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Capital Budget: Case Study Of Venice Family Clinic

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Capital expenditure is a crucial determinant for the attainment of growth for an organization. The case study of Venice Family Clinic in investing in equipment has made it possible for the organization to provide good services to the respective communities served. The sustainability of service delivery depends on the available equipment that helps the healthcare professionals with the capacity for service delivery. Therefore, creating a capital budget for the investment is the absolute function for ensuring that service delivery for the organization is attained.

Financial Costs

The capital investment made by the organization involves the acquisition of equipment worth $121 589 into the company’s operation programs. The investment scale required the company to create a sustainable approach to financing options (Venice Family Clinic, 2021). Therefore, the sources of financing for the capital investment program need to be substantially defined, Incorporating the respective dynamics responsible for the sustainability function in service delivery to the targeted population. Therefore, providing efficient equipment that would enable service delivery for the organization is adequate progress that would be effective in the scope of service delivery.

Sources for the financing for the capital investment are the investment of the organization and donations from donors as well as grants from the government. A sustainable source of revenue that would support the acquisition of the equipment that the organization promotes means that the success function for the respective investment is attained. The organization must have sufficient capacity to support the investment in the unfortunate circumstance that another possible financing source fails (Venice Family Clinic, 2021). As such, the scope of the investment would be assured to fruition. Therefore, in capital budgeting, creating a substantive approach for responsible improvement in the respective operation is a fundamental development that makes it possible to attain a reliable solution to the problem.

How The Purchase Could Generate Revenue or Result in Increased Efficiency or Cost Savings for Venice Family Clinic

The investment in equipment makes the operation capacity for the organization achieve efficiency. For instance, acquiring scanning equipment would help the service delivery, especially in scanning pregnancies to be respected. Having efficient equipment for service providers makes the service delivery scale attain the requisite sustainable level (Siziba & Hall, 2019). Concerning the scope of cost-effectiveness, the acquisition of the equipment makes the organization refrain from the expensive coverage of investing within the respective provisions. An organization’s range of service delivery is highly dependent on the respective improvisation that achieves individual progress. In addition, investment in responsible operation of the organization. As such, it is critical to ensure that sustainability for providing services is attained. Therefore, investment into the equipment was an instrumental dimension that makes the organization achieve a comprehensive improvement in the respective provision that is dependent on creating the responsible progress of the organization’s service delivery.

Again, the equipment can provide the organization with an improved scope of providing patients with increased service delivery (Siziba & Hall, 2019). Increasing the number of patients provided with customer services is a fundamental approach to attaining the respective performance. For instance, an increment in the scanning machines would mean an increment in the patients served. Therefore, the scale of investment into the service is crucial for the progress of Venice Family Clinic service delivery.


The advancement in responsive improvisation is promoted within the operation, making the responsible improvement following the expected service delivery. Purchasing equipment for $121 589 provided a critical advance in the service delivery level that is unmatched. As such, the scope of promoting the dynamics of service delivery becomes the ultimate model that makes the overall model of progressing into the operation attain the requisite progress. Therefore, the investment is a positive outcome for the Venice Family Clinic.


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Venice Family Clinic. (2021). Venice Family Clinic: Consolidated Financial Statement Year Ended June 30, 2021 (pp. 1–72).

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