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Achievement, Success and Individualism Expository Essay

According to Henslin, value is defined as code, standards, or worthiness that is considered to be desirable either by an individual or a group of people (2010). Value acts as a guide of life to make one fit in a certain society or to live well with other people. Values are general and conceptual in nature, unlike norms that are very specific. Through values one is able to define his or her moral goals in life. Ones value in life shows the standards by which he or she describes the ideas of what is desired (Henslin, 2010).

America is a pluralistic society as it entails various groups with different political, social, and religious views. This paper will be describing two significant values in American culture that include, achievement and success and individualism. Individualism entails one possessing a trait of being persistence consistently whereby such an individual is considered able to rise from the bottom to top.

The American culture is known to blame a person if he or she fails to get ahead rather than the system that may have blocked him or her. From the past, Americans have believed that victory comes from ones effort and initiative. Personal victory, especially outstanding among the rest, being the best in work and in school, becoming rich, possessing power, and reputation is valued much in America (Henslin, 2010).

The value of being persistence and staying consistent has made me to overcome a lot of obstacles in my life starting from my family life, in school, and in my social life. This value made me to know my purpose in my family, whereby I knew my duties and responsibilities and the importance of fulfilling them.

The value of individualism made me to have a vision in whatever I was about to undertake be it in school or with my friends. This made me to choose wisely my friends, who could help me to realize my vision and purpose in life. The same value as an adult will continue to help me have a good relationship with my colleagues in my working place, as I would be able to overcome my challenges and assist them solve theirs too.

When one is persistence, the idea of giving up is fully eradicated from his or her life (Henslin, 2010). Incase of hardships and solving conflicts, this value pushes one until the solution is found. Anyone who is in a position to solve conflicts on his or her way, and meet challenges accordingly, has a healthy friendship with people in all areas.

Achievement and success is another important value that has taken me through the childhood life to adulthood. In our family, when we were young, this value motivated me to work hard, behave well among my peers that I could be the best among my siblings, and the best pupil in class (Hunter, 2003).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Making efforts to be the best ensures one trends carefully avoiding the common mistakes that may hinder success. In the working situation, one would always work tirelessly, meet the targets on time, meet the company objectives, and serve the clients efficiently to be considered successful. Getting a good grade in school, being a role model among peers, or getting promotion in work would require one to work hard and achieve higher. In general, becoming successful in life would call for this value in day to day activities.

Reference List Henslin, J. M. (2010). Essentials of Sociology, A Down-to-Earth Approach. New York: Prentice Hall.

Hunter, W. S. (2003). Psychological abstructs. New York: American Psychological Association.

Picture of a House Descriptive Essay

Nursing Assignment Help It is said that every family has skeletons in the cupboard. If only old houses could speak, they would tell a lot of fascinating stories about bad and good times of their inhabitants. At first glance, an old house in the picture may seem to be a mere building consisting of walls, windows and doors, but its atmosphere and every its part would mean a lot for several generations that were born and grew up in it.

A paved path leading to the terrace steps looks so inviting that it is hard to resist the temptation and enter the building. Stepping on this winding trail, a guest would inevitably think of those people who had walked this path millions of times day by day in the past. It is possible that these were small children who ran skipping along and perhaps even fell after stumbling over one of the stones on the path. These could also be elderly people who went slowly because it was already difficult for them to walk.

Young people could walk this path in a hurry from and to work without even noticing beauty of the house. With all these thoughts in mind, a guest would find himself/herself on a desert terrace. Knocking on the door, the stranger would imagine children playing games on this terrace and an elderly man sitting in a rocky chair. However, now there are no lights in the window and the terrace is desert. Nobody would open, and it seems that now only memories and family secrets live in this house.

Not able to enter the house, a stranger would stay outside and walk in the garden. It is autumn, and the bare trees share the mood and loneliness of the house. However, there are no leaves on the lawn, and it means that somebody has collected them. Someone who is now invisible has gathered the autumn leaves and neatly cut the lawn. The presence of invisible but caring owners surround the house with atmosphere of mystery.

The red tiling on the roof of the house and a gabled tower make the building look like a castle from a fairy tale. There is a small chimney on the roof, and obviously small children growing up in this house were waiting for Santa Claus to come through it every Christmas Eve. Children grew up and do not believe in miracles anymore, but a small chimney remains as a commemoration of those old good times.

The large windows of the house are similar to somebody’s curious eyes and connect the inhabitants of the building with the surrounding world. It is obvious that there are even more windows in this house than it is necessary for lighting the rooms in a proper way.

Most rooms of the house have two or even more windows which demonstrate the openness of the inhabitants and make the building look even more inviting. It is possible that previously the house was more hospitable than on this autumn morning and guests crowded on its small terrace and in its brightly-lit rooms. However, now the house looks desert and sleeps, hiding all its secrets behind thick curtains on the windows.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Looking at the exterior of the house in the picture, strangers can only make guesses concerning the lives of its inhabitants and the true meaning of the elements of the building. A winding path, bare trees in the garden and large windows would seem only the elements of the construction to a stranger, but would tell much more to people who have spent at least a part of their lives in this house.

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