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Disaster Recovery Plan Term Paper

Table of Contents Background Information


Overall strategy

Off-site backup and coordinating group

Possible scenario 1

Possible scenario 2

Possible difficulties


Reference List

Background Information Nowadays people understand that preventing disasters is much more effective than trying to cope with the outcome of this or that catastrophe. For instance, Emerson states that “dollars spent in prevention are worth more than dollars spent in recovery” (Kunene, 2002).

There are a lot of examples proving such saying. Thus, National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) reports that “only 43% of businesses that suffer an incapacitating disaster ever resume operations” (Hiatt, 2000, p. 9). Moreover, 29% of those 43% remain in business.

According to University of Minnesota survey 93% of companies which could not assess their data facilities (centers) for about 10 or more days became bankrupts during a year (Hiatt, 2000). Reputedly, average business loses about three percent of its “gross sales within eight days of a sustained computer outage” (Hiatt, 2000, p.10).

By all means, companies get more and more interested in development disaster recovery plans to avoid any possible problems (Business Continuity Institute, 2005). Being a fast growing company, AtHand should also pay much attention to preventing any interruptions in its business processes.

The successful examples of disaster plan implementation prove the importance of such planning. For instance, banks which are extremely dependant on the use of technology (computers, databases, etc.) are more vulnerable to various hardships which can be still prevented.

Lebanon Citizens National Bank president and CEO, Steve Wilson stresses the effectiveness of disaster recovery planning recollecting that after passing “Y2K with flying colors and, after September 11, the banking system remained operational” (Bielski, 2002, p.46). Wilson adds: “I think how the industry handled those two situations indicates that it’s serious about disaster recovery” (Bielski, 2002, p.46).

As far as catastrophic outcomes of September 11 are concerned another company reveals successful story of disaster recovery planning effectiveness. Merill Lynch’s CFO unit only finished working on their DRP, they did not even test the system, when terrorists attack on the World Trade Center towers took place (Duchac and Castellino, 2006). This catastrophe became their system testing. In spite of some difficulties the plan was quite successful.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Of course, it was quite impossible to think over all possible options since they were not expecting such damages in several parts of the city. However, in a week CFO unit was completely operational, and in 2-3 weeks most employees were working. There is no need to state that the losses of the company were minimal due to the effective planning and appropriate disaster recovery plan implementation.

In this perspective, according to Business Continuity Institute (2005) about 70% of companies have their business continuity plans and disaster recovery plans, and this rate increases up to 80% in the sphere of financing and retailing. As far as the use of such plans is concerned according to Business Continuity Institute (2005) 10% of companies resorted to their projects which is quite a big rate.

Of course Y2K was one of the major stimuli to work out such plans and September 11 enhanced the importance of DRP. However, Dzubeck (2001) reports that many businesses (especially small companies) have a disaster recovery plan with no off-site backup which can be too risky.

Recommendations Being a fast developing IT company AtHand also needs to secure its business processes. The most effective way is to work out an effective disaster recovery plan. Of course, first of all it is necessary to outline the overall strategy, i.e. the way the plan is worked out.

Overall strategy Thus, effective DRP is worked out in four major steps (Kunene, 2002). On the first stage it is necessary to analyze possible risks. This stage requires cooperation with the entire company, since the company’s managers can report about crucial points and about other major processes which require specific attention.

After risk analysis it is possible to pass on to the next stage, i.e. establishing the budget. In the majority of cases the budget will count about 2 to 8 percent of overall budget which is not much in comparison to possible revenues (Kunene, 2002). The third step is developing the plan itself. Finally, the fourth stage is testing. Some companies do not pay attention to the last step which is, in fact, crucial.

Only testing can reveal possible downsides of the plan. Besides, many issues emerge in the process of testing, it is worth mentioning that many of them can be quite unpredictable as in case with Merill Lynch. Basically, these are the four major steps which effective planning require. If AtHand uses such comprehensive strategy it will obtain the most complete DRP and, thus, it will be able to function without interruptions and delays.

We will write a custom Term Paper on Disaster Recovery Plan specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Off-site backup and coordinating group At this moment it is possible to suggest two scenarios for the company. Of course, it is necessary to point out that these scenarios will be revised in accordance with specific information of AtHand employees. However, before depicting definite patterns it is important to stress the necessity to have an offsite backup.

So, the company should have some property or rent some facilities to preserve copies of the most important data. For instance, Duchac and Castellino (2006) portray the effective use of several sites, and report about cases when several sites were not available.

