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Advanced Ethics and Leadership for Diverse population

The leadership responsibilities of a human services professional include the application of ethical standards in the primary role of administration, research, and management. In addition, one must understand and be able to apply ethical standards in the service role to effectively guide and support service personnel. The practice of ethics generally involves understanding standards set by the workplace and recognizing that what ought to be or might be the ethically appropriate decision or action is effectively carried out in either role.Drawing on your readings, write a 1,500-word essay discussing an example of organizational ethics and two examples of ethical dilemmas that require intervention and resolution.InstructionsChoose two ethical dilemmas to complete the following:Discuss two ethical dilemmas (one supervisory dilemma and one service-delivery dilemma) and offer an effective resolution for each dilemma.Analyze the differences and similarities between the ethical obligations of a leader in human services as compared with the obligations of service personnel.Choose one cross-cultural dilemma to complete the following:Describe a cross-cultural dilemma (an ethical conflict arising from a diverse social interaction) that requires understanding of non-Western cultural ethics.Evaluate the most appropriate ethical practice for the cross-cultural dilemma.Communicate information in a concise, balanced, and logically organized written way, using appropriate grammar, punctuation, and syntax, as expected of graduate-level composition, while applying current APA guidelines.Review the Organizational Ethics and Ethical Dilemmas Scoring Guide to verify you have addressed all the assignment requirements.Submission RequirementsLength: Your essay must be at least 1,500 words long.References: Use a minimum of 4 references and citations.Written communication: Written communication should be free of errors that detract from the overall message.APA formatting: Use proper APA format for headings. In-text citations and references at the end of the paper must be in proper APA (current edition) style and formatting.Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.

Global Governances And Transnational Relations College Essay Help Near Me

The paper focuses on issues from unit four, global governance and transnational relations. These types of issues are often characterized by the difficulty of cooperation that is found in much of international relations. First, choose one of the two following global issues:1)Environmental (focus on a more specific issue such as global warming, endangered species, or water pollution). OR2)Covid-19 (containment, treatment, or the vaccine-related issues).In a clear, 3-4 page paper, discuss whether it is difficult for countries to cooperate on this particular issue, and say why or why not using appropriate concepts from the class (for instance, time inconsistency problems, information asymmetries, concerns over relative gains, etc.). Suggest ways countries could overcome these challenges in the future, using ideas from the class and/or your creativity. Do you think that future cooperation is likely?Why or why not?You do not need to read additional academic articles or books to write this paper, but you should refer back to the textbook, lecture, and assigned readings. You will need to do some additional research about the real-world event you choose to make sure you understand the event and its historical context. Within these two issue areas, you have a lot of choice.
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Quality Improvement Proposal common app essay help: common app essay helpIdentify a quality improvement opportunity in your organization or practice. In a 1,250-1,500 word paper, describe the problem or issue and propose a quality improvement initiative based on evidence-based practice. Apply “The Road to Evidence-Based Practice” process, illustrated in Chapter 4 of your textbook, to create your proposal.
Include the following:
1. Provide an overview of the problem and the setting in which the problem or issue occurs.
2. Explain why a quality improvement initiative is needed in this area and the expected outcome.
3. Discuss how the results of previous research demonstrate support for the quality improvement initiative and its projected outcomes. Include a minimum of three peer-reviewed sources published within the last 5 years, not included in the course materials or textbook, that establish evidence in support of the quality improvement proposed.
4. Discuss steps necessary to implement the quality improvement initiative. Provide evidence and rationale to support your answer.
5. Explain how the quality improvement initiative will be evaluated to determine whether there was improvement.
6. Support your explanation by identifying the variables, hypothesis test, and statistical test that you would need to prove that the quality improvement initiative succeeded.
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Unit II Assignment essay help cheap: essay help cheapInstructionsSample Ergonomics Program
This assignment is designed to provide an opportunity to apply the concepts presented in the Unit II Lesson regarding the elements of an ergonomics program. Specifically, you will be developing an ergonomics program.
As a graduate of Safety and Emergency Services program, you have decided to pursue a career as an occupational safety and health consultant. You were recently contacted by Will B. Shafe, the human resource manager at On Call, the company that employs Ms. Handz-Hurt from the unit lesson. According to Mr. Shafe, he is having trouble convincing the leadership at the company to address ergonomics because there is no OSHA ergonomics mandate.
Part 1:
You have agreed to assist Mr. Shafe by preparing a one-page minimum overview explaining the regulatory requirements related to ergonomics, including the history of the OSHA Ergonomic Standard and the benefits of implementing an ergonomics program. Your summary must include references and should be written to convince management to implement a program (after all, you are a consultant and you want their business).
Your overview must include a minimum of two outside sources
Part 2:
Six weeks later, Mr. Shafe contacts you again with news that the leadership is more open to the idea of implementing an ergonomics program but needs guidance on what should be included in the program. Using the information covered in the unit lesson, prepare a sample ergonomics program for the company.
Your sample program should be three pages in length, not counting the title page and the references page.
Your fully completed assignment, including Part 1 and Part 2 together, should be a minimum of four pages in length, not counting the title and references pages. Include both parts in one document and label for clarity.
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Unit II Journal high school essay help: high school essay helpInstructionsIn this unit lesson, we discuss the benefits of implementing an ergonomics program. One of the most compelling reasons for the application of ergonomics is injury prevention. However, regardless of the moral and ethical arguments for injury prevention, businesses do not always find it cost effective.
Consider your current or previous employer. Was there an ergonomics program, and if so, what did it include? For example, was there training or guidelines? If there were not, what type of training or guidelines would be helpful?
Your journal entry must be at least 200 words. No references or citations are necessary.
*Firefighter was previous job
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Powerful female characters of Shakespeare’s career. college application essay help: college application essay helpPowerful female characters have a significant role to play in the second half of Shakespeares career.  Select either Regan and Goneril form King Lear, Lady Macbeth from Macbeth, Desdemona from Othello, or Cleopatra from Antony and Cleopatra.  Discuss the way in which femininity is represented, and complicated, in the play.  How do these strong female characters exercise power in ways that are different from their male counterparts? What do the ways in which these female characters lose power make a statement about the status of women in Renaissance society?
Use in-cite quotations.
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