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Economic Analysis of Stone Crab Season Report (Assessment)

In the article, “Fishermen face rough seas, economy during stone crab season”, Miami Herald’s Elaine Walker looks at the expectations of various fishermen and restaurant operators about the stone crab season which begun last Friday , and is set to run up to mid March next year.

She discusses the issues that are likely to influence the outcome of the stone crab season. She documents that the weather hit preparations at the start of the season.

She says, “Rough seas and the threat of tropical storm Paula created delays last week in getting traps into the water” (Walker 2010). She reports that the economic down turn affected the crab market negatively in the last season, with fewer people opting for the delicacy, since many normally consider it “a luxury item” (Walker, 2010).

She briefly discusses the process of getting the crabs from the water all the way to the table. After the fishing boats dock, the claws go through boiling, chilling, and packing before transportation to distribution centers for delivery.

A report by Fred Tasker also of the Miami Herald looks at the start of the stone crab season from the restaurants’ point of view. He reports the optimism with which the General Manager of Joe’s Stone Crab in Miami is looking at the season. He contrasts this optimism with the more reserved view of the season by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission. The Commission likes the fact that there have been no hurricanes yet this season, but feels it is too early to celebrate.

Tasker also reports about the process of hauling the crabs in. He says that the anglers catch the crabs, then twist “off a single claw from each crab” (Tasker 2010), then they toss the rest of the crab back to the water. It grows a new claw in a year or two. He mentions that there are fears among restaurant owners that customers may be reluctant to eat crab this season because of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. He then goes on to give the requisites for recreational angling.

Eric Staats of Naples provides us with a perspective of the stone crab season that focuses on statistics relating to prices and quantities, and the factors affecting them. He reports that, “prices will fluctuate depending on supply and demand” (Staats, 2010). In his report, he discusses the best conditions for catching stone crab.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More This includes, “muddy water churned up by stormy weather” (Staats, 2010). This ensures that, “crabs stay on the move” (Staats, 2010). He also includes warm weather since in cold temperatures, “crabs bury themselves and hunker down” (Staats, 2010).

The key economic issue these writers raise is that the six-month stone crab season supports an entire economic system with anglers, restaurants, researchers, and regulatory agencies all having a role to play. They all show how natural conditions like the weather interact with regulatory conditions to provide the environment for the economic activities relating to stone crab fishing.

They also go to show that larger economic issues, such as the global economic down turn affect regional economic activities since it erodes the buying power of individuals. Each of them, however, uses a different viewpoint to express these issues.

In my view, there is an interrelation between economic systems. A factor in one end affects the outcome in another. To the extent that angling depends on natural factors, there may be a better season compared to last year. However, to the extent that it depends on the economic environment, things may be bleak.

The US national economy failed to picked up as quickly as anticipated, and closer to Florida, the economic effects of the BP oil spill are yet to fully surface, both of which will determine just how well the commercial side of the crab season goes. If these factors slow down the industry, eventual winners will be the crabs because they will have both claws until next season.

Works Cited Staats, Eric. “Stone Crab Season Starts Slow, Prices Expected to Be Higher”. Naples Daily News., 15 Oct. 2010. Web.

Tasker, Fred. “Stone Crab Season Has Arrived”. Miami Herald. Miami Herald Media Co., 15 Oct. 2010. Web.

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Modern Liberalism and Modern Conservatism Definition Essay

Nursing Assignment Help Table of Contents Introduction

Beliefs of modern conservatism

Beliefs of Modern Liberalism

Classical vs. modern liberalism

Classical liberalism vs. modern conservatism


Introduction Liberalism is no more than a notion from people, asserting that equal rights and freedom are critically fundamental in life. Modern conservatism is an idea that puts hope on the past, rather than the present, and is characterized by a society dominated by the powerful members and traditionalists-individualist contradictions based on politics, religion, and market. It is against the democracy and success of a society or simply, against equality and hence against liberalism.

Conservatism asserts that the prevailing conflicts result from excessive ruling and that God should be given the first priority. Modern liberalism on the other hand, holds that the ruling is just but a means of facilitating peoples’ fairness. Based on these differing principles, and given the two scenarios, a modern liberal would vote for proposition B, while a modern conservative would vote for proposition A.

Beliefs of modern conservatism There exist quite a number of beliefs concerning the modern liberalism and conservatism. Modern conservatism has it that God’s law is the ruler of both people and the countries and should ever be in their hearts. It also asserts that life is the first god-given right, rendering killing a sin, and that marriage and family should precede the state and is subject to its security.

It gives a lot of weight to the freedom of conscience as crucial to the person. It is based on God and claims that he, and not the imperfect man, is the rights- giver. According to it, people should only do what God has termed as right regardless of men’s views.

Beliefs of Modern Liberalism Modern liberalism on the other hand follows from the industrial revolution and claims that a particular civilization and government need to be adopted. It holds that a mixed market is the only way to satisfy people requirements. It asserts that all people have rights that are natural and independent of the states and should be done at will.

It claims that people need not to do by force what others believe is right. It also holds that too much supervision is booster of slavery, rather than freedom and should be as limited as possible but efficient in protecting the people and their belongings. It not only campaigns for equality of people but also of life opportunities.

Classical vs. modern liberalism There exist some parts of classical liberalism that have been adopted by the modern liberalism. For instance, the classical liberalism stresses much on limited government. Modern liberals argue that by minimizing this government, as before, the state can improve its liberty.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Modern liberalism has employed most of the themes developed by classical liberals. For instance, individuality, equality, and social justice form part of modern liberalism. Modern liberalism holds that decision making should be an individual’s responsibility and should be considered, regardless of his/her gender, religion, or race.

Classical liberalism vs. modern conservatism Modern conservatism has adopted various parts from the classical liberalism, based on the role of the government. The government, according to both liberalisms, should defend peoples’ possessions, life, and freedom. Modern conservatism has also employed the notion of excluding the government from the market, emphasizing the classical principle of limited government. This makes modern conservatism more of classical than modern liberalism. It is claimed that classical liberalism is today’s conservatism.

Conclusion The proposition demanding all levels of schools, elementary and secondary, to begin everyday by prayers, regardless of whether they are private or public conforms to the nature of a modern conservative because he/she centers everything on God and believes that all the rest (people) should follow suit. However, it is against the requirements of a modern liberal. He/she has it that, following the evident religious diversity, no government whatsoever should give a ruling that demands all to adhere to a specific religious issue like prayer.

However, if whatever is passed is beneficial to all, regardless of gender, religion, or race, like proposition B, it will be acceptable by a modern liberal. A modern liberal would vote for proposition B because he/she believes that people’s rights should be done at will. It gives people the opportunity of deciding for their government and not the government deciding for its people. It is built on the notion that people should be free to act.

It is totally against any force applied to people. The given proposition is forcing all the people to pray regardless of whether they are willing or not. Since this is against the principles of modern liberalism, a modern liberal ought to reject the proposition.

On the other hand, God plays a crucial role to the life of a modern conservative. Morality is their key teachings. He/she holds that that freedom is acquired and not innate and the state should come in, to protect it. A modern conservative teaching should agree with spiritual issues.

He/she believes that any ruling made by the government should be based on religious teachings. The given proposition is supporting the moral issue of prayer that modern conservatives rely on. Therefore, proposition A would be highly welcomed by the modern conservatives since it is part of what they believe in.

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