To launch such off-site backup it is necessary to define which materials (software and hardware) are the most important. Of course, such information can be obtained in cooperation with all the company’s managers. It goes without saying that in case the major resources stop functioning, the backup system can switch on automatically. This will enable AtHand not to interrupt automatic processes.

So, the customers (and to great extent the company since the scope of the essential information can be still assessed) will not suffer too much. AtHand will have enough time to detect the problem and solve it without any haste since the backup system will secure its uninterrupted functioning. Thus, it is essential to have at least one backup site.

Apart from this AtHand should have a group which will take the process under control and in case of some damages can coordinate the actions of the rest. Such group can be called Crisis Management Team (Penson, 2009).

It goes without saying that AtHand will benefit from having such a coordinating center (control team) since, on the one hand, the team will have the entire picture and can choose the most appropriate solution, and on the other hand, the members of the team will have several scenarios and will easily cope with any problem. Moreover, any employee of AtHand should know the major points of the completed disaster recovery plan. Thus, when some problems take place employees know exactly what they should do, they do not panic and just act accordingly.

Possible scenario 1 Reportedly, earthquakes are quite common damagers so AtHand should have a corresponding plan. First of all, the disaster recovery plan should contain information about certain immediate actions which concern employees’ safety (Penson, 2009). To successfully implement this part of the plan the Crisis Management Team should have updated data about the working places of disabled people and/or pregnant women, so that these categories can be evacuated as the rest of personnel.

Of course, the plan should cover the process of evacuation and the place where people can wait until the danger is gone since first of all AtHand should take care of its personnel. After this crisis management team should be immediately mobilized. In fact, this group coordinates the actions of the process. After people evacuation and when there is no risk for people’s life, the Crisis Management Team should assess the damages.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Disaster Recovery Plan by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Everything should be taken into account: the damage of building, facilities, etc. After evaluating the damage it is possible to consider possibilities of obtaining the necessary facilities. Thus, AtHand will be able not to waste money but acquire the most necessary facilities. Meanwhile, people can work in some particular site or they can work from other places (using some network). Of course, all security measures should be undertaken.

Moreover, it is important to follow the security measures on every stage of the recovery plan. For instance, it is advisable to use particular ways of communication so that no confidential information was revealed. In fact, the correct communication is very important since AtHand may have losses if some information becomes known to partners, clients or mass media. This is the brief outline of disaster recovery scenario which AtHand can use in case of earthquake.

Possible scenario 2 There is one more threat which is even more common than natural disasters, i.e. power outage (Kunene, 2002). So, in the case of power outage off-site backup is also essential. In fact, it can totally prevent from any negative outcomes since all data will be saved and some automatic processes will be still operational.

Of course, it is necessary to make sure that the possibility of power outage in the principle site and in backup site is very low. Again existence of several backup sites should be considered. In this case all the main issues which AtHand can face will be easily solved since backup sites secure the uninterrupted business processes. Besides, AtHand should consider possibility to start an emergency power supply. So, people will be able to do their work without any interruptions.

However, if such emergency supply is not possible there is a way out. It is possible to ask the employees to fill in certain questionnaire where they state what they can do with no power supply at their working places. Thus, people will know what operations are possible so they can complete definite tasks instead of going home and losing their money. AtHand also benefits from this approach since employees do certain tasks instead of doing nothing and having talks about what has happened.

Possible difficulties Of course, some difficulties may occur while operating disaster department. Thus, before AtHand starts launching the changes it is necessary to take into account the following factors. First, the employees can lack the necessary experience so it is crucial to choose carefully people involved in the process.

Secondly, the company should consider whether it can spend the necessary budget, or it is wiser to wait a little. Finally, many companies do not pay much attention to testing or do not take into account it, i.e. do not implement the necessary changes since it can lead to extra costs. Of course, this is an erroneous approach which can cause considerable losses.

Conclusion In summary, it is necessary to point out that nowadays most businesses understand the necessity to have an effective disaster recovery plan. The overall strategy of such planning presupposes the following stages: analyzing risks, establishing budget, developing DRP, and, finally, testing the complete disaster recovery plan. It is important to note that the disaster recovery plan should be worked out in cooperation with managers and directors of the company. As far as AtHand DRP is concerned it is possible to portray two possible scenarios.

However, both scenarios presuppose existence of off-site backup which ensures business continuity and maintaining the most important data. Of course, these are only draft plans since more thorough planning presupposes more detailed information. Thus, the first scenario deals with the natural disaster, earthquake. In this case, crisis management team will coordinate such actions as immediate reaction (evacuation), damage assessment and recovery actions. The second scenario dwells upon more common disaster, i.e. power outage.

