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Children of Heaven Movie Analysis Analytical Essay

Introduction Children of heaven, is an academy winning box office movie that centers on the lives of Ali and Zahra, who also double as siblings. The two come from a poor family. The movie is centered on an event where Ali loses his sister’s shoe, and he begs her to conceal the loss because their family is already going through enough financial troubles.

This event leads to other incidences where the two try to look for the lost shoes. In this quest, they encounter varying experiences. This paper explains that the movie is a perfect depiction of the real world scenario in Teheran, Iran.

Planning Issues Children of heaven’s planning, is sequential and progressive because the initial incidences that transpire in the earlier sections of the movie act as a background to the events that follow. For instance, Ali’s loss of his sister’s shoe act as a background to the other main stories narrated in the movie.

For example, Ali’s loss of her sister’s shoe, force them to embark on concealing the loss from their parents. When Zahra notices that her friend has similar shoes to hers, she intends to confront her about it but when they set forth to do so (with her brother), they fail because they realize that her friend has a blind father.

However, they are later surprised that the friend throws her shoes away. Comprehensively, we are able to see that it is imperative to understand the initial incidence (loss of Zahra’s shoe) to comprehend the preceding incidences.

The design of the movie is mainly based on a child’s point of view, which is also mainly seen as an “innocent” point of view. Mostly, the use of a child’s point of view is generally accepted, more so, when trying to avoid government censorship of movies. However, the inclusion of a child’s point of view turns out to be more surprising than it should have been. For example, there seems to be a fairer representation of the “sweet” life, even in the wake of hardships.

The movie was also developed in an environment depicting the real Teheran society because, from an articulate representation of a scarcity of food (potatoes) to the true representation of Teheran clothing (woolen wear), Children of heaven depicts the hardships that are experienced in Iran. The movie’s setting also represents the hardships that the people from Turkish origin experience in the South.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More This is represented by the hardships that Ali’s father goes through in trying to make a living for his family. Moreover, this struggle is shown in their abject poverty. To further represent the real-life situation in Teheran, there is a sharp contrast drawn of the poverty in the Southern part of the city and the riches in the Northern part of the city.

The movie is also a representation of Iranian customs and practices which can be seen from the way Ali’s family prepares sugar cubes to be served at the mosque, and the way the family exhibits a lot of concern and care for their neighbors. These practices emanate from the Iranian customary teachings.

Conclusion This paper represents Children of heaven as a grim representation of its authentic context of origin (Iran). The story’s plan is progressive and its design is hinged on the representation of Iranian customs, traditions and economic reality (from a child’s point of view).

These attributes are further supported by the religious and cultural undertones depicting the Islamic traditions of Iran and the economic reality facing most Turkish inhabitants of Teheran. Comprehensively, the movie is a perfect depiction of the real world scenario in Teheran, Iran.

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