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Father and Son Relations: Analysis of the Movies Essay

The relations between parents and children, fathers and sons in particular, deserve much attention: they are always so different and similar at the same time. This time, I am going to analyze three movies by different directors, which made a wonderful attempt to introduce their own visions concerning the relations between fathers and sons in different situation and during different periods of time.

The Bicycle Thief, I’m not Scared, and Life Is Beautiful – all these movies have one theme in common, dad and son’s relations. The situations and backgrounds, presented in all these movies help to comprehend and describe the obligations, which dads have to their sons: some dads want to protect their sons, other dads think that their duty is to demonstrate all the realities of this life, and sometimes, dads just want to present all the truth. Anyway, the most important thing concerning any dad is the ability to support children and be the best father for them.

In Bicycle Thief, the father decides to find out who stole his new bicycle and offers his son to help. In this poor family, the purchase of the bicycle was a really significant event, because certain family things had to be sold. So, this theft should be discovered. The father and the son start their investigation and observe all the realities of this life: its poverty, its inequality, and its misunderstandings.

To my mind, such choice, made by the father is not that proper. Of course, it is important to help the child learn this world and be ready to anything, however, it is also significant to provide a child with some kind of childhood, careless and kind. In this movie, the end is not very positive: the father chooses a wrong way and steals another bicycle. He is caught, and his son sees how his father may be punished. It is not the best way to teach the son to comprehend this life. To my mind, if I were the father in this situation, I just would not take my son to investigate that theft or, at least, did not demonstrate such a wrong example to steal something that was not your own property.

The relations between a father and a son, described in I’m not Scared are not successful as well. These relations turn out to be politically incorrect, this is why it is very hard for me to sympathize them. This ambivalence, no trust, and desire to demonstrate power from dad’s side – all this is not a good example of how the relations should look like.

The problems of the son and the desire to help and listen to his father’s orders make a child choose a wrong way; and, as a result, he is accidentally shot by his own father. The son wants to take dad’s responsibilities and help other people; the mistake, made by the dad is certain prohibition to help Filippo. To my mind, the father should help to examine the situation, in this case, the consequences would not be so disappointed.

So, the last film under consideration is Life Is Beautiful by Roberto Benigni. Telling the truth, these relations are the most appropriate for dads and sons. Any child should have a chance to have happy childhood; and any father should comprehend this simple truth. This is why, even in Nazi camp, the father explains these terrible events to his son, Joshua, as a game. Joshua is too small to comprehend that this war takes lives and brings lots of despair.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Father’s desire to protect his son from any trouble is really great. Such funny attitude makes any person laugh and cry simultaneously. These relations are really worthy of attention, because such fathers are treasures nowadays. I cannot even imagine what to do in the situation, described in this movie, and find the way, chosen by the father, the best one among any possible. Of course, truth and protection are not always compatible, and clever father should feel what step to take to make the necessary choice.

Organizational Behaviour: Leading Human Resources Report

Nursing Assignment Help Listo Systems, the company under consideration, is aimed at providing customers with different superior graphic design services and other similar products. Proper teamwork and leadership, certain innovations, and state-of-art technologies – this is what will help Listo Systems to take leading positions and be respected by clients and even by its staff.

In fact, there are so many competitors in this very sphere for the company: lots of graphic design companies try to offer their services, attracting consumers with the help of cheap prices and quick services. Listo Systems tries to choose another way for success, and be more attentive not only to its customers, but also to its employees. This fully-fledged corporation has already proved its quality and is ready to demonstrate its skills and high tech services to people.

Many rapidly developed companies face certain difficulties and problems with their competitors or within a corporation itself. The major problem of Listo System is their blind belief in success and desire to hire as many people as possible. Due to such a quick expansion of staff, Listo Systems cannot provide all its employees with proper training, and this is why addition of new layers causes the decrease of productivity, and increase of turnover. The company has no time and abilities to care about its employees, and training is not that important as it was later, this is why the number of sick days cannot but be increased considerably day by day.

In order to make the company profitable, it is necessary to define its problems and find out the decisions. Let us clear up what issues have to be analyzed. First, the problem of rapid hiring of people should be taken into consideration. As lots of people are hired within a short period of time, proper training turns out to be absent.

New employees cannot get enough information to start working, and the results are not as successful as should be. Services, provided by Listo Systems, turn out to be of lower quality; this very fact may cause the decrease of customers and loss of leading positions.

All these troubles and problems have to be solved in order to return consumers and reprove the quality of the products, presented by Listo Systems. Graphic design is one of the most rapidly developing companies nowadays; people want to have a great variety of services to compare and choose the best ones.

This is why Listo System has to analyze its actions and pay much attention to common sense in order to reorganize its strategies, find out some business concepts, and not to lose its leading positions. First of all, it is possible to reorganize the company and make up a clear division of functions. Let it be one layer that will be responsible for training of all staff.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More One day in a week or at least several hours will be intended to introduce and explain innovations and other important issues to help the employees to present proper and good work. Second, it is also possible to hire several analysts to evaluate the development of the company during several past years, find out what makes the company stronger, and what promotes its growth.

The described above actions may help to change the situation, happened within Listo Systems, for better, choose the way for success, and amaze both the customers and competitors with its abilities to recover and present really qualitative services.

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