In this case minor changes are necessary. However, before accepting any plan AtHand should still consider possible difficulties of implementing the plan. Besides, the company should consider carefully its financial ability to adopt any plans. Nevertheless, before making the final decision AtHand should consider possible negative impacts of interrupted business processes which the company can easily avoid using effective disaster recovery plan.

Reference List Bielski, L. (2002). Thinking the Unthinkable: Often Dismissed as Mere “Insurance,” Disaster Recovery Ought to Be Considered Part of the Lifeblood of Any Business. ABA Banking Journal, 94(1), 44-47.

Business Continuity Institute. (2005). Business Continuity Research [Data file]. Web.

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Duchac, J.,

America’s War on Drugs Essay

Nursing Assignment Help Introduction For close to four decades now, the American government has been trying to find a lasting solution for the drug abuse problem in the country. In his office days, President Richard Nixon identified drug abuse as a threat to the security of the nation. At the time, Nixon was concerned by the sudden surge of drug related arrests among young people and the relation that the trend had on the high rate of street crime at the time.

The American president felt that there was need to come up with a policy to fight the rising cases of drug abuse especially among young people. Despite the visible success of the Nixon campaign in the first few years of its implementation, the program lost its appeal causing the problem to escalate further. The reason why the program was not successful was partly due to some human rights campaigners who were calling for the legalization of drug use. (Grim, 2009)

According to the results of a poll released recently, majority of Americans want the usage of some drugs legalized. According to the findings, the people claim that if the drugs are made legal then they can become a source of income through taxes.

According to proponents of the legalization debate, the billions of dollars used by the government can be channeled into other development projects in the country. Further, they claim that some of the illegal drugs are not as dangerous as people depict them to be. In supporting their claim, they give an example of a substance like marijuana, which they claim to be less harmful than cigarettes.

On top of this, there are those who point out to the medicinal value of some outlawed drugs. The people in this category claim that outlawing a drug that is known to contain medicinal value is tantamount to denying the affected people medication and therefore the particular drugs should be legalized to make their access easy. (Grim, 2009)

Although some arguments presented by the advocates of drug legalization might be valid, there are other factors, which should be considered before they are adopted. As an individual, I am completely against the legalization of drugs. By looking at the claims presented by the legalization crusaders, one does not fail to notice that their claims are unfounded.

On the claim that the government would earn extra income from taxing the illegal drugs, one is led to ask what would then happen if all illegal substances were taxed to generate extra revenue for the government.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More I believe that the government can look for other ways of raising revenue without legalizing the harmful drugs. On the other hand, although some of the banned drugs are known to have medicinal value, legalizing them would only lead to their abuse. What makes this people’s claim irrelevant is that the market is full of other legal drugs that can alleviate pain.

This leaves people with no doubt as to the motives of those calling for the legalization of drugs. Majority of the crusaders are actually owners of cartels that make money from the sale of the drugs. By organizing demonstrations to call for the legalization of drugs, what these people are trying to do is to take the attention of the authorities off their back. (KidsHealth, 2010)

According to researchers, drugs do no good for anyone. However, these drugs have been known to cause more harm to young people and who sadly are the biggest users of these drugs. By legalizing the drugs, the government would only be making them more accessible to young people hence increasing the problems associated with the drug usage.

According to experts, abuse of drugs is known to be a leading cause of heart diseases among young people. If the drugs were legalized, their usage would increase since the drugs would be readily available. This would in turn increase the rate of heart related deaths in the community. On top of this, drug users are known to perform poorly in school as compared to other students.

Even among adult users, drugs are known to impair ones reasoning ability something that in turn leads to doing dumb things. On top of this, drug usage is directly linked to the rising rate of crime in our country. By legalizing drugs, the rate of crime would definitely go up causing more insecurity for the nation. (KidsHealth, 2010)

Conclusion The drug problem is not a new issue in America. For a long time, the government has been trying to look for ways to fight the vice. However, their efforts have been hampered by people who claim that banning the drugs goes against the constitution call for the protection of human rights. Although some of the claims presented by those calling for the legalization are legitimate, majority of them have ulterior motives in their calls.

If the government heeded their calls and legalized the drugs, then the problems associated with drug usage would definitely go up. These problems include drug related deaths and the rising rate of crime that is associated with drug usage. In order to protect the majority, the government should therefore fail to heed the calls made by these crusaders.

We will write a custom Essay on America’s War on Drugs specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More References Grim, R. (2009) Majority of Americans Want Pot Legalized: Zogby Poll. Web.

KidsHealth. (2010) What You Need to Know About Drugs. Web.

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