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EatNGas Performance Appraisal System Problem Solution Essay

Table of Contents Introduction

Problem Solution

Conclusion and Suggestions


Introduction A performance appraisal system can only be effective if both the management team and the employees can relate to it and feel comfortable with the whole process (Fink

Use of Performance Appraisals as a Reward System Essay

Nursing Assignment Help Performance appraisal has been described as the process whereby the relative worth of an employee in a particular company is evaluated. It involves measurement of an employee’s work behaviors, comparing them to already established standards and communicating the results back to the employee. Performance appraisals were instituted as a means of income justification i.e. they were used to decide if an employee deserved to be paid a given wage amount (Lawrie, 1990).

This application of performance appraisals has continued until now but many arguments have been raised on its usage particularly as a means to justify pay increases or cuts. Personally, I believe performance appraisals to be an integral part of an organization operation and that its advantages outweigh any disadvantages perceived.

In the past, performance appraisals were only used as a remuneration tool whereby it was assumed that a rise or a cut in pay was the only motivation employees needed to improve their work. This view however changed after numerous researches proved that the traditional system often failed since salary levels was not the only element that determined employee performance (Locher

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