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Definition of the Religion as a Form of Diversity Essay

Table of Contents Introduction

Religion as a Form of Diversity


Introduction Religions are sets of personal or community institutionalized system of attitudes, principles, beliefs, convections and practices in adoring faith.Religion diversity has taken forefront focus since the history of world’s major modern religions and traditional beliefs. In today’s world of politics, democracy and increased globalization, religions has taken a contentious agenda in many countries and communities.

World religions are numerous and different in beliefs and convections. However, according to theological principles, religion diversity is rampant in modern societies. Religious leaders and sociologies often ask questions on whether there is a popular religion. The major idea is the fact that religious diversity challenges the prospects for religion understanding.

This easy tries to evaluate whether religion should or can be considered as a form of diversity. Particularly, the idea revolves on how religion can change things in the society. If it is capable of changing, is it for better or for worse?

Religion as a Form of Diversity Religion is a practice of exhibiting the true relationship between man and his creator, provider and protector. Usually, religion is way of life or traditional convection towards God and plays a crucial part or role in lives of most humankind population. Religion and religion diversity are expressed by believers to cause strong opinions and emotions in all environments.

Religion diversity can simply refer to the development of religions that depend on the cultures. In modern societies, religion and its diversity is attached to public institutions. Public institution may include the government, political parties, and family institutions. In addition, schools and public health centers are also associated with religion and its diversity.

Many constitutions around the globe guarantee freedom of religious or faith of choice. All parts of the worlds including Europe and America are serious religious faith seekers. The major religion beliefs in the world are the Judaism, Christianity and Islamic. These beliefs are widely spread in all corners of the planet. Most interestingly, these religion beliefs have regions that are dominated by a particular religion.

In America and Europe, Christianity influences conduct more that it does to other continent and countries. Islamic religion in Middle East influences more that any other religion. According to studies done in most parts of world, people believe in God, practice religion and consider religion as a single most factor to growth in their lives. All countries practices nearly all religions found in the world.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Christianity records the highest level of diversity in many countries. Christianity is divided into Roman Christians and the Protestants. Protestants are diverse to grow major other religions such as, seventh day, Jehovah witness, gospel followers, Unitarians, Mormons, Christian scientists and others.

Other Christianity diversification includes the Catholics, Anglicans, Jews, Presbyterians, Quakers, and Calvinists among many others. This diversity has increased rapidly over decades that have made countries to recognize freedom in faith in constitutions and other rule of laws.

History reveals that religions diversity runs countries at a risk of divisions. One historical event recorded is the Americanization event. During Americanization time, Catholics immigrants fought at Protestants and other denominations were forced to migrate to other countries.

In the ancient empires, rulers were well supported by majority religion, which meant to sabotage growth of other less popular religions. In this regard, religion has provided some commonality to purpose. Important aspect in religion diversity is their role to dividing and unifying populations.

Dramatic political or social growing diversity related to religions may lead to drastic shift in country’s masterpiece towards conflicts. Similarly, the prevalence of religion may prompt tolerance and commitment in facilitating religion maneuvers on some country’s vital issues and fight for respect to fellow religion diversities. Therefore, religion should be considered as a form of diversity.

To make things change in a country, region diversity depends on two factors. One is the organization either public or private, and how denominations or churches are organized. Secondly is the divergence in beliefs, practices and rituals in their religion organizations.

Conclusion Religion as a form of diversity is one with difficulties. Today’s world is making religion diversities be more visible than how they were in the past decades or olden days. In addition, the diversity has raised concerns over reactions towards countries economic or social policies and other related individuals practices.

We will write a custom Essay on Definition of the Religion as a Form of Diversity specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The role of religion is commonality to citizens and uniformity in cultures. Diversity in faiths will can results to divisions and conflicts. Therefore, religions can be considered as form of diversity. Besides, its diversity can change a country from good to worse.

Leading as a management function Essay

Nursing Assignment Help The main theme that affects the organization’s culture is the aspect of its leadership styles. There is definitely a straight connection between the leadership style and the organization’s culture.

Some of the leadership styles that show an interrelationship with the organization’s culture include directing, supporting, coaching and delegating. Directing involves definition of employees’ roles and telling them what, how and when they should do various tasks. Supporting leaders recognize and listen facilitate problem-solving situations.

A leader who has coaching skills provides the direction while at the same time hears the person’s feelings, ideas and suggestions. A leader who delegates duties allows people to be more autonomous given that the leader has seen an aspect of competence, commitment and confidence in the people that they lead (Ken 2008).

A leader who exercises any of the above styles allows innovations to take root. A good example of this situation is one that involved John Delorean when he was ones a division head of General Motors. He led by using all the above styles thereby enhancing innovations in the company (National Defense University, Not Dated).

Qualities of leadership do not change. Instead, various aspects aimed at improving the qualities are added to the existing qualities in order to improve the standards of effective leadership. The static characteristic of quality leadership is contrasted with the ever changing management structure in any organization.

This is because throughout time, there has been loss of middle management because the structures of contemporary organizations keep flattening off. These reasons prompt the current organization leadership to possess greater project management skills (Snell, a. 2009).

The leadership of the company must therefore be composed of visionary and inspirational people. Such kinds of leaders are able to know what needs to be achieved and they can also create an image of how things ought to be (Snell 2009).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More An effective leader must also be aware and be influential. The awareness of a leader will make them understand the abilities of each individual. A good leader must also understand their role in influencing the group that they lead. Hence an influential leader will use vision and employ the services of stakeholders in order to sway an opinion.

In addition, effective leadership skills must have the aspects of trustworthiness so as to be honest and open to the team under the leader. They should also keep track of progress as a way of monitoring the targets. Taking all these factors into consideration, it can be deciphered that the role of a leader is pretty challenging (Buble

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