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Creative Project Overview Topic Students should submit a presentation about: A current

Creative Project Overview


Students should submit a presentation about:

A current issue of importance in the city, including but not limited to: crime and policing; transportation; education; public health; business investment and redevelopment; recent immigration; or political corruption


A historical topic not covered in depth during the semester, including but not limited to: an important person; institution (school, business, charity organization, church, etc.); neighborhood; or event

For a current issue, students are to: 1) research the current state of affairs regarding their issue 2) The background of this issue, how things got this way, including showing how it relates to an issue in Newark’s history covered during the semester 3) how the issue might change in the near future. Based off the research, you should provide recommendation on potential actions the city could take that might improve Newark’s safety, prosperity, equality, etc.

For a historical topic, you are to 1) thoroughly research the topic, paying specific attention important people or groups involved; 2) connect the topic to a theme or event covered during the semester; 3) explain the importance of the topic and how the city should remember/commemorate it.

You can also do a project that compares a theme or topic we have covered in Newark’s history to another place. For instance, you could make a project about industrial development in Paterson, immigrant neighborhoods in Jersey City, or how Newark’s growth impacted a nearby town like Montclair.


Students should submit a presentation with audio and visual components. The most straightforward way of doing this is using the “narrate” tool on Powerpoint. Unfortunately, Google Slides does not currently have a narrate function. However, you can record a Zoom session with your presentation displayed on scree share. There are other options as well. Please contact me if you need technical help with recording a presentation. Students do not need to go “on camera” during their presentations (though you are welcome to).


Presentations should be 6 to 8 minutes in length and should be well rehearsed and demonstrate a clear understanding of the material. A well-made visual presentation is expected. Design your project as if you were presenting it for the class. It should have an introduction, provide relevant and useful background information, and explain why the topic is important to understanding Newark’s past or present. Good images or quotes from sources will be helpful.

Slideshows should be at least 5 slides long. Your last slide should include a list of sources used (see below). You will not be penalized for going over 5 slides, as long as the material presented is relevant.


For Newark historical projects, students are encouraged to consult the “Knowing Newark” webpage at the Newark Public Library website. “Knowing Newark” is a collection of articles on a variety of topics written by Newark Historian Charles Cummings. They are a perfect place to start for all things Newark history. The website “Old Newark” features articles and images from Newark’s past, mostly from 1940 and before. The Dana Library’s “Newark Experience” page contains links to various articles and primary sources in Newark history. “RiseupNewark” features articles, images, and original documents related to Newark’s recent history with a focus on the Civil Rights struggle. For recent issues and current events, consult NJ Spotlight, a news website that covers the state. Search for “Newark” in the search bar for stories related to the city.

Students should use at least two of the above websites, or a combination of one website and one article, primary source, or book chapter used in the class. Wikipedia is not considered an acceptable source for this project, and should not be listed on the works cited slide.

Remember, include a list of links used for research on the final slide of your Powerpoint.

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