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“City of God” by Fernando Meirelles Analytical Essay

The Movie City of God, directed by Fernando Meirelles came into scenes in 2002 in Portugal and hit the worldwide market in 2003. The movie dramatizes crime and drug dealing in Brazil as part of life in slums. The main characters are children and Meirelles, together with his co-director Katia Lund depict children as either dupes or culprits of crime. This movie contains violent panoramas and conniptions and not everyone can watch it.

Meirelles used “Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound” to capture a documentary tone to this film (Kleinman para. 9). This gave rich background sound, an element that catches viewer’s attention throughout the movie. The picture of the film is excellent for the film is showcased in “Widescreen anamorphic letterbox format with an aspect ration of 1.85:1 and is enhanced for 16X9 televisions” (Kleinman para. 8).

In the plot, the movie opens by pictures of boys preparing some chicken for a meal. One chicken gets away, three armed boys pursue it, and it comes to a standstill between the armed boys and Rocket, a boy who thinks that this pack is after his life. A series of violent scenes follows where the three-armed boys are dubbed the “Tender Trio”.

Corruption, murder, rape, crime, drug abuse, and trafficking dominate the scenes in this film. The location of this movie is in a Brazilian slum in Rio de Janeiro near Cidade de Deus. Perfect camera work and delirious editing captivates viewers greatly and this makes the film livelier. The cast includes Alexandre Rodriguez acting as ‘Rocket’ and Luis Otavio the main characters.

In a move that many people did not expect, Meirelles chose to use non-professional actors in this movie. Moreover, most of these actors like Leandro Firmino da Hora are residents of the slum in Cidade de Deus. However, Meirelles gave the reasons for using this kind of actors. He said, “Professional actors are great, but for this project we were dealing with an environment that no professional actor in Brazil had any knowledge of. We needed the expertise of the boys and it was intrinsic to my work that we use them” (Barraclough para. 11).

Authenticity should be the core element in cinema. Directors and producers should strive for authenticity to relate movies to what happens in real life situations. Movies should be educative. For instance, not everyone can go to Cidade de Deus; however, by watching City of God, one can understand what really happens down there. No wonder Meirelles says, “It (use of non-professional locals living in that slum) gave the film an authenticity that would have been lacking if we had used professional actors” (Barraclough para. 11).

Meirelles did not do something revolutionary. This is because use of non-professional actors to achieve authenticity had been in film industry for quite sometime before he directed the City of God in 2002. For instance, the Battle of Algiers released in 1966, uses the same aspects as the City of God. However, it is important to note that Meirelles work is outstanding and this explains why this film has won four Academic awards including the Best Cinematography in 2004 (Andrews, Biggs, and Seidel 66).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The city named “City of God” in this movie is a slum commonly known as favela in Brazil. In the Internet Movie Database’s Top 250 Films, the City of God comes at number sixteen and this exemplifies the good work that Meirelles together with his co-director Katia Lund did (IMDb Charts).

Works Cited Andrews, Robert, Biggs, Mary,

Interview of a HR professional Report

Nursing Assignment Help Table of Contents Introduction

Employee’s relation

Interview findings

Comparison with expectations


Works Cited

Introduction The human resource department is one of the most important and fundamental department in any organization. This is because it oversees the work and the welfare of the organization’s most important resource, its workers. In essence, the employees of any organization are the most important resource an organization can have (Bass 25).

Most research that has been done since the inception of industrialization has shown the need to invest in a department that manages the human resource (Davis12). The human resource is further subdivided into several departments that deal with different issues in the human management department. Such departments include; employee relations, benefits, compensation, recruitment and organization development among others depending on the organization.

These resourcing departments work jointly within the organization in order to ensure employee satisfaction. Workers satisfaction consequently increases the rate of production of the company in general. Psychologically, it has been proved that human beings should be handled with respect and treated fairly in order to ensure that they work optimally and deliver their services even beyond the expectation of the employer (Lawrence 55).

If an organization is insensitive to its employees, the rate of production and the overall performance of the company will be adversely affected in the long run. In essence, such organizations don’t last in the market especially considering the ever increasing competition from other firms that invest in its workers (Hurley 43).

This paper is therefore going to concentrate in one area of the human resource department which is employee relations. In order to ensure a complete view of the whole resourcing department in general, an interview with one of the resourcing manager in this field was conducted. The objective of the interview was to establish the path that this individual had followed to achieve the current position and probably the responsibilities that surrounds his/her career.

These responsibilities are essentially the challenges that the individual has encountered in the path of ensuring that the working conditions of within the organization are suitable and conducive for human development.

