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Intellectual Property Rights Essay

Intellectual property, such as copyrights, trademarks, and patents, is a phrase that is often used in reference to different unique kinds of creations of the human mind or intellect for which the creators are given certain exclusive rights to a variety of intangible assets. The intangible assets include, but not limited to, musical, literary, various works of art, terms, signs, and inventions.

Internationally, the governing body is the World Intellectual Property Organization, and it is responsible for granting exclusive rights to the owner of the intellectual property for a varying period, according to the type of the intangible asset. Because of the benefits of intellectual property rights, they should be protected by all countries.

In order to protect intellectual property, a number of agreements are usually reached to ensure that the owners retain the exclusive rights regarding their use.

The first agreement is copyrights, which refer to the set of exclusive rights, specified under the copyright laws of a country, that guard the original authors of both published and unpublished works of literature from unaccredited reproduction and republication (Bainbridge, 2009).

In this form of intellectual property, the creator of the copyright is endowed with the responsibility to control how the work is used for a specified period, after which the work is open for others to use. The second agreement is trademarks.

These refer to any unique symbol or indicator used mostly by companies for identification purposes, for example, the products of Nike Inc. can easily be identified through the design of their logo. Once registered, a trademark has a legal protection and any unauthorized use of that trademark can make the originator to sue the responsible individuals for trademark infringement.

The third form of intellectual property is patents, which refer to the granting of exclusive rights to an originator for a specified time period for discovering any new, beneficial, and no-obvious thing (as opposed to the rights of authorship of any form of art or literature).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More A patent is usually granted by the state in exchange for the originator’s agreement to disclose the aspects of the invention to the rest of the people (Smith

Thinking Critically Simulation Definition Essay

Nursing Assignment Help Overview of the Simulation A thinking critical simulation is one of the most effective tools to be used in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the three main decision-making steps which are framing the problem itself, making the decision, and, finally, evaluating the decision offered. In this paper, Credenhill business is taken into consideration; the company developed a new program, called Thorough-Cred that aims at selecting the best managers.

The chosen tool provides all managers of the company with a chance to demonstrate their skills and run the company accordingly. Linda James offers to investigate the electronics store that has been facing a number of problems during the last eight weeks, and it is necessary to make use of the appropriate thinking skills and tools to overcome the challenges.

In general, the identification of the most crucial problems such as wrong product mix, WAN and variable pay issues is necessary. As soon as the identification of the problems is made, problem resolution begins.

The budget is limited, and this is why it is better to improve sales considering the conditions given. One of the possible suggestions is to focus on workers’ dissatisfaction. The evaluation of such decision proves that the workers will be better stimulated and promote work as the possibility to get the bonus and attract attention of more customers.

Summary of the Simulation Question One

The tools which are used in this case are chosen on the basis of the investigations conducted by Prensky (2010); they are brainstorming as the possibility to come up with a variety of decisions on the same problem, intuition as a chance to evaluate what idea is more effective under the created conditions, group think as an opportunity to consider several perspectives of the same case, and importance of weighting in order to debate the reasons, conditions, and the solutions offered (Open University Course Team, 2008).

The peculiar feature of the techniques used is that all of them provide the managers with a chance to underline the main problems and evaluate as many necessary aspects as possible. It is not enough to define the problem but also think about the methods to benefit from its solution.

Question Two

The techniques and tools used in this case assist with the evaluation of the decision-making process and outcomes in a variety of ways. First, the techniques provide a logical approach to solve the problems so that each manager is able to make use of his/her skills and knowledge.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Second, each problem is properly weighted by all representatives of the group, and the chances to introduce appropriate solution are increased. And finally, group think consensus helps to clarify properly which aspects need some improvements and which outcomes are better to expect.

Question Three

The outcomes which are reached in the simulation are more or less expected. First, a new pay plan has to be implemented in order to improve the financial conditions of the company and encourage the workers to achieve better results.

Another significant decision is based on the product mix that has to be reoriented taking into consideration the fact that a number of Internet products and multimedia offers are in demand.

In general, as soon as the techniques are implemented, and the steps for improvement are taken, the outcome of the activities will positively influence the development of the company, employees’ attitude to work, and customers’ interests in the production offered.

Reference List Open University Course Team. (2008). Thinking critically. Milton Keynes: Open University Worldwide Ltd.

Prensky, M. (2010). Teaching digital natives: Partnering for real learning. Thousand Oaks: Corwin Press.

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