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Folk and Fairy Tales: Sleeping Beauty Essay (Article)

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How the Tale Resonates in my Life


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Folk and fairy tales are stories which have to do with everyday and may include magic and fantasy. This tales often have hidden morals that we can apply in our lives. “Sleeping Beauty” is one of the classical fairy tales that I have read and enjoyed.

In this paper, I shall provide a brief discussion following my reading of the fairy tale. Particularly, I shall elaborate on a quote from “Sleeping Beauty” that I found particularly interesting. In addition to this, I will discuss how this story resonates in my life.

Quote that Interested me The quotation that I find particularly interesting from “Sleeping Beauty” is “The king, to avoid the misfortune foretold by the old fairy, caused immediately proclamation to be made, whereby everybody was forbidden, on pain of death, to spin with a distaff and spindle, or to have so much as any spindle in their houses” (Perrault).

I find it interesting the King was willing to take the gifts from the seven fairies and yet expect that he could cheat fate and avoid the curse by the old fairy. Since the gifts by the seven fairies were realized in the princesses’ life, it would stand to reason that the “gift” by the old fairy would also be inevitable.

Another thing that I find interesting in this quote is that the king went into the trouble of having all spindles destroyed and yet failed to tell the princess of the curse placed upon her. It is conceivable that the princess would have avoided her fate had she been informed about the curse place upon her by the old fairy.

How the Tale Resonates in my Life One of the notions that resonate in my life from this fairy tale is the concept of good triumphing over evil. In the tale, the princesses had her detractors who wished her unhappiness.

While the seven fairies wished the princess well and bestowed upon her magnificent gifts, the old fairy wished her ill. After her marriage to the prince, the princess and her children were still troubled by the prince’s mother who sought to eat them.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Even so, the princess managed to overcome evil and emerge triumphant. In my life as well, there are people who wish me well and those who wish me ill. While those who wish me ill may scheme against me and appear to succeed in their mission, they mostly end up failing for I emerge victories such like Sleeping Beauty.

Another moral that I relate with from the tale is that adversity brings about success. In “sleeping Beauty”, the princess was able to meet with her handsome prince whom she was destined to marry after the curse was lifted. I can relate to this since according to me, every unpleasant experience that I experience only draws me closer to achieving real success in my life.

Conclusion While “Sleeping Beauty” is a classical tale written long time ago, it still continues to interest people to date. The tale also contains morals and aspects that resonate with our lives.

In this essay, I have highlighted the quote from “Sleeping Beauty” which interested me the most and illustrated why I found it interesting. I have also highlighted how the concept of good triumphing over evil, which is contained in the fairy tale, resonates with me.

Works Cited Perrault, Charles. The Sleeping Beauty in the Wood. 1998. Web.

What I Look For in a Friend Analytical Essay

Nursing Assignment Help The term friend is ambiguous to many people and this states the reason why people have varying definitions of who a friend is. From sociological point of view the word friend can be defined as someone who has a better understanding of one’s past, believes in his or her future and who accepts someone just the way he or she is. People can become friends by growing separately instead of growing apart.

This can actually be termed as interdiction and it is what the study is considering as the definition of a friend. However, many people believe that a friend is someone whom they spent much of their time with which is false from sociological point of view. The objective of this study is to discuss the ways through which a person can make relationship with others hence becoming friends (Lowndes 17).

Discussion There are two categories of friends that have been evident in the society. We have false and good/true friends in the society. False friends are those people that seek friendship from others with an aim of personal gain. A good example is conmen; these people do create a friendly environment to whoever they meet so that they can possess what is owned by them.

In contrast, good/ true friends are those people that understand others past believe in their futures and accept them the way they are (Lowndes 26). They are those people whose friendship is not attributed to economic gains but happiness in one’s life. They keep each other happy and are out to help in tough situations in life.

Several researches have shown that many friendships exist between members of opposite sex. For instance, the case with boys befriending girls in and out of school compound is a good example of friends of opposite sex. Friendship as many may define it is a state of belonging.

The implication is that to become friends there must be a relationship holding the two parties together. This gives rise to how people can make relationships that later can amount into friendship. There are several ways through which people can make relationships with others thus becoming friends (MacConville 23).

Socializing with others

This is among the most important ways through which different people come together and developed a relationship among them. Friends are not those people who grew up together but those who met in different places in life. Young people make friends in colleges and other learning institutions (MacConville 27).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In other hand adult make friends with people they met at working place. Interacting with strangers will enable a person to make new friends in life. The meaning is that without socializing with others, it is difficult for a person to make a friend in his or her life. To be open and meeting new people is an appropriate approach of making relationships with them thus becoming friends (Lowndes 30).

Examining of people behaviors

People behaviors matters a lot when making relationships. It is advisable that for a person to make a good friend, he or she should first examine the behavior of the people he or she is interacting with. Behavior is therefore considered critical when a person is making relationship because it helps in determining the kind of friends a person want in life (Lowndes 41).

Behavior can alter one’s personality for instance befriending with a person who is a thief, one can emulate stealing norms thus becoming a thief in future. Befriending a pastor, a person can result in being a Christian an aspect that can bring light in his or her life.

In countries where incidences of terrorism are high like Somalia, Afghanistan and North Korea among others people tend to consider behavior as the most important factor when falling in friendships (MacConville 31).

Exploring the world

People movement is very important in the field of friendship. Visiting new places will enable people to make new relationship with the residents hence becoming friends.

People need to change environment by exploring the world thus interacting with different people rather than those they are used to. By so doing, they will interchange their culture either by intermarrying or socializing. Most people from western nations become friends with people of others nations especially the African nations by exploring Africa (Lowndes 45).

To be simple

Being simple is another way of making relationship with people in the society. Serious people have few friends because other people do fear them.

We will write a custom Essay on What I Look For in a Friend specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More It is good to be simple so that people can feel free to talk or share words with you thus becoming friends. The implication is that to make relationship with others depends on one’s personality and behavior. If your behavior is wanting you should not expect people to interact with you because they fear that you may convert or influence them (MacConville 37).

To be genuine

This is the most striking issue in many relationships in the society. To be genuine in whatever you do will attract the attention of many people hence motivating them to fall in relationship with you. Pretence, cheating among others will destroy person’s character thus forcing avoid him or her.

Conclusion A friend is not just the person people spend time with but the one who have better understanding of their past, believes in their future and who can accept them the way they are in life. There are several ways through which a person can make relationship with other people hence becoming friends. Some of these ways include socializing, examining others behavior, exploring the world, being simple and lastly being genuine.

Works Cited Lowndes Leil. How to be a people magnet: Finding friends and lovers and keeping them for life. London: McGraw-Hill Professional, 2002.

MacConville Ruth. How to make friends: building resilience and supportive peer groups. London: SAGE Publications Ltd, 2008.

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