ability to avail the latest information about the company bolsters the list of amazing friends who will equally act as marketing entities for this style of social marketing strategy (O’Guinn et al, p.18).

Social Network Populace By having facebook page for the Saudi Arabia Car dealership, the number of people or potential clients grows enormously. Currently, facebook is the favourite social networking forum thus the best preference for marketers over other social sites like MySpace. The procedure of using facebook pages to market cars has to take the natural style of social sites, which is to reveal the business through building relationships.

Today facebook has over 200 million global users, thus the reason why is an appealing market niche (Wegert, p.3). Already thousands of marketers in different fields use facebook pages for their marketing reasons, but majority of them are amateurish Junk-mails distributors.

Conclusion As good marketer aims to use the facebook pages, the Saudi Arabian car dealership company should focus attention of the audience into their profiles. This step assists potential clients to learn and relate to the firm. People interested in social sites have interest in finding background information of the company beside the products.

There is equally a need to search for categories or marketing groups or environments that portray interest to cars. Social sites also provide group of people in similar field of interest where it is easy to share knowledge and new content regarding latest models of the available automobiles. It is also possible to share content among friends who may be potential clients.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Facebook Pages and Local Saudi Car Dealerships by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More These strategies assist in reaching almost the entire network of millions of subscribers within the shortest time possible.

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