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Introduction Historical recording of past events forms the basis of future and present day lives. History not only reveals the progress of a subject, but also the events, actions and influences of such past.

Historians analyze events and use evidence and other justifiable reasons to explain the influences of the past. History plays an important role in the social, cultural, political and other societal developments. History is at the heart of any subject and acts as a symbol of posterity and justifications of values held and belief systems.

The recording of historical events based on evidence however faces the issues of truth in terms of criticisms as to whether it represents an objective interpretation of the evidence provided. Records such as bibliographies are crucial for historians in their evaluation of characters, beliefs, values, interpretation of events and explanations for actions taken. Most historians agree that memoirs are at the heart of history recording and interpretation.

However, some philosophers argue that the use of memoirs to record past events creates subjectivity and questions the fairness and truth of such historical recording. Therefore, the merits and pitfalls of using memoirs to record past events are worth evaluating to establish an objective stand.

Memoir or biography as evidence for past events This essay shall entail evaluating the merits and pitfalls of using memoirs in recording past events. The essay shall include the role that such memoirs play in history recording as well as the factors that influence their reliance and use as evidence in history recording.

The role of memoirs or biographies in history Memoirs are basically personal recordings of the individual events and happenings that act as a trace of the life of such an individual. While people write memoirs for different personal reasons under different motivations, they still record the events of their life and other issues influencing them.

The role of memoirs in history recording is worth evaluating since it is from this role that their use can be justified or not based on personal interpretations. Memoirs have subsequently been used in recording of past accounts as Fowale points out.[1] Memoirs express the truth in history due to the fact that they are primary sources of evidence and as such the fairness expected of history.[2] The interpretation of historical events does not only rely on other recordings but memoirs play the role of such interpretation with the provision of a flow of events and the time coverage of such events.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More History recording requires the explaining of human actions taken. Such human actions however include the evaluation of the beliefs, desires, principles held, values and opinions. These human actions are best interpreted using memoirs as they record the feelings, events and actions taken which represent the individual values, beliefs, opinions and desires.

Factors that influence the use of bibliographies in the recording of past events The use of memoirs in recording of past events by historians is based on their judgments that such records would reveal their intended interpretation.

Evaluation of such factors is thus important in the essay since it lays the foundation of the importance and the reasons why such memoirs are used. The interpretation of historical events requires the reliance on such evidence as is linked to the events under discussion. Memoirs are classified as primary sources of historical evidence since they represent the actual event interpretation of the writer.

Further, they are classified into different types which permeate history recording.[3] The use of memoirs in history also stems from the advantage they have of reliability since most other sources of evidence are faced with issues of actual event description and loss of memory in event account.[4] Memoirs are of use where there are limited sources of evidence to account for past events and provide the different perspectives of history events.[5] The factors of using memoirs also are represented in the posterity they offer to history recording.[6]

Merits of using memoirs in recording of history The use of memoirs in history recording is based on justified reasons which form the merits of such memoirs. The merits of using memoirs in history recording of past events incorporate the value they play in different fields of use of such history. The fact that memoirs are primary sources of evidence increases the validity of history sources since such recordings are not based on any secondary interpretations of information.

Memoirs also are necessary in history recording especially where there are limited sources of evidence hence can be used to record such events while they provide historical data from different perspectives and based on different events which increases the value and content of history.

Further, memoirs provide interpretation of actions and events while they provide the necessary chronological of events as described with the records of the times and dates.[7] Additionally, memoirs increase the reality of events recorded with the use of feelings. They increase the fields of application of historical research such as political, philosophical, language, social, economic and cultural interpretations increasing the use of historical data.[8]

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Adult Learning and Education Research Paper

Nursing Assignment Help Introduction Adult learning and its evaluation has a long history and has divergent opinions. Adult learners differ from the young children and therefore the pedagogical learning cannot be effective in their learning.

The characteristics of adult learners form the basis for the foundation of the principles which govern their teaching and learning process. Unlike the case of children, adults are propelled and intrinsically motivated to learn hence many theorists have tried to explain the manner in which adult learners experience learning and the influences of such learning.

It is worth appreciating the fact that the concept of adult learners extends to the society since they are employees, employers, parents and with other societal obligations. The purposes of adult learning are worth evaluating. Specifically, there is need for the analysis of concepts as they are applied in adult learning taking into consideration the characteristics of such adults.

This leads to the question of the roles played by adult educators and learners with the influences of the context of learning determining the nature of adult learning. Consequently, the application of adult learning is linked to its purposes and is worth evaluating as a means of assessment of the process and its contribution to the learners, education system and society as a whole.

Purposes of Adult Education Jarvis (2004) points out that adult learners are very unique in terms of their characteristics. He points out that they are usually self directing and with the desire to control their learning process.

Further, they are intrinsically motivated to learn and the learning is based on the importance it gives to the adult learner particularly in its application in solving daily tasks hence their desire for a problem-centered approach. This means that the purposes of adult education to the learner are based on the extent to which such learning can help them in their lives (Knowles, Holton

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