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Behavior Skills Training (BST) Project Assignment Overview Description: Students will develop and

Behavior Skills Training (BST) Project

Assignment Overview

Description: Students will develop and deliver a staff training module using the Behavior Skills Training (BST) method to teach a specific evidence-based behavior analytic procedure to a “trainee”. This training will depict accurate and relevant information about the selected procedure. Students will substantiate the viability of their procedure, including the rationale and steps, with literature supporting the procedure. 


Identify someone to whom to teach a behavior analytic procedure (e.g., procedure, assessment, measurement, etc.) and write a performance objective. This procedure must be behavior analytic and evidence-based. The trainee may be anyone; it need not be a colleague where you work. It may be a family member or friend – it may also be virtual.

Review the literature on the selected procedure. Identify its uses (e.g., what is it used for?), research support, and steps. The following are pre-approved ABA procedures that you may choose from for your training. Please do not attempt to train on a procedure that you have not personally been trained on either through one of your ASU courses or through your employer. If you wish to train on a procedure not listed here, please get approval from your Co-Instructor prior to conducting the training.

Discrete Trial Teaching (basic 4 step process)

Chaining (be sure to describe which specific one)

Continuous Data Collection (e.g., frequency count, duration, latency, or inter-trial interval)

Discontinuous Data Collection (e.g., momentary time sampling, partial interval, or whole interval recording)

ABC Data Collection

Functional Analysis procedure (for one condition only)

Premack Principle

Token Economy

Interdependent Group Contingency

Functional Communication Training


Behavioral momentum

Specific schedule of reinforcement

Antecedent Interventions such as CICO, social narratives, priming, video modeling, behavior contracts, etc.

Develop the training according to the BST model (see example in BST webinar).

Develop the training materials, which must include a 1-2 page hand-out, a fidelity checklist, and a 3-5 question social validity questionnaire. Other written materials used during the presentation may also be included but are not required. 

Conduct the training and secure participant feedback.

Write a summary of the training afterward describing how it went.

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