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Importance of Nutrition and Exercise in the Society Argumentative Essay

Nutrition and exercise are essential for the welfare of any society. Lifestyle in the U.S is a sedentary one and is characterized by reduced physical activity. Besides, nutrition comprises of too much fat, carbohydrates and sugars.

Accompanied by the use of tobacco, the U.S is faced with a problem of obesity that is accompanied by various diseases that cost the economy a lot of expenditure. Fitness and lifestyle change is therefore, a crucial aspect in managing weight related diseases (WHO, 2011). Performance is also enhanced through body composition that facilitates speed, movements as well as vigor.

Of importance is the ability to facilitate recovery from illness. Checking on nutrition and fitness awards an individual with enough energy for healthy development as well as undertaking everyday activities. A person’s overall health is enhanced since fitness and dietary management helps to resolve the problem of overweight and obesity.

Gaining much weight strains the respiratory and cardiovascular system. Besides, too much weight loss reflects nutrients deprivation, which could lead to fatigue and slowing down of recovery. Junk food with low nutritional value and more fats and sugars causes the problem of overweight that is the main problem in the U.S.

Several Americans suffer from hypertension and type II diabetes since they consume too much junk while neglecting physical activities. Regular exercise and watching diet could go a long way in elevating the lifestyle diseases related to being overweight (Levy, 2011). Healthy eating involves taking much fruits and vegetables, plenty of water and low calorific foods with less sugar.

Some of the physical activities that American citizens could engage into would be walking, riding bicycles, swimming as well as participating in dances. Many Americans take much of their time watching television, playing video games and riding to the various destinations. This is especially, one cause of pediatric and adulthood obesity.

A healthy nutrition should have a balance of proteins for a health development of muscles and other tissues as well as carbohydrates for energy. Besides, vitamins and whole grain food are important for fiber to ease digestion while essential minerals and water are equally important.

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Ensuring of Nutritional Needs for Elders Argumentative Essay

Nursing Assignment Help The normal nutritional needs for maintaining constant state of good health remain throughout the life of an individual although his/her nutritional needs of growth disappear (Wylie,

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