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Changes in Life: Positive and Negative Effects Essay

One of the invariable realities in life is that we are every in a state of change. These changes may be positive or negative but regardless of their nature, they are a fundamental part of our lives and it is important that we brace ourselves for them. In my life, I have had many changes; some of which have been inconsequential and other which have literally marked a turning point in my life.

In this paper, I shall narrate one of the significant changes in my life so as to highlight the fact that our perception of the change does at times determine whether the experience will be enjoyable or shall yield to discomfort and insecurity.

The particularly significant change in my life came about as a result of the announcement by my parents that we would be moving from Texas to New Mexico. What made this change so significant to me was that we had been living in the same neighborhood for as long as I could remember and the moving process felt like literally been uprooted.

As such, the change represented being taken away from what I was familiar with and loved to being placed in a foreign place which held a lot of uncertainty for me. My initial reaction was that of shock and distress at the prospect of what life in the new place would hold.

While I did enjoy visiting new places, I had never pictured myself moving from my home town on a permanent basis. In a bid to resist the change, I tried to reason my parents out of their decision. This was a futile attempt mostly because I had no solid reasons as to my opposition to our moving.

When it was finally clear to me that we were going to move regardless of my stance, I resigned myself to my fate and I recall wallowing in self pity as I expressed my predicament to my friends. However, one of my friends who happened to have come from New Mexico remarked that the place was actually enjoyable and held many a fascinating scenes for people.

In addition, he commented on the lovely neighborhoods and the tight knit communities that were there. His statements opened my eyes to the possibilities that the change in my life presented. I had been too indulged in the uncertainty and discomfort that would arise from the move that I had failed to consider the numerous possibilities that the change presented.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In my blindness, I had set out to avoid the change and failed to recognize the fascinating new possibilities. From this point on, I took up a more positive outlook and actually looked forward to the move.

On getting to New Mexico, I discovered that while everything was not as picturesque as my friend had suggested, the place was actually enjoyable and the community was not that different from the one in my previous neighborhood.

Due to the fact that I had braced myself for the change, I overlooked the negative aspects of my new home town and as a result of my optimism and high spirits, the change turned out to be one of the most memorable ones in my life.

From my experience, I learned that sometimes the changes in our lives are neutral and it is our perception that makes them either a joy to be looked forward to or a pain to be shunned. I also learnt that our fears of change in most cases spring from unfounded assumptions and our own prejudices.

As such, it is important for us to adopt an open minded and optimistic outlook as we undergo the numerous changes that life presents to us. By doing this, we will be increasing our chances of leading a satisfying and fulfilling life.

Concepts of Lessons from My Life as a Bully Autobiography Essay

Nursing Assignment Help Table of Contents Introduction

My Life Experience

Lessons Learnt


Works Cited


Introduction Having grown in humble and reserved family my early childhood life was very interesting and enjoyable because at least I had parents who could provide everything to me. My parents always emphasized to me the need to treat other people well, more so other children who sought help from me.

Owing to my age and lack of experience of the outside world, I could not see the essence of all they told me; instead, all I could feel was jealous seeing my parents share out what I thought rightfully belonged to me. As I grew, little mattered to me about other people, a notion that has undergone change as I have learnt many lessons from the treatment I gave other children.

My Life Experience Life as a bully

It is one thing to bully other children and another to understand what they go through in their real lives. This happened on my second month in ninth grade. All through my previous grades, I had always behaved as required, owing to the teachings I received from my parents.

On entering ninth grade, my company of friends changed, because I considered myself grown; hence, had to change my behavior to fit what I felt was developing in me; adulthood. One thing I never realized is that the rate at which all this was happening was too much for me to contain, owing to the fact that this friends introduced me to many new adventures.

For example, I had this friend called Hillary, whom we had grown with from the first grade to the ninth grade although he came from a richer family. Hillary introduced me to the internet something, which my parents prohibited me from because of reasons that I never I understood.

Another worse thing that he introduced me to was bullying, of our classmates and anybody we outweighed whenever we were out of teachers’ sight. In addition to physical bullying, he thought me how to use the internet to bully schoolmates and other strangers by sending funny and threatening messages, something that I never thought could cost somebody’s life.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Although this happened for sometime, it never lasted, when on my second day in the second month of ninth grade I realized some classmate I had sent some message to over the weekend was missing.

Although at that I did not bother, curiosity made me to confront her friends, who told me she was in hospital nursing her wounds after trying to take her life because of the psychological torture she had suffered from messages sent from a stranger. This hit me hard, to an extent after school I sneaked out of home and went to see her in hospital; although I never talked to her, I felt the impact that made me to almost confess to my parents; something I have never done up to today; however I thank God she survived the ordeal.

Lessons Learnt Causes and Effects of Bullying

The main motive of bullying is to dominate whereby; harm caused on victims is never a bother to the perpetrators, whether in their normal or “abnormal” senses. One question that I have never had clear answers to is; had she died, will I have forgiven myself? This is the guilt, which I live with up to today but, I thank God because out of this I learnt a lot, which has helped me to educate my friends and juniors on effects of bullying.

Bullying is one common practice in many schools that most parents and teachers have failed to recognize hence come up with workable solutions. Although the whole act is enjoyable to the perpetrators, it has many-associated harms on victims who sometimes are aware or unaware of their traitors. Bullying can be in form of verbal words or physical harm, although the most worse is internet bullying because in most cases the perpetrators are stranger.

To me I had clean intentions of bullying others; to dominate, but Hilary had personal intentions; something that I discovered later was a parental influence. Due to immense wealth Hillary’s parents had, they always had life their way, a vice; ruling others, they transferred to him and encouraged him to embrace. Ethically this is wrong owing to impacts such egocentric behaviors have on other learners; hence, a big warning to parents who propagate such vices on their children.

Although parents may contribute a lot to their children’s behavior, failure by school managements is also another common factor that has promoted the widespread bullying. Most bullies lack correct guidance from teachers, because in most cases school managements lack correct communication channels for reporting them, hence help them; something that was the case in my school.

We will write a custom Essay on Concepts of Lessons from My Life as a Bully specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Considering the trauma associated with bullying, majority of individuals find it hard to cope up with its effects, hence embracing evasive behaviors that are negative to the well-being of an individual. Majority of individuals never recognize that, emotional and psychological effects are more harmful as compared to physical harm from bullies. This is because physical harm is containable, but psychological torture is never. Therefore, it is the mandate of parents to learn their children’s behavior, so that whenever alterations occur they can offer help (DeHaan p.1).

Conclusion In conclusion, considering the complexity associated with bullying, it is important for all parents, school administrators, and stakeholders to combine forces and end the vice. In addition, measures applicable to curbing the vice include parental guidance, implementing tough measures on bullies, educating youths on dangers of bullying (National center for education statistics p.1).

Works Cited Dehaan. Bullies. North Dakota State University, Feb. 1997. Web.

National Center for Education Statistics. School bullying: preventing bullying. 2009. Web.

Letter Having read a report on the number of juvenile delinquency cases resulting from bullying in schools and homes in the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), I was touched by impacts such a vice is costing the society. Hence, this made me to consider writing this article; being a testimony, with hopes that it could reach parents and teachers who understand little about bullying. I wrote this article with the Monitor on Psychology Magazine in mind, being a common magazine among many U.S. adults and parents.

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