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When The People You Love Dont Think Like You Melbourne Essay Help

Facione & Gittens (2016) state, “Strong critical thinking about complex and difficult social policies demands that we respect those with whom we disagree” (p. 344). The authors of your text ask us to take seriously the points of view of those with whom we disagree.
Should I respect the point of view of a misogynist a person who dislikes, despises, or is strongly prejudiced against women?Should I respect the point of view of a racist?How about someone who believes marriage is only between one man and one woman?How about someone who does not believe that humans are contributing to the conditions that cause climate change?How about someone who denies that the Holocaust occurred?
Initial Post InstructionsFor the initial post, pick one point of view from the five questions above that you find particularly repugnant one that you think is completely unjustifiable. If you were in conversation with such a person, how could you ethically respond to the statement of such a point of view? Keep in mind that you are expressing a value opinion, which requires ideological reasoning, so you may want to review Chapter 13.
As you form your response, keep in mind the following; these are things you need to think about but not necessarily to write about in your initial post:
Reflect if you are using System-1 or System-2 thinking? Are your responses tinged with cognitive bias?Do you think there is a qualitative difference between believing some races are inferior and the belief that marriage should only be between one man and one woman?Do you think there is a qualitative difference between not believing in human contribution to climate change and not believing in the Holocaust?
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critical thinking college essay help los angeles: college essay help los angelesCritical ThinkingGo back to your very first journal entry review your definition of critical thinking. After studying critical thinking for the past eight weeks, would you change your definition in any way? If yes, how and why? If no if it was perfect what parts of the text were best reflected in your definition?Heart of the MatterRecall in your first journal entry that you discussed the authors’ statement that the concepts in Chapters 12, 13 and 14 were “the heart of the matter.” After having studied those chapters, answer again, with renewed understanding, the question posed there: Why do you think the authors find these concepts important to critical thinking?Ethical Decision-MakingThe lecture claims that an argument is no good unless it has a “strong and reasoned ethical base.” Do you agree that ethics is an essential element of a good argument? If yes, why? If no, why not?Looking ForwardDo you believe that you now know everything you need to know about critical thinking or is learning to think critically a life-long task? Explain your answer.
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what do I value college application essay help: college application essay helpAt the very end of Chapter 13, there is a Group Exercise that asks: What ideals would you go to war to defend? We are not going to ask you to go to war, but we are going to ask you to think about what ideals or values you believe would be worth defending even to the point of risking your life in their defense.
When Nazi Germany overtook Europe in the early 20th Century, resistance movements sprung up in the occupied countries, and many civilians risked and lost their lives against Nazisim. Today, in Saudi Arabia, women who protested restrictions on the rights of women imposed by that country have been jailed, and remain jailed, even after some of the rights they asked for have been granted.
Initial Post InstructionsFor the initial post, address the following:
What core values would you risk your life and freedom to defend?Could a nation going to war be appropriate in certain circumstances or is war never an appropriate response?This is not a group exercise post your thoughts, considering the scenarios proposed in the text or any others you find important. Be sure to give your reasons for your answer.
Notice that this exercise requires deductive reasoning. You are stating a position and supporting it with “top down” reasoning. Be sure to review Three Features of Ideological Reasoning. Apply these concepts as you create your own arguments and evaluate those of your peers.
Remember that you are using ideological reasoning here. Is your post structured like an ideological argument, beginning with a general idea (opinion, belief, or principle) and moving down from these abstractions to their specific applications?
The text warns us that ideological arguments often fail the test of Truthfulness of the Premises. Have you tested the truth of your premises?
Facione, P. A., & Gittens, C. A. (2016). Think critically (3rd ed.). Boston: Pearson.
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Facebook and Cambridge Analytica best essay help: best essay helpCriteria given by the professor is very broad, write a paper analyzing the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica data privacy case in a business law focus perspective. As long as the paper discusses the legal matters of the case it should be fine. Must use at least 2 sources from academic sources such as library, academic journals, and reviews, publications e.g., Wall Street Journal, Barons, Business Week, Harvard Business Review, on-line resources, and interviews.
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Any topic (writer’s choice) narrative essay help: narrative essay helpFor this writing assignment, provide an essay of at least 200 words for each question.  Submit your answers on a Word document.  You are not required to include a cover page, but include at least one APA formatted reference on your reference page. 
Use this template for proper formatting:
Essay Question Writing Assignment Template
After reading through Chapter 12, answer the following questions in the textbox below:
1.  List and briefly describe each step in the military intelligence cycle. How does it differ from the traditional intelligence cycle?
