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Economic Growth of China Argumentative Essay

Over the last few years, there has been a tremendous growth in the Chinese economy. Financial analysts world over have likened this growth to a bubble waiting to explode. The person who set off this “bubble debate” was the perceptive financial mind Jim Chanos who is credited with predicting the fall of the once robust Enron.

Chanos views the economic growth that China is experiencing today as too good to be true. Like Enron and other highflying companies whose fall came after experiencing a phenomenal growth, Chanos warns that the Chinese economy is headed for the same fate.

This talk of a bubble waiting to explode is worrying many investors who view China as the sole solution of lifting the global economy out of the economic downturn being experienced worldwide. Chanos predicts that China will produce a worse fate than the one that was experienced in Dubai. Although some analysts claim that Chanos and his ilk are wrong on the Chinese issue, we are still left with the question of whether the Chinese economy is really a bubble waiting to explode. (Nusbaum)

One thing that makes this subject relevant to all of us is the effect that it might have on the world’s economy. The fact that China is expected to contribute to about a third of the world’s growth this year makes the issue a global concern. With the United States undergoing a period of financial recession, China is believed to be the catalyst that will lift the world’s economy from its state. If the talk of a bubble in China’s economy is indeed true, then the world might as well be headed towards a worse financial crisis.

This should also be used as a warning to investors who are rushing to invest in the lucrative Chinese markets in the hope of getting better returns. It is important to approach this whole issue with a lot of caution to avoid causing unnecessary panic in the financial circles. On the other hand, China’s position in the world economy calls for its special treatment since in the case that the bubble does indeed “burst”, there is bound to be numerous consequences.

Currently, China is the third largest market in the world after America and Japan. By the turn of this year, the country is expected to occupy the second position. There are projections by financial bodies estimating that the Chinese economy is bound to grow at double digits in the coming few months. In the event that the Chinese economy crumples, it might set the pace for another round of global recession.

Personally, I think that the talk of a bubble in China’s economy is overrated. Although I agree that any economy with a rapid growth as China’s is usually fragile, I refuse to agree that the decline will be momentous. The most important thing to understand is that any given economy has the ability to grow at an upward or downward trend. Today, most Chinese citizens are leaving the rural places in search of a better life in urban places.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More This calls for more construction to accommodate this growing migration. This fact alone rubbishes the whole talk of a bubble in the real estate since more houses are still required in the near future to cater for the increasing population. I also find it interesting that Jim Chanos who came up with the talk of a bubble in Chinese economy only created interest in the country a few years ago.

Work Cited Nusbaum, Roger. Is China’s Economy Another Bubble? 2010. Web.

Handling Difficult In-Basket Activities Report

Nursing Assignment Help A special education supervisor is responsible for managing various activities in the education al establishments for special-needs students. Among the responsibilities of the supervisor are based on his/her experience and education.

However, the daily duties of every supervisor include creating district policies, lesson plans and direct instructions and performing various administrative functions for school. Supervisors who generally work with special-needs students may be specified in different fields, for example, some specialists may work only with emotional, behavior or physical problems.

However, a special education supervisor should know to handle different situation that can be related to different aspects of school in-basket activities. This piece of writing is aimed at finding a decision for handling two in-basket activities that are related to different issues, the first activity is related to work with visually impaired children, the second one deals with organizational activities (organization of work of school principals).

Situation № 1. An eight-year-old, visually impaired student come to your district. You should work out a program for him/her and provide special types of services for this student.

The first thing that a special education supervisor should do is to inform every teacher that a visually impaired child will attend their school. All the things should be arranged in order to provide this student with all necessary services, as there should be an individual approach to every student, especially, if he/she has some disability.

A supervisor should contact parents and interview them about the psychological state of their child, health and special conditions that should be provided. A supervisor should also ask about conditions of education in previous school.

The next step will be to get yourself acquainted with Program Guidelines for Visually Impaired Individuals of the Department of Education in your district and with other specialized literature on the issue (if the supervisor is not specialized in this field). Further, on, a supervisor should provide special instructions based on the student’s needs where he/she should outline teachers’ responsibilities.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Consulting with teachers is important in terms of solving all problems which can occur with methods of working with the student (student should receive detailed instructions from every teacher individually). A final step is to prepare needs-specialized equipment and materials intended for working with the visually impaired students.

Moreover, a visually impaired student should be provided with a person who will assist a student on the way home and to school. A qualified person (teacher of students with visual impairment) should also visit a student periodically. Even if there is no such a specialist in the staff of a school, the supervisor should arrange those meetings.

The needs of every student should be taken into consideration, especially, if the student has some disability. The Department of Education should provide teachers and supervisors with programs for work with people with disabilities.

In the Program Guidelines for Visually Impaired Individuals provided by the California Department of education indicates that its main aim is to inform parents, staff and administration of school about organization of activities (planning, identifying, evaluating and improving and providing cost effective program for serving visually impaired students (Corn

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