Employee’s relation Employee relation is one of the major and important departments in the human resource department. It deals with various aspects that entail the daily requirements imperative for the company’s workers to work optimally (Lillian 121). Some of the responsibilities of the employee relation include; enhancing quality and efficiency of all workers in the organization, establishing and maintaining positive relationship between the management and the employees of an organization, handling conflicts and their root causes in the organization and providing equitable and fair services to all employees of an organization among others (Wurgler 590).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The interview process that was carried out aimed to establish several facts that surround these responsibilities of the human resource department in employee relation. The objective of the process was thus to link theoretical aspect employed in employee relation and the field experience from a person who has practised in an organization. The relevant questions asked in the research process were as attached in the appendix of the paper.

Interview findings The interview was carried out on phone, the person that was chosen for the interview process works for Boise State University in Idaho and her name is Victoria. She was chosen because of her role as an employee relation careers in the University and of course as a result of her collaboration to sacrifice some time for the process. The findings of the interview process as carried out according to the attached questions yielded the following results;

Victoria had worked in the department of Human resource for a decade and five years in the employee relation section of the human resource department. According to her, she was has the passion to join the human resource department because of her perspective on the need to psychologically enhance the production of human beings through simple and effective ways of human psychology. She appreciates overseeing challenges that are inevitable in today’s working condition.

She achieves quality and efficiency of the employees in the institution by enhancing their ego through proper compensation plan and bonuses for exceptional work in the organization. According to Victoria, positive relationship between the management and the employees is enhanced through frequent meetings and sustainable communication within the institution.

Concerning the sensitive issue of conflict management and resolution, Victoria ensures that any conflicts that arise in the organization are handled immediately and the root cause of the conflict established. She further ensures that the process is fair and transparent, a situation that leads to a win/win among the conflicting parties.

If the problem escalates and is beyond the control of the institution, she supports the legal process of the country’s judicial system. In order to ensure that justice and fairness is upheld within the institution, she also ensures that employees within the same rank earn equivalent salaries and bonuses, the rise in job groups also goes with addition of certain percentage in the income of the individual.

Lastly Victoria ensures that there is a fruitful feedback and appropriate recommendation for the institutions employees a factor that promotes their unity and efficiency.

We will write a custom Report on Interview of a HR professional specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Comparison with expectations Based on research and scientific findings (Simon 22), there is need to enhance employees efficiency and care through alignment of the resourcing departments of the organization. As evident in the findings of this research process, the human resource management of Boise State University in Idaho ensures that this is done.

Victoria evidently relays of theoretical training of compensation plan and the need to motivate employees through a well organized and structured platform. Such platform and compensation plan improves the psychological and ego of the employees (Hartman 33), they feel important and appreciated. Boise State University through Victoria and the entire resourcing department have management to maintain a low employee turnover.

The sensitive issues of conflict resolution and establishment of the root cause of the problem is well managed in the organization with the help of Victoria, a win/win situation is always created in the institution a factor that is supported theoretically(Lukoff 51). Bell (6) supports the idea of allowing then country’s judicial system to take over matters that are beyond the organization through provision of support by the institution.

This is evident in the Boise State University through the help and collaboration of Victoria among other members of the resourcing department in the institution. Considering that an institution should have a well planned and management feedback system (Bass 23), the feedback from the employees of an organization provides the management an idea of the activities and specifically the mindset of the company’s employees at any time. This is an important consideration in an organization that will ensure that there is a minimal if no employee turnover.

Boise State University has succeeded in doing so because of the resourcing management professionalism and efficiency spearheaded by Victoria. According to studies and researcher that have been conducted over time, it is clear that employees need to be treated and handled in a human manner in order for them to deliver adequately.

Conclusion There is clear evidence provided by the interview process and the theoretical research process that there exist positive relationships between these two factors. Importantly therefore, there is need to maintain a positive relationship between the management or the employer and the company’s employees. This relationship boosts the performance of the company considerably. Ethics also necessitates the need for a balanced working condition among workers.

The compensation scheme set by the company’s management should thus promote the efficiency of the employees by being fair and balanced. As evident from both the theory and interview process, it is important to ensure a balanced conflict management and possible resolutions.

In cases that exceed the organization, the judicial system should be supported in its efforts to practise judgement over the issue. Lastly, the feedback from the employees is important in ensuring that the expectations and the view of the employees on various issues of the organization are known to the management of the institution. This will aid in reducing the number of employee turnover in the organization and instead improve the company’s productivity and efficiency.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Interview of a HR professional by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Works Cited Bass B and Bass, R. The Bass handbook of leadership: Theory, research, and managerial applications. New York: Free Press. 2008. P 23-34.

Bell, Gordon C and Allen N. Human Resource management. New York: McGraw- Hill Book Company, 2004.P.1-7.

Davis and Martin. Human Resource Organizational Management. New York: Norton

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