2.  Explain the roles of the commander, the intelligence officer, and the 2 section of military intelligence.
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The Absence of Plasticity in Heteronormative Sexual Education summary and response essay help: summary and response essay helpI need a final draft of a 12-15 page research paper on heteronormative sexual education and the fluidity of female sexuality. It needs to take an argumentative stance on how American sexual education can be improved. I have compiled a rough draft/outline, and a semi-annotated bibliography, both of which are attached along with the assignment sheet. I am hoping to build off of what I have so far.
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Antibiotic-associated Hemorrhagic Colitis Caused by Klebsiella oxytoca. argumentative essay help online: argumentative essay help online-Introduction (What is the disease about)-Presentation of the disease (signs and symptoms)-How is it diagnosed?-Treatment, if available -Prognosis-Prevention-Cited references, minimum of at least 2. Use our database to speed up the APA format reference page. Aim for originality report of no greater than 20%.
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discussion response free college essay help: free college essay helpYou must reply to at least three colleagues in a manner that extends the discussion. A simple “I agree/disagree” will not be accepted. respond in a manner that further extends the discussion.
post 1
Personally, I think home mortgages should be avoided as much as possible. Sure they can be useful in certain situations, but the idea of putting up ones shelter, their home, as collateral for money, seems very risky. As seniors, we may be in good health, but anything can happen at any time. A reverse mortgage requires the borrower to stay at that home. If they become sick and start to stay in a hospital, that loan immediately becomes due. So if you end having to stay in long term care for 12 months and then can come back home, you may not have a home to come back too! The site attached sheds some light on the cons. As a male, I most likely will die earlier than my spouse. In some situations, such as her being 61 and me being 63, if I were to die then, she would be required to move out of the house because no one under 62 can be listed as a borrower. If you move out, that loan becomes due, and if the economy is in a recession and home prices have fallen greatly, selling your home may not be enough to cover the loan! So sure while I do think there can be benefits, for me the risk just seems too high. I would get slightly sick and then get worried about having to go to long term care, passing away and leaving my spouse on the hook, etc. Everyone has their own risk tolerance however and while I certainly am willing to take plenty of risk at this age, I do not see myself willing to do so in retirement.
post 2
Chapter 4 Housing IssuesI think the most interesting idea was the idea of appreciation and how it was portrayed in the chapter. When I was younger, as recently as this year even, I had little knowledge of the specifics of homeownership. I thought the same way the people in the chapter did- that no matter what within a few years a house will appreciate and you can make money. However, I now know this is obviously not the case. Especially since I was able to purchase my first home with my girlfriend at the beginning of October. The research I’ve done since this time has opened my eyes to the reality of the situation. Simple structural things like a roof repair can cost as much as $10,000. If you were to buy a house for 50k and put even another 50k into it to improve it you will not be able to sell it for 100k let alone more unless you got some substantial deals or lucky with a buyer. Basically, flipping houses is not always realistic related to the market, and you should not rely on your home value towards your retirement goals. (Unless of course the retirement goals is a home value of $0!)
post 3
Tom Selleck (the original Magnum PI) is on a lot of ads trying to encourage seniors to initiate a reverse mortgage. He frames it as “just a loan” and not that anyone is trying to “take your money”. What do you think about the usefulness of reverse mortgages?
Reverse mortgages are an interesting concept and one that can be very useful for those people that have retired and and want to leave any more to anyone. The problem really comes when you are wanting to sell your house after having a reverse mortgage for a couple years. Because now most of the money you thought you had in your home will go to the bank where you took out the mortgage. This is especially problematic if one was taken before you moved into a smaller home and were going to be relying on the wealth you had amassed in your property.
While they have there place, I would recommend selling your home and downsizing this way you know exactly how much money you have and there are no hidden costs that can eat up your money, you will also be able to earn interest and returns on this money rather than earning money for the bank.
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Any topic (writer’s choice) essay help us: essay help usAt the point where the plan is implemented, inevitably problems arise. Rarely is a strategy or plan implemented perfectly, mainly because its impossible to foresee every problem and accurately assess how employees react in a given situation. Additionally, the business environment and world keep changing, so change management is an evolving process.
Think about how to develop your skills as an agent of change in the future. What new changes do you think will influence the need for change? Incorporate factors specific to Saudi Arabias future. What existing tools do you think will still work and why? Will the changes positively or negatively impact the need for change?
Translate what they will need to change to how they will change it in the future.
Embed course material concepts, principles, and theories, which require supporting citations along with two scholarly peer-reviewed references in supporting your answer.
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