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2 1 How does climate change affect the Cayman Islands? Student Name



How does climate change affect the Cayman Islands? 

Student Name 

International College of the Cayman Islands

EN-102: Composition and Rhetoric II: Advanced Research and Evidence-Based Writing 

Shanomage Bailey-Henry

July 03, 2022

How does climate change affect the Cayman Islands?

Typically, climate change significantly poses adverse threats to the health of citizens in different countries across the globe, and the Cayman Islands is no exception. According to the director of the department of environment, a catalog of illnesses awaits the island if no measures are taken to address environmental crises. Climate change causes respiratory diseases and shellfish poisoning (Cayman News Service, 2021). Additionally, Cayman Island is vulnerable to global warming due to the coral reefs alongside rising sea levels. Also, rising sea temperatures significantly contribute to reef fish and toxic algal bloom. Increased temperatures impact fertility, allergies, respiratory issues, and heat-stress-related diseases. Floods, hurricanes, and storms affect food production in the Cayman Islands. This is in addition to the border economy and a rise in insurance and energy costs. Lastly, direct hurricane hits have devastating social-economic impacts on the island.

The main reason I chose the topic (How does climate change affect the Cayman Islands?) is that I feel people need to comprehend how climate is diversifying, so they need to prepare for the future. Also, human activities are unequivocally, and comprehending climate change’s impact on people’s lives is underrated. For instance, a rise in temperatures speeds up the lifecycle and the illnesses they harbor. Also, I feel that individuals should be educated on the topic so that even those without a scientific background can become an informed advocates (Coon et al., 2021). Some issues that people can learn about include causes of climate change in Cayman Island, impacts on human health, possible future scenarios, and the impact of human choices.


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Coon, B., McAfee, S., & Schonberg, W. P. (2021). Tertiary-Level Education in the Cayman Islands. The Handbook on Caribbean Education, 431.

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