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Gambling Projects: Impact on the Cultural Transformations in America Essay

Any development project usually brings along economic advantages and helps in poverty alleviation. The project would contribute to social development, which will foster interactions between locals and outsiders. This would undoubtedly affect the neighborhood in both harmful and constructive ways, depending on how they utilize the opportunity.

Gambling projects have transformed the landscapes of individual countries from poverty to near-economic dependence (Gallagher, 2006). Gallagher also explains that per capita income in Mexico was among the lowest in American states, as the country experienced exceptionally high unemployment levels. Tribal casinos generate enormous sums of money, which are being invested in school and water systems and the local residents are getting new homes.

The popularity of gambling has increased due to its benefits to other sectors, tourism for example, in spite of flak from holy and common groups. The advancement of legal betting centers, instead of the traditional methods which are usually outlawed, would reduce the need of policing. This saves distribution revenue needed for outlawing illegal activities.

The continuation of such a plan would lead to other developments like hotels, and other leisure facilities. Attracting customers from around the planet would eventually lead to increased foreign earnings and thus stimulate economic growth. The advance of this social establishment is a valuable means of enhancing public investments in the course of the engrossing tourists.

There are projects which have changed the practices of community economies, with both positive and adverse effects depending on their reaction. Increasing service levels and personal income for the locals impacts the economy. The infrastructure of Native American communities is usually poor, characterized by lands which are not particularly economically useful and lengthy distances from other prosperous members of the society.

A casino would attract more visitors, who will bring in revenue necessary to realize true fiscal impacts. Unfortunately, any negative effects experienced would be exclusively felt in the communities. Local administrators who pass verdicts are held liable for the local needs and conditions, and the cultural influences that accompany such projects.

Building a casino may attract undesirable activities, increase crime and generally bring immorality to the community. Increase in criminal activity will increase the burden of tax payers as more officers would be deployed to reduce its detrimental effect (Corcoran, 2007). These stereotypes have hindered the construction of several casinos

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My life in Western Europe in 600 AD Creative Essay

Nursing Assignment Help The European Middle Ages, popularly referred to as ‘dark ages’ can only be described by one word, ‘barbaric’. This was after the fall of the Roman Empire that had ruled for almost 500 years. Hooligans, Hans, barbarians and Goths came from all directions, East and North, sweeping down Europe.

Many buildings and architectural structures that were used during the reign of Roman Empire were destroyed. The Western half of Europe was now in a state of anarchy but Eastern Europe was still thriving. Power was now decentralized, army was disbanded and the force that upheld Rome collapsed. During this time, there was little education and trade, countries were fragmented into small portions that were now under the control of feudal lords.

Barbaric tribes were immense and kings had little power. This means that the Roman army that used to protect the empire was almost powerless and could no longer guarantee security and distance travels became quite risky. I could not even visit my uncle who lived in the neighboring city to have a chat with my cousins and being the only child at home them, life was so boring.

I had to stay indoors for most of the days as schooling had also become difficult. My father would leave us home to go look for casual jobs in the agricultural farms as this was the only place that one could secure one. Feudal lords had taken over all the lands and the laws that protected such property were no longer applicable.

By now, schools were closed roads were not maintained d and living standards were dismal. Agricultural practices were torn down and the agribusiness that had thrived was now replaced by subsistent farming. The fertile lands in the areas of Iran and Iraq that had flourished in technology collapsed and resulted to use of rough methods of irrigation which had a great effect on rivers Tigris and Euphrates. There were salt sediments along these basins and eventually, they became deserts which are prevalent to date.

Misery continued and life became almost unbearable. This was made worse by the emergence of plagues that saw the continued downfall of cities like Persia, Indonesia and Arabia. Northern Greece was also invaded Dorians and this led to the collapse of the famous arts culture and playwrights that had charmed the world.

The Mycenaean who were the Greeks in the Bronze Age and popularly referred by Greeks as Ionians fled and settled in Turkey. Today, there is the believe that the Philistines referred to in the bible were the Ionians who settled in Israel. The church conserved ancient and Biblical writings and it helped in bringing people together since it had a centralized authority and was constant. The barbarian kingdoms were always fighting and could not agree with each other.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Persian Empire tried to take over Byzantine and this marked the beginning of Byzantine civilization. Later, Persia is overcome by Byzantine forces and the Jerusalem cross taken from the Persians. Later, Arabs conquered Byzantine and when they try to do the same to Constantinople, they fail.

For the many years, life here was terrible with no luxuries or riches that were prevalent before the collapse of the Empire. The church continued to unify people in the kingdoms that would later unite to form the present glorious Europe. With the advancement of the middle ages, there was some light at the end of the tunnel and the little that the church had salvaged was used as centers of learning